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  1. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    If you're on an odd channel, you're gonna have a bad time. From my own personal experience, I was farming sausan's on a low level alt on an odd channel, and was getting huge lag spikes. Had solid FPS, was throwning spells out, and if it wasn't for my alt having my main's gear on him, he would of died because of all the lagged attacks received.
    As soon as I swapped to an even channel, the grinding was back to normal. No lag, no rubberbanding, no hitting loading screens. Nothing.
    It doesn't affect everyone at the same time though, as I was doing an odd channel Kzarka the day before and had no lag issues, but my officer and a guild member both experienced lag - my officer disconnecting because of it.
    There's a reason the odd channels are usually not crowded now a days..
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  2. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic What Guild are the GM's in?   

    Does doing this open up BDO_Team to be dec'd on by anyone now, or do they have to dec on someone too? :^)
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  3. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic Sailing speed   

    "if you're unlucky like me" isn't the phrase that should be used here. It doesn't take luck to make a sailboat, it takes hard work and time.
    The materials are easy to get.
    The workers are easy to get.
    There was more than enough time to prep for it(we knew about both the boats themselves and the speeds back in September/October 2016)
    Here's my correction to your statement:
    if you're too lazy like me, or just don't have the patience to put the work required into making the epheria sail quicker..
    I finished mine in.. 2 weeks roughly? something like that. I know people that had it done day one and we're waiting on the dailies to complete it.
    Its not luck that's holding you back when it comes to the sailboat.
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  4. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic Amity Game Question   

    Could of been nerfed but Idk. I've heard that after a while of constantly doing the amity game, the game starts getting really impossible to succeed in. Maybe that's whats happening?
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  5. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic Amity Game Question   

    If the NPC you're talking to has a really high interest level, say of 50, and the knowledge you're trying to use has a really low interest level, say 15, then the percent will be lower than if the NPC had an interest level of 30.
    In the example I provided, the Knowledge spark interest percent chance would be 30%, but if the NPC had 30 interest level, the percent chance would be 50%. That said, if they we're reversed and you had the NPC at 15 and knowledge at 30, the knowledge would say 100%(technically 200%) but due to a bug with the amity game, there would be a chance that that knowledge would still fail.
    This is why its important to use certain knowledges as they can affect the NPC's interest level - both lowering and raising it after x-amount of turns. 
    The NPC's interest level has a bit of RNG to it on top of all of this, as well.
    Idk if this helps OP, but this is basically all I know from self research into the system via trial and error. 
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  6. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic Daily Sailing Exp Research Thread   

    At Beginner 10: 28%, I did the Ancado quest and popped a 10% elixir(dunno if it affects it or not), I went to Apprentice 1: 56%
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  7. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Simple fix for right now: run the game through a third-party program(example: steam) to take screenshots without the watermark.
    Just an option for now.
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  8. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic Idea to fix Karma Bombing   

    I was able to deal with it. I did deal with it. It happened last week and I've been back to full karma since the next day. I wasn't forced to flag, I used the flag as a warning and stayed flagged the whole time. I was willing and able to throw down to defend the grind I needed to do. I went negative and I did deal with it afterwards. I was clearly willing to deal with the aftermath as when I went to get my karma back, I had to flag on people to defend the karma grind back to positive.
    Over-geared players are always going to own spots, but that should be an incentive to get better gear so you can compete. One of my guildies did just that(was killed while lifeskilling, used that as fuel to get better gear and then went and got his revenge). However, that said, you do at least bring up some valid points. There is indeed very little incentive to grind in Valencia. That and the no karma loss channel would be amazing. At least that way, maybe someone like @Excisionex would maybe actually choose to fight instead of rolling over and letting people take his grind spot. Then again, I doubt he'd grind on a channel like that, but that's besides the point.
    Good on you to at least suggest something rather than just chastising an idea without providing any constructive criticism towards fixing an problem that at least 100 threads a day are made about!
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  9. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic Please fix Stealth   

    If stealth gets fixed so that pets don't follow, it just means I'll carry a few extra flares when I know kunos/ninja's are around since it breaks stealth. 
    Sure it leaves me vulnerable, however, as a wizard..
    First: Sage's Memory
    Second: Protected Area
    Third: Flare
    Fourth: Water Sphere + Flow.
    Because that too is a legit strategy to counter stealth, just a bit more of a challenge than following ones pet like the hunting dogs they are.
    inb4 they start asking for flares to be removed from game for breaking stealth or a change to them so it doesn't break stealth.
    Sneaky bastards, the lot of them!
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  10. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic Idea to fix Karma Bombing   

    On the one hand, it does feel kind of carebare-esk to lower karma loss in any way, shape or form..
    But on the other hand, you would have to "earn" the karma loss reduction, which idk..
    could be like:
    1H = first tier reduction
    2H = second tier reduction
    3H = final tier reduction
    or maybe more, Idk. There would still need to be loss of karma. I've heard whispers and talk of a el dorado patch that will remove karma loss for x-amount of time after the first initial kill - which solves one problem but creates another. It creates people going to grind spots to kill others and not have to worry about karma loss at all. 
    I'm just wondering if there's any BIG flaws to the idea.
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  11. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic Kutum boss mechanics   

