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  1. Touzong added a post in a topic can't understand this class   

    ikr I'm facing the same problems. Getting one shot by any same geared witch/wizards and unkillable blocking warriors. The amount of wizards and warriors those zerg guilds kill me. I can't do shit.
    I think people are trashing plum a bit to much. I think musa has it way worse then plum. I'm saying this because I just recently rerolled blader to plum due to how weak blader is. And I'm loving maewha. I love how I can actually kill someone when I catch them into cc. I don't think maewhas are weak. It's just that the top tier classes are just to op. If people are still  complaining. Don't worry because a buff is coming soon. Which I'm looking forward too <3 
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  2. Touzong added a post in a topic The Death of Musa   

    I know it's sad when you try to time yr ccs at the right moment and finally catches someone into a near prefect combo, and to find out it only drops them to like half. But, the second u even mess up even a little. You get one shot.
    I wish they would remove this annoying hidden stats already because I really wanna see the scaling on our damg. I don't feel an difference in my my damg that much at all in pirates with 170 ap and 210ap or 225-230 with gems?
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  3. Touzong added a post in a topic Musa Help?   

    Hey guys this might be out of topic but any of you guys know a good top tier guild? that's friendly and don't really force you  to do things.
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  4. Touzong added a post in a topic Musa Help?   

    Oh! that's the one thing I didn't have. Thanks for the info <3 / gotta love sa haha ..........
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  5. Touzong added a post in a topic Musa Help?   

    Thank you for the info. I already do this and after reading what you said. I did try to recognize the other classes skills better more. I kind of understood how to beat wizards now but the hard but if u even get hit by anything.  Your pretty much dead.  And for the other classes,  grab = dead / SIDE NOTE: gotta  love evasion wizards with sa <3
    I felt so sad because I agreed with almost everything you said. It's like we are one and play the same class.  But you forgot one thing. Rangers scum, grab into one shot :3 haha.
    Why a maewa video? And just a side note. I did play maewa before. I actually like them. They are able to pretty much instantly cc the enemy if the other player isn't careful into a full kill combo. Best part about them is that I never need to go into normal stance that much as a maewa for a good cc! The only downside is that I just can't  stand playing a female character.
    Well thank you guys for all the info you have given me. And with info I gathered "bdo don't care about if you're a weak class or not" I guess I'll tough it out and try to main warrior or plum. Sorry again for this long ass post that I keep doing. I just hate keyboard warriors that try to trash you on things if you don't include enough info on some things.
    PS:  one last thing "  I PROMISE " can I ask why my ccs never cc  or  work? even when I clearly landed them. Both awen and normal form : I got kzarka tri, bheg tri, and two tri corral earrings.
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  6. Touzong added a topic in Musa   

    Musa Help?
    So am I doing something wrong or is still class just weak? I always thought to myself maybe I weren't  geared enough, maybe that's why I'm so weak. So I got a bit more geared, but was still losing. So I decide to learn all those amazing combos in those YouTube videos. Still not doing enough. I thought to myself one more time. Maybe because everyone has over 200ap+ and 250+ dp plus with boss gear. Maybe that's why. I finally get all tri boss gear and boss weapons and have 208/210/280 with good accuracy.  And I still don't do damg??? I catch people in ccs, try to burst them with all my chain skills put together.  Still not enough damage burst. Then they grab burst me like I was nothing. Especially wizards and witch; how are they so hard to kill when they got less dp then me? and how are they able to 2-3 shot me with less ap  and me having more dp? I feel  useless as hell in group pvp and gvg. All I can do is run around and go in btb then spam back dash like crazy hoping I don't get cc instant killed. All I can do is mostly run hoping to btb and steal kills, because if I do try to follow up after btb pretty much ends with dealth. I know that this might sounds broken but I wish they gave musa something like a grab if that's too much.  Something that can penetrate blocks even a little........ I can never win warriors/valks ever.  Well the decent gear ones. Everything I do just get block. and the second they go in with their skills. They do so much damg while sa everything u throw at them. Then they go back to block form and wait for cds? I'm sorry this is so much questions but my head hurts so much. So much time used to play and gear and buy real money items for this class, and I feel like its dogshit........ ya I said it =.= I also tried all those other op classes too. Even with less ap and dp I kind of felt like a god. I would reroll but just thinking about leveling them to 59/60 kills me.
    PS:  Thank You for reading and any advise you can give me as a musa?  And please don't use the get good.............................cuz I'm pretty sure I'm decent with this class
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  7. Touzong added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    The moment knowing someone that plays bdo for this long and haven't realize how solo base this game is
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  8. Touzong added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    Thank you Daum for removing the experience lose. I can finally actually grind now instead of losing hours of experience because all these so called top guilds in every channel be griefing every single [Deleted] spot and kill you by even going near then.
    Best part when you kill one of them and they bring their whole guild. Classic
    [Deleted content] Language filter
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  9. Touzong added a post in a topic Temporarily Disabled Items - market place   

    that video though lol? I do this all the time when I grind. I don't even care if people kill me. I just respawn and come back and do the same thing.
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  10. Touzong added a topic in Technical Issues   

    30 fps capped sometimes go lower
    So, I'm getting 30 fps lock in black desert no matter what resolution or graphic I do. I am using a msi rx 480, i7 6700k, msi z170 m7, 16gb of ram. Monitor is a 2159m 1080p. I am using a hdmi cable. I already also tried turning off v-sync. Can someone please help me.
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  11. Touzong added a post in a topic May 13th Musa & Maehwa Update Feedback   

    u just said everything i wanted to say while i was testing this in pvp
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  12. Touzong added a post in a topic Blader???   

    how does that answer my question at all? and how am i bad when we werent even fighting. more like just standing there and testing skills over and over.
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  13. Touzong added a topic in General   

    so yesterday i did a bunch of testing in the arena with some friends. My blader had 120 dp and my friend's plum was able to almost one shot me with one skill, but when i did a full combo on him. I didn't even do 1/4 his hp. He had about 65dp. We then took are armer off and i still couldnt do half his a hp. I also tried to test my damg on a 44 warrior. He seemed to do more damg then me. We all had 55ap and were lv 50. My friend then brought his sorc with 50 ap and one combo me with 120 dp but i couldnt even tickle him with no armer on???
    anyone can help me with this?
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  14. Touzong added a post in a topic Must be a fisher to play Black Desert   

    someone gets it lol yes grinding makes more money but u have to stand there and grind grind and grind, but fishing ...... lol afk come back oh i got free silver for doing nuthing and btw i do fish
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  15. Touzong added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

    tree of savior sounds like a really good one  so many people seems to rec that. any clue on when its out?
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