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  1. Jaradis added a post in a topic Cannot register anymore...   

    And how do you get rid of that bug if you sold the wagon?
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  2. Jaradis added a post in a topic Have fishing give scrolls/books/relics based on region   

    Wouldn't be OP.  Never said that they had to drop at the same rate.  You could simply adjust the drop rate accordingly to make it roughly the same as it is now.
    Yeah, it's the animation that is the problem.   Make the summon animation faster and it's fine.
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  3. Jaradis added a topic in Suggestions   

    Have fishing give scrolls/books/relics based on region
    Instead of having fishing give Ancient Relic Shards no matter where you are fishing, change it so that you get Relics from fishing in Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon only (and the respective seas); Forbidden Books from Mediah fishing, and Pila Fe scrolls from Valencia fishing.  Adjust drop rate accordingly if needed, but I'd much prefer if we could have a choice in which we were able to fish up, instead of getting nothing but relics.

    Or just redo the summon animations on relic bosses to not take so god awfully long... or both!
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  4. Jaradis added a post in a topic Have fishing give scrolls/books/relics based on region   

    Still would like to see this!
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  5. Jaradis added a post in a topic Lifeskills to be account-wide and not character bound   

    No.  Life skills are already too damn easy as it is for the most part.  This would only make it worse.  The easier you make it the worse life skills become as you have a smaller and smaller market to make money with.
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  6. Jaradis added a post in a topic Let returning players finish the attendance reward event   

    No.   You guys already get extra rewards for "returning" to a game you quit on, by being able to get Olvia channel access for 30 days plus all the extra attendance stuff you get, that those of us loyal supporters do not get.  Stop being greedy.   Your returning to the game should not entitle you to even more than what loyal players get, yet you get more because it's good business, but giving you even more just cause you feel bad that you came back too late?  Tough shit.   Maybe you shouldn't have quit if you care so much about missing out on things.   Stick around this time and next attendance event (they happen all the time) you'll get everything.
    Hell, the loyalty event should require that you have actually logged in some point in the last 30 days, and those that come part way through after a long break shouldn't even be able to get the loyalty portion, only the returning player portion.  Be happy you are already getting more than those of us that have been here the whole time.
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  7. Jaradis added a topic in Suggestions   

    Increase gather hitbox for trees/underwater stuff.
    Seriously... some trees you have to basically be eating the bark to get the harvest option.  Same with a ton of coral and underwater things.  The hitbox to be able to gather is ridiculously small.  Increase it about 20-30% please.  Having to climb inside pearl oysters or squeeze under Tridacna Clams is getting really irritating.
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  8. Jaradis added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    Tridana Giant Clam Shellfish.
    The proper name is Tridacna, not Tridana.
    You did an amazing job of making it look like the real thing, should at least use the correct name.

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  9. Jaradis added a post in a topic Cash shop required to do guest?   

    There is also a +10 second breath food item, new with this expansion.    You can take 3 of the +10 second potions and combine them to get the +15 second if none are available.
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  10. Jaradis added a post in a topic As usual nothing for life skillers   

    Sure, that sounds awesome, "Wow 50% life exp, I can level up so much faster".  The problem is you aren't the only one that would be leveling up your life skills. So would thousands of others that previously didn't do life skills much or just were new.  Now suddenly all those food items you were selling, or potions, or whatever... are tanking in price from the higher supply from all those people that just used the event to jump quickly to Artisan/Master life skills.  Then Imperials are sold out constantly, and crates are at 80%, etc.
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  11. Jaradis added a post in a topic Is Life Fame bugged?   

    Just curious... how far were you in Skilled 10 percentage wise, and what were you at in Prof 1 when you finished?  I'm wondering if it's based on experience totals and not actual levels.

    NM, can't be.  If you got 16 points for that, I'd get thousands of points for going up from Cooking Master 27 to 28.
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  12. Jaradis added a post in a topic Is Life Fame bugged?   

    Except that is how they are explaining it works.  If it's not working the way it's being explained then it's bugged.  So they either need to fix that or fix their explanation of how the points are determined.
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  13. Jaradis added a post in a topic Preparing for Margoria   

    No, it doesn't.   You had said it was a 1 hour trip.  I said it is a 45 minute trip ONE WAY, so it's 1.5 hour round trip, not 1 hour.
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  14. Jaradis added a post in a topic Preparing for Margoria   

    Trip takes 45 mins one way from Epheria to Port Ratt and back with a sail boat.  
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  15. Jaradis added a post in a topic Processing speed with enchanted Craftman's Clothes   

