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  1. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 3rd   

    I keep telling myself Kama is gonna be a bundle instead of broken down into parts like KR. We all know that's not the case though. We're still gonna get it in stages, complete with bugs they hotfixed or patched out later.
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  2. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic Battlship?? GM/CM please at least take a look   

    Bah...gdi. Let this die already
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  3. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic Seasonal Weather & Accumulation   

    There is now an option to turn off the snow accumulation that bogged everyone down.
    We already sorta have this though, I just wish it was more varied...seasons changing more often given BDO's day/night cycle is much shorter than ours. I understand this makes it so that the weather can play off of real world holidays, bit still. I also wished it rained for longer stretches of time, but that's just me.
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  4. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic Player <> Player Trading, Market Place Prices.   

    Completely worth the risk to make the game more community oriented. As is, BDO is nothing more than a solo game that allows you to grind next to your friends. Outside of that, we really can't help one another.
    I personally, would want free trade regardless of what is being traded. I don't need equal values, as sometimes all I wanna do is give things out for free.
    While I may be charitable to complete strangers, I can see how that would give others the goldseller, the end is nigh, tinfoil hat syndrome. In light of that, I would suggest player relationships. The longer two people are friends, the more hours spent grinding/hunting/etc together, the more points they have. Once it reaches a certain threshold, they can trade with one another without restriction.
    This would be nice for when a friend needs something but can't afford it. They're halfway across the world and you're coming from the NPC that they need something from. Or...and this one is big, when you're grinding and overweight but they aren't. Simply pass the loot and take it back later.
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  5. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic How to make the field bosses not so boring.   

    Sounds a lot like the boss scrolls that we already have...
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  6. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic Wizard Outfit   

    Gavi Regan
    We already have this, just not for the wizard yet.
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  7. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    That's it...?
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  8. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic New Voice Options in KR   

    The real question though, are these only for combat? I'm sick of afk-creepy-laugh......
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  9. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic Question about a pet I saw   

    The witch has a lightning and earth elemental..both male.
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  10. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic Bookshelf Knowledge   

    Knowledge from the bookshelf is completely RNG. Sometimes you will learn something new or you will get a notice saying the knowledge has already been obtained. Books can be placed on the shelf (manually with the place furniture tool), and it's been rumored that this increases the chance of learning that specific knowledge, but I don't think it's actually true.
    I have a couple of different types but all seem to give random knowledge.
    Side note, you cannot change channels while an alt is reading. This becomes problematic if you log out and trying to get back in and cannot remember the channel as it doesn't show said restrictions.
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  11. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic Snowflake Costume (Male)   

    Only part of it can be hidden.

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  12. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic How do you hide the obnoxious "PARKING" sign?   

    I wish it was even more obnoxious...so people would put their damn horses away.
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  13. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic Is the game realy doing that bad in KR ?   

    To add on to this, they are trying to catch our version up so content is released simultaneously...and if not, then within a month's time. There was an official post on this a while back, but I don't have the time or care to search and quote it.
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  14. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic Would it be cool if you could interact with your alternate characters?   

    I'm in agreement that it would be nice if alts wandered around your home. To push that further, it would be nice if you could assign a home for them, that way they didn't all pile into one, or appear wherever you happened to be.
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  15. Magnificent Innuendo added a topic in General   

    Christmas Sale
    So what's up with the sale? It seems to be running off of Black Friday purchases. I have items that I maxed purchases on back then, still unavailable now.
    Is anyone else having this issue?
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