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  1. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic Altinova (Capital of Mediah) Housing Issue   

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  2. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic LF RP Guild EU Croxus   

    So far, it isn't possible to move items across to other servers. But perhaps you could see if you could get in contact with one of the admins. They may be able to help you out, as they had before a lot of trouble with some people having their chars and pre-gear moved to a different server, than the server they made the char on.
    As for RP guilds on Croxus, I haven't read of seen posts about RP guilds on Croxus. Most people has been keeping themselves up to date on the polls and blackdesertroleplayers. So you could try and ask there as well  
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  3. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    Here's my Character. Former pirate hunter, and Captain of the Bloody Maiden, also one of the leader of the Bannered Aegis. Corwin Blackveil. enjoy.
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  4. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    Also, how did you get that outfit?
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  5. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic Finding RP on EU   

    EU plays on a GMT time for the most part I believe, so UTC doesn't aid much. I'm already registered on the site, I've been so for quiet a while, but I don't really see the RPfinder much, admittedly. And thanks for the offer, however I'm already a GM for my own guild on BDO EU. Playing on Jordine serendia1. Known as The bannered Aegis  Small but rather active with some RP when all got time. 
    My OP was more for those that was not on the Site and had trouble, as well as creating a place for RPers on the EU servers here in the forums where they can give information about where they RP mostly ^^
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  6. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    Creepy... he looks like me irl. He just needs the Fedora hat, and he'd be perfect!
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  7. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic This post is no longer Valid   

    greetings. Sorry for the late answer friend. Yes we are currently ingame, and active. We are currently a small guild though, but we are increasing steadily.
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  8. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic Finding RP on EU   

    Not sure if you only skimmed the OP, but as referred to, I play on Jordine-serendia1 which is, by the post on http://blackdesertroleplayers.com/, the designated RP Server / Channel for EU-roleplayers. I have been looking about several times, and only found very very little Rp around. Which raised my concern for the EU-RP Community.
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  9. Wolfspirit1993 added a topic in Roleplay   

    Finding RP on EU
    So, as I've seen it so far it's hard to find RP in BDO. Especially on the EU servers. Which are currently on Jordine Serendia1. Understandably it is due to many wanting to learn how the game works first, and see the world fully before they engage in RP, and so it is hard as such for those wanting to engage from the start, unless they've already joined an RP guild before release. 
    In so I was thinking of making this thread as an open place for people to inform where they regularily RP with friends and / or guilds, so that more people can come around and join their RP. It may not be random encounter RP, but it's a start to create an rp hub for the Roleplayers who want to engage in rp as soon as possible. With time we will be able to see RP around the world of BDO, on random, and that is in my opinion a goal that most are willing to go for. 
    So if you're currently engaged in RP in a certain area with others. Go ahead and tell the forum, so that we may  join you, and develop our stories and adventures
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  10. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic [PM;Timed] The Misadventurers - Beachful Bliss   

    Corwin sighs with a smile "Ah well. I tried atleast" He says to Fiains comment. He'd lead a hand in beneath his cloak and pull out his flute, he'd place it infront of Fiain before standing up, and stepping behind the chair. "Mind keeping a watch on that untill I come and collect it again then?" He looks over his shoulder again, the hooded man still standing at the entrance to the Camp. He looks back, and nods his head "I wish there were more time for me to say my farewells. Say hello to the Kid Nax, and Adaline from me." He'd give them all a final smile before turning around and walking towards the entrance.
    As he reached the hooded man he is given the frilled hat, it would be large with Crimson feather sticking out from it, most likely a captains hat. down it side in a leather strip there would be dangling a metal piece, shaping a ships-steer, with a skull in the middle (to some this sigil would be recognized, as the mark of a group of Pirate-hunters sailing on the vessel known as the 'The bloody maid'). He'd place the hat on his head, and then reach for the package, which he would sling over his shoulder. He looks over to the others once more with a smile and raises his hand with a wave as he shouts.
    "Stay safe, and stay alive. I'll be back one day, and then we gotta share stories of misadventures, around the camp fire" 
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  11. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic [PM;Timed] The Misadventurers - Beachful Bliss   

    Corwin looks to the others, and then looks to Fiain as she punches his shoulder "Oi, oi... No farewell kiss, darling?" He says in a smirking tone, Attempting to place a gentle hand on her back. He turns his head looking to Chi, to answer her "Hmm, who knows. But it seems my time is up. My sister is making trouble back out on the ocean. Heh, and I have to bring her home" 
    He clicks his tongue, at Sebastians words, he knew he didn't mean any spite with it. It was hard for Corwin as well, but he had his orders. "Hehe, I'm sure you don't drunkard. I'll miss your lazy arse as well though. Besides, if I could, I would take you all with me." Corwin lowers his head slightly and takes a deep breath. He'd look over his shoulder, a hooded man standing at the edge of the camp with a frilled hat in on hand, and a package in the other, stood looking away. Corwin looks back to the others "So... Have you all bought a souviner or have you been drinking and eating the coin away?"
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  12. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic [PM;Timed] The Misadventurers - Beachful Bliss   

    Corwin smirks and pulls down the hood. He nods to her, and leans back. "Hehe, I would leave you all without a proper farewell" He smiles before crossing his legs beneath table. He knows his words may come as a surprise, after all, he hadn't even remotely been talking about traveling on for himself.
    "So... yeah. I thought I should at least do that." He says again after a while, looking at the others reaction.
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  13. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   

    I feel bad for that 'Bad person' then. for BDO, kinda forces us to learn pvp along the way, as well as the dedication in our individual characters will help up learn the many combination and movements of other classes. For not to talk about our Great, and supportive community, who would look past each others differences, to fight a common enemy
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  14. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   

    I'd make the guess the that the channel used will most likely be Serendia or Calpheon
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  15. Wolfspirit1993 added a post in a topic [PM;Timed] The Misadventurers - Beachful Bliss   

    Corwin buys himself a long hooded cloak, it would have a dashingly royal red color to it, without being one to stand out of the crowd in this colorful festival. He nods to himself satisfied with his purchase. After swinging the cloak over his shoulders to cover himself he takes a deep breath, the soft fabric reminding him of home. A hand places itself on his shoulder, Corwin stands still for a moment acting as if didn't notice, but it was to familiar a grip to not. The person had leaned close and whispered a few words for Corwin, before heading away again, soon mingling and vanishing in the crowd.
    A sigh escapes Corwins lips as he pulls the hood of the cloak over his head. He follows the moves of the man that had just vanished, and mingled with the crowd himself. With swift steps he started to move back to the visitors camp. He hadn't have had any sleep at all, but he wasn't tired. It wasn't like he had done anything wild to exhaust him. As he returned he smirked, the first thing he got to see was Sebastians face in a pile of eggs, and the look of the lovely Fiain's face whilst she was having a hangover.

    He'd settle himself down by the same table of Sebastian, poking him a few times as he'd talk to Sebastian with a slight mockery "Oi, drunkard. The pig farm is on the other side of the town"
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