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  1. Mercer added a post in a topic [EU][PvP] Knights of Arcadia   

    Glad to have you again, Corrain.
    This time we'll go as Knights instead of Marauders though, god did that name give us a bad reputation at start.
    We're not pirates! :'(
    Signed, Mercer
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  2. Mercer added a post in a topic Act of Violence sucht DICH   

    Good to see you guys again!
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  3. Mercer added a topic in European Guild   

    [EU][PvP] Knights of Arcadia
    Knights of Arcadia
    Arcadian Gaming Community
    Who we are
    The Arcadian Gaming Community is a small European based group of friends that work in MMORPG's as a squad in the competitive PvP scene. We intend to simply have fun in a competetive PvP scene with multiple raids and fair ways of dealing with things. We do not fully commit to RP, but we have experienced Roleplayers in the guild and have a slight "knights"-theme. 
    We started out on ArcheAge on the Aier server as the Arcadian Sea Marauders, ASM. Here we made a name for ourselves as a small but organized and strong guild.
    Starting with 6 guild founders including the current guildleader Mercer (a.k.a. Fallon or Natascha) the guild grew out to hold 120 members before the Auroria patch.
    We've always aimed to be a tactically strong guild, with working formations, designated roles and skillful players working together as a unit.
    Even though we were a small guild considering other guilds in ArcheAge, we were soon known as a valuable asset to our faction, especially within our alliance.
    We were part of the alliance that killed the first Kraken (world boss) on our server in which our tank and healers were invaluable.
    However, we could not and would not keep up with the zergfest the game has become and we decided to disband after the Auroria patch. 
    Our goal
    As a community we wish to make our name known, revered among our allies and feared among our enemies. For our members our goal is to give them a good gaming experience with their fellow community-members.
    Chain of command
    Our hierarchy consists of one person at the top making most of the important decisions and a few officer ranks with each their own field to work with. There are multiple officers who next to their own field of work have the obligation to lead raids and other guild events.
    Most of our officer-hosted events will be PvP related. We will organise and host events such as raids, arena PvP, PvP championships and training hours where more experienced members help the less experienced members how to use their builds in the most effective way. Aside from this we will not stop our members to host their own events as long as it doesn't overlap with the official events.
    Currently we don't work with set raid times, but we call upon our members to participate in unannounced raids until we have a new raidtime set.
    More information on this matter will be announced on our forums. 
    Code of Conduct
    We live in our community by the rules written in our Code of Conduct. We wish to keep a friendly atmosphere among our ranks and therefore work with a no-drama policy. If an 'incident' occurs it will be investigated and worked out by an officer who will decide on the consequences for the culprit. There will be no hesitation, neither for close friends or family. The full Code of Conduct can be found on our website: www.ArcadianGamingCommunity.Enjin.com.
    We accept mature players of the age 18+ that have interest in PvP. Though we are European based we are willing to accept players from different regions as long as they do not mind being on our European servers and are able to attend our events and raid. Please visit our recruitment page on our website to check if applying is currently available.
    We intend to work as a squad in a tight community where we all get along, therefor we are strict in our recruitment, in BDO we intend to keep our community small.
    We will not be doing mass recruiting, if you want to join with a bunch of friends, each of your friends will have to pass their applications individually. If you're interested in joining our ranks, it's recommended to contact another member in game for a testrun before you apply on the website as other members can vouch for you when they are convinced you work well with us.
    More information on the guild can be found on our website: www.ArcadianGamingCommunity.enjin.com 
    Or hop on our TS3 server and meet some of the members: teamspeak-9.verygames.net:50185
    For other questions feel free to post below or PM Mercer, the current guild leader.
    Signed, Mercer

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