    I know.. I knew going into this that that would probably happen..
    Not much I can do if I'm going to try to "help" people get better, and they choose to be dicks about it.
    Congrats! All of you that do everything you can to make kutum fights last longer than they need to be, are wasting everyone's time including your own!
    The fights could be done quicker, but you chose to stretch it out, get people killed in the process! Kudos to you kiddies that feel that the following are worth the sacrifice:
    Time spent grinding your next level out.Time spent processing materials for crates.Time spent grinding for drops.Time spent grinding for silver.Time spent doing AS many Kutum's as you can in the train, for the highest potential of a box drop.Time spent grinding skill points out.Time spent doing any -----ing thing other than a long as ----- Kutum fight.Maybe you go to just one Kutum fight a day, but there's no real reason to want to stretch it out other than being a -----ing -----.
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  12. TRNFloyd added a topic in Suggestions   

    Idea to fix Karma Bombing
    After talking to someone in-game about this, an idea of how to fix karma bombing came to be.
    So, I'll use my most recent situation as an example:
    I went -200k the other day while defending the spot I had been at for hours and waiting for a dec to come up. It's w.e, the situation was dealt with and everything is fine. The people that bombed me came to my spot and said "please leave". Naturally I didn't want to leave, and they wouldn't add any additional clear speed to the grind. I was about 7 or so percent from leveling, so I moved over to them - the whole time they've been here I was flagged - and said I had been there for hours.
    "well I'm here now. please leave."
    After dropping down to 170k karma from 2 kills, we put the dec up and had to defend for 15 minutes. Eventually, and very quickly, I went red.
    Now this is where the idea for a fix comes into play. The person I was talking to about karma bombing just now brought it up. What if the longer you were in a grind spot, the less and less karma you would lose on defending said spot?
    As a hypothetical, lets say you only lost 1/10th the amount(just an example amount - don't take it as face value) after being there the max amount of time. Instead of dropping down as much as I did(I just did the math on it, 8 PvP kills brought me to -200k), I would of dropped to 248k roughly instead of -220k. I would consistantly be able to kill them/defend the spot while waiting for the dec, and not have to worry about the bombing doing too much damage.
    Some grind spots would completely discourage bombing all together(desert spots in particular). The desert could still keep the outlaw debuff as a thing, and this would become an incentive for people to go out more into the desert.. Hmm.. thinking I shouldn't of said that but w.e. Now, before anyone says anything, we thought about the "what about afking in the region" thing. At least with the desert, you have to stay alive. The debuff can and will kill afkers. As for others, potentially make the karma loss buff run out if out of combat for a certain amount of time.. though Idk.. I think it could be abused too.. maybe..
    hmm.. perhaps the fact that you'd have to be in the grind region itself would prevent people from wanting to just afk there.. People would get a lot less done production-wise just to grief people at grind spots.. I don't think its smart to do that, but I can see at least some doing it.
    If anyone has any additional suggestions, we're open to them. Any additional ideas are welcome.
    I've posted this on the beta forums as well.
    [ Beta post ]
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  13. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Wizard is pretty strong. Perhaps I'm not at that point with mine, but a chain grab, or good CC's usually spells the end of me - which yeah, I agree is probably -----ing annoying with these servers as they've been.. 
    Healing Lighthouse is the main one you have issue with. At max rank, it heals 30% per pulse x 3 pulses. It doesn't have super armor, requires the wizard/witch to stand in place, in staff and it has a 30 second cooldown. Combo that with Healing Aura; 10 second cooldown with a 20% almost instant heal(unless sages memory is applied, its not instant) at max rank. In a single go, a wizard or witch can heal themselves 120% only every 30 seconds - which is a lot of time in PvP. Every 10 seconds following that they can heal an 20% via Healing Aura. Combo that with potions - extra large potions and/or superior whale potions(750 HP every 30 seconds, 500 HP for the green ones), and you have a wizard/witch that is basically an hp damage sponge.
    Healing Lighthouse can be interrupted, you just need to throw some CC's at them while they're doing it. It happens more than you'd think, but that's why the smart wizard teleports away first. Interrupting the healing lighthouse is big. It puts it on full cooldown, which means they either need healing aura or pots to heal up - doable, but leaves them in a vulnerable state.
    Which is where protection spells like Magical Shield and Protected Area come into play. PA is a giant damage reduction spell. It increases damage reduction to a point, where to compare it to something PVE: Kzarka's breath or Nouver's Breath or Karanda's Quill attack does -----ing nothing. Max rank: 8 seconds. It increases CC resist except for grapple and adds super armor. Magical Shield, at max rank, reduces damage by 25%, sending the reduced damage to MP - regardless of if the wizard has any left or not. It increases all resistance by 15% - including grapple - for 30 seconds(1 minute CD). Combo those two together, and then healing lighthouse, and chances are the wizard or witch will get the full heal off.
    Which puts you, most likely, right in front of them, trying to CC them, while they just swap to awakening while still under the PA and Magical Shield effects, and start to steam roll.
    It's possible, as I've had it happen to me a good number of times, to interrupt the teleport, forcing the 7 second cooldown, via grapple. Doing that can stop the wizard from pretty much everything above for 7 seconds. A well timed grapple - not considering how laggy the servers have been - can ----- a wizard up. Any CC really can ----- a wizard up from doing its thing. 
    Now that you know, OP, try getting someone to help you learn the tell's of their supporting spells, and maybe you'll catch a wizard with their pants down(low health trying to heal)!
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  14. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic Give every class an on command healing ability like Wizard   

    Oh look, this video again! 
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  15. TRNFloyd added a post in a topic Korean Update Notes - Voice Chat Added / Hunting Changes   

    Thanks for the info that was pointed out by someone else 10 hours prior to your reply!
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