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  1. OmegaXYZ added a post in a topic PVP during world boss   

    Hi and thanks You all for your answer.
    Few small changed can solve problems without changing PVP etc like drops sent by email as I said.
    This is a game and there is no reason to be angry versus any1 for more than 1 minute if it happens.
    If some1 take it too seriously take it easy, relax, enjoy and let other players enjoy the game please. I think so.
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  2. OmegaXYZ added a post in a topic PVP during world boss   

    Hi and thank You all for your answers.
    There are some problems during world bosses:
    1) world bosses like karanda or kzarka stays in a small area
    2) there are too many players in that small area
    3) the game slow down a lot
    4) I cannot see my character in that mess especially at karanda. I never seen such a mess on the screen.
    5) I don't make in time avoiding being killed
    Apart that, asking to send drops to character is a good way to solve things I think so if player get killed (so pk are happy) he doesn't loose the drops.
    Isn't possible to add huge bosses fight like there were in shadow of the colossus for ps2 with the difference that many players kill it?
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  3. OmegaXYZ added a topic in PVP   

    PVP during world boss
    I would ask what players think about PVP during world bosses.
    When a world boss spawns It takes some time to kill him and It is very rare to drop a boss weapon directly. However 100 auras can be collected and changed for the weapon in the worst case. Even so they don't drop everytime and collecting 100 auras may take some time. After getting the weapon the work is half done becouse there is the enchantment part that may take some time as well. It is worth the effort becouse the player can have a top weapon soon or later and there are 3 weapons for each class.
    So i wonder if it is right allowing some players killing other players during world bosses and especially after killing it. What does happen if the player is killed continuosly and cannot get the boss drop in time becouse the drops disappear b4 the player comes back?
    Open PVP or not i think that killing players for not letting them getting the drops they deserve after so much effort is a wrong way to play. I think so.Getting a full boss set is important and it gives a reason for continuing playing but if a player cannot get them becouse he is continuosly killed I think it is wrong. PVP can be done everywhere and it is ok becouse this is a game where PVP is important ofc but not like this.
    For this reason, due to the fact that loosing an important drop that may require months to get, I ask to BDO programmers that every world boss drop would be sent by email to players so they don't loose them. If a player is killed soon after the world boss death and respawns away pets cannot get the loot in time. So due to the fact that the drop expires soon sending it by email should be a good solution.
    Is there anyone that agrees with me or not?
    What do You think? And please try to be Constructive.
    Thank You.
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  4. OmegaXYZ added a post in a topic Removing downgrade for +16   

    Two weeks ago I failed from DUO to TRI so I went back to PRI.
    Even getting a free weapon stone every day since then I am trying to DUO again but I am still Pri with 34+ failstack.
    This way Liverto lost a lot of durability which is expensive to repair. I won't try TRI again with Liverto.
    At least It would be good if up to TRI there will be no downgrade and ofc no weapon destruction if It may happen!
    It took a lot of time and effort enchanting Liverto to PRI and DUO and loosing it would be the worst,
    like loosing weeks of efforts for nothing.
    About jewels they shouldn't destroy themselves up to DUO at least.
    I would prefer loosing their durability up to TRI than seeing them destroyed I think.
    Up to TET and PEN they can be destroyed but at TET and PEN they should give much more power.
    Even repairing them with the same jewel like it happens with Liverto is very expensive but still better than loosing them.
    Just imagining a whale earring destroyed at PRI or DUO how much does it cost? A lot.
    The more a jewel cost the less probable is its destruction: this would be an alternative solution also I think.
    If up to TRI with weapons and armor and DUO with jewels will be safe players will become more competitive and could Grind in Valencia and new Areas without too many problems for leveling up to 60 which is the ideal level for using all awakening skills.
    This way there is no need of going beyond +20 and +19 and +20 will be still hard to reach.
    In this case instead of adding only +8 AP with TET and PEN It would be better adding a +15 at TET and +18 at PEN.
    The same with armor and jewels.
    Average players up to TRI with weapons and armor and up to DUO with jewels.
    The rest up to TET and PEN with weapons and armors and up to TRI,TET and PEN with jewels.
    It would be cool to have a big town where only these players can go like an elite for their effort beyond level 60.
    There they can be become the strongest with special hard quests to do in party and with their guild
    and doing special daungeons too hard to do for levels below 60, below TRI jewels and below TET and PEN weapons and armor.
    The more players power up the more this town becomes accessible to players.
    I would like if a player with TRI weapons and armor would have a light green aura around him with a light buff.
    All TRI weapons (awakened ones also) will add an attack buff and all TRI armor will add a defense buff.
    At TET around the player there should be a stronger yellow aura and at PEN there should be an even red stronger aura
    with an ultimate power.
    I think so.
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  5. OmegaXYZ added a post in a topic Removing downgrade for +16   

    It would be great to revive them instead and no one force anyone to "reply" ofc if that image can be considered a reply that nothing adds.
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  6. OmegaXYZ added a post in a topic Removing downgrade for +16   

    I know the post is old but I red it just now and I added what i think about it because the post is still actual.
    A game that allows to power up more and more I don't think is a bad idea.
    As a consequence Monsters and bosses in new areas become more and more powerful.
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  7. OmegaXYZ added a post in a topic Removing downgrade for +16   

    I was editing the post. I added another possible option: up to +20 easier and from 21 to 25 like it is now from 16 to 20.
    So players who just reached +15 can level up to +20 and players who reached +18 +19 or evem +20 can go up to +25.
    So everyone should be happy.
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  8. OmegaXYZ added a post in a topic Removing downgrade for +16   

    I don't like this downgrade system too.
    At least I would have preferred that crown stones cost will be 100k and not 1 000 000 because no one seems to use them:
    they cost too much and It isn't 100% sure weapon doesn't downgrade.
    Lowering the cost of crown stones to 100k and by using them being sure to not downgrade would be enough I think.
    This way the downgrade system can stay if players really want to test their luck without crown stones.
    Even with failstack it happened to me to spend more than forcing even from +13 to +14 for example.
    So the possibility to force up to PEN at least originally green armor/weapon wouldn't be so bad after all because it takes a lot of stones.
    At the moment PEN anything is almost impossible and I saw only 1 PEN Heve shoes in all the serve until now in market.
    Downgrading is a thing but loosing completely a jewel by failing is even worse.
    Why not adding durability repair to them too by using the same jewel for +10% at least?
    Probably players that reached TET and even PEN by trying don't want to agree because It took so much effort for them
    but I don't think it is a  good reason for saying no to a change.
    After all if it happens they will be able to upgrade more easily like other players. I think so.
    I think that a balance among effort frustration random and luck should be considered in every game considering the average player
    and not only the hardcore ones who likes this fail system.
    I like this game and I reached +15 when there wasn't +20. Reaching +15 wasn't so easy but it was possible. I saw the end of it.
    Reaching +20 seems almost impossible unless a player spend all the day playing, a thing I cannot and I don't want to do.
    As an alternative enchanting from +15 to +20 should be made easier and another level of enchantment as hard as it is now from +15 to +20
    should be added from 21 to 25. This way players can reach +20 while other players who like this system can go up to +25.
    And Please add some few final dungeons even if they are in open areas by using what the game offers already (why not?).
    Even the possibility to start guild missions only for killing bosses maybe bigger or huge wouldn't be so bad i think.
    This way the game would be complete.
    No joking please.
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  9. OmegaXYZ added a post in a topic Ranger Awakening Guide?   

    Hi. I would like to know too.
    After the new skill system I can choose 3 normal skills and 3 awakening skills starting from level 56.
    I would like to know what are the best skills to use for PVP only, for PVE only and for PVP/PVE with the best addons.
    If someone can help us thank You in advance.
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  10. OmegaXYZ added a topic in Suggestions   

    Something more
    While playing I noticed some things I would like to speak about and I would like to know the opinions of other players about It.
    No joking please. Thanks in advance.
    About Housing
    When a character uses a mirror He gets a buff for faster karma recover and/or better amity and/or more energy.
    Depending how beautiful the mirror is and depending how many buffs It can give It costs more.
    In front of Mirrors characters may use more emotes also.
    I think It would be usefull.
    Dreams