    5000 Fleece = 1000 combines.  You've reached the top tier for yield which is 2.5 average.  1000 combines x 2.5 = 2500.   Works the same way for most things.  Cooking is the same, so is alchemy.  
    How many of the Fleece Fabric did you get?   For cooking you would have gotten about 250 rares.
    Also... did you try using an Alchemy Stone?   Or Couscous food?  Both increase processing chance.  I'm curious at what point you basically stop gaining a benefit because you are getting nearly 100% success.  It's too bad we can't have log files of text to where you could track successes vs failed to process.
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  16. Jaradis added a post in a topic Test to check if main weapon AP counts for awakening weapon   

    It might be due to the fact that most awakenings were out in Korea quite a while ago, Kuno/Ninja were back in July, with only Witch/Wizard being fairly recent.  So it's possible that the topic came up on KR boards and the KR patch notes for wiz/witch was the first to include that info to clarify that it is true.   And it's pretty common that our patch notes are just copies of the KR notes.  So even though our awakenings were more recent, that info wasn't on the copied KR notes from months/year+ ago.   Maybe.. .who knows.
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  17. Jaradis added a post in a topic <Silent Redemption> PvE Casual guild looking for more.   

    onimaru, haven't been able to catch you online.
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  18. Jaradis added a topic in US Guild   

    <Silent Redemption> PvE Casual guild looking for more.
    <Silent Redemption>
    Server: North America
    Time Zone: Mostly Eastern, but we have a few Aussies and some US 3rd shifters that are on during the overnight hours and during the day.
    Focus: Mostly PvE and just goofing around. We are a small guild of hardcore casuals, many of us have known each other for years. We play a lot but aren't strict in what members should be doing. We group together on Saturday evenings to do boss scrolls and relic shards. Other than that, people are free to do what they want. If you want to just quest, or craft, or grind, create a group to kill things, or explore... all up to you. We do not do node wars, so if this is something you are looking for we aren't the right guild for you, sorry.  That also means we can't be war declared on.
    No level or gear requirements. No play time requirements. Only real rule is don't be an asshat to others.
    We have Discord for voice chat. Guild benefits include Fishing +3 and Gathering +3 among others.
    So if you're looking for a laid back small PvE type guild where you can just chill out and have fun contact Jaradis or Jaradai in game (between 6pm and 10pm EST, otherwise I'm AFK)  You can also contact Zulug during the morning/afternoon hours (but he may take a few minutes to respond).
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  19. Jaradis added a post in a topic Massive Processing Spreadsheet (Analyzing trends in yield, energy use, and time per process across material types from Beginner to Master)   

    Amazing post.  I know it's old, but wanted to comment that at Master 25 cooking I still am getting Tier 3 yields.  So not sure if there is a Tier 4.  Hubs is at Guru 17 cooking, so if anyone would know, it would be him.
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  20. Jaradis added a post in a topic LF Guild with no big commitments   

    If you are looking for a small casual guild that is PvE / Life skills only (we don't do node wars or guild wars), check out http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/126348-silent-redemption-pve-casual-guild-looking-for-more/
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  21. Jaradis added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    Oh shut up, you whiners are unbelievable.   And you are getting 42 more pearls for having 3 weeks of dailies, giving you another box.  So having those 10 extra pearls would not have mattered as you would have 12 extra and wouldn't have been able to make it into a 3rd box anyway.  So quit your crying.
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  22. Jaradis added a post in a topic Dear Dev's Let us register more items on MarketPlace   

    It's a short sighted suggestion.  You think it would be great because you could list more and make more money but you completely ignore that everyone else can then list more items, thus causing more supply on the market but not changing the demand.  The result would be lower prices, making your efforts pointless.
    Hell look what happened to food/potions when they changed the stack sizes... the amount being listed greatly increased and the prices tanked.
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  23. Jaradis added a post in a topic Value Pack for Everyone!   

    Bunch of entitled cry babies.
    There are more people wanting value packs than people selling them.  Limiting people to 1 per week or whatever isn't going to change that.  You want one for silver then put in the effort to get it.  Otherwise suck it up and pay for one with cash or go without.
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  24. Jaradis added a post in a topic Change Blessing of Kamasylve to Bound (FAMILY)   

    Because that would require way more coding than simply changing the flag from Bound (Character) to Bound (Family).
    While your idea is fine, you need to pick your battles on what you want devs to focus their limited time on.   Changing a flag is far likelier to happen than creating an entirely new system.
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  25. Jaradis added a post in a topic Change Blessing of Kamasylve to Bound (FAMILY)   

    Please change this.  You keep giving these out for events (which is great) but they are taking up inventory space if i don't have time to use them right then, and you can't put them in the warehouse or pearl inventory.   The buff is account based... so no reason for this to be bound to the one character.
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