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  1. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic Back in Game! Need some advise   

    make like a good zerker and reroll to DK. JK (but really)
    I would tri the armor first for a nice dp boost, then start working on your zarka. Then tri those marks, you can get one red coral for some accuracy.
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  2. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic [New] Kamasylve Channels   

    wow if this happens im cumming.
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  3. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic [Important] New Forums are coming   

    This is a really nice feature. For hackers
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  4. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic Kydict’s Crystal Exp... All or Combat?   

    We are in contact with the KR team to assure precise information. No one here knows any korean.
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  5. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic Do you guys think the soft level cap will change in the future?   

    Yea they will, they already did it like 3-4 times.
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  6. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic Has anyone tested the DP change?   

    Tested it with 305dp friends. Still can one combo. I didn't test with 360+ dp because none of my friends are stupid enough to have it. But for me the difference is really small... or non existent.
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  7. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic Whats the maximum number of character slots available now?   

    Its 13teen.
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  8. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    well the thing is, you dont have luck but some people get tri ogre with 0fs. Think about them and be happy
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  9. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic What specs to get 144 FPS on max settings?   

    hmm i doubt constant 144fps is possible. Even with SLI titan XP you will get big dips. But yea standing looking at the ground will get you 144fps. You could change that processor for something with more cores, bdo likes dem cores. a NVMe ssd so that you wont get slowed down while riding on your t8.
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  10. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic New Quest line blocked by p2w aspect   

    yea i have a special outfit for diving. It was enough but you dont really know where to go in that quest, and you get like 2 seconds down there to click or look around.
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  11. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic New Quest line blocked by p2w aspect   

    well its not impossible to complete the whole quest line. But its very very very hard without the cash shop costume. The one with the lamp that was crazy timing.
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  12. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic PSA: Do not roll Berserker. Source: 1st ever 61 Zerk & day 1 veteran   

    i think most people play zerker for the style of the class not to be OP.
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  13. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 1st   

    oh boy... p2title its a bad sign.
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  14. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic Damage vs Monsters...Is it good?   

    atm zerker is the slowest farmer in game, second slowest is warrior then comes everyone else + musa and wizard at the god tier in farming.
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  15. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic The GIANT Problem of open world 1 on 1 PVP   

    Low impact in what? node wars? yea if you have a guild thats 80% rangers sure rangers become low impact. Sure pre awakening you could have a guild 100% rangers and win everything there is in bdo. But now its different a guild needs to have every class in a healthy amount to be relevant.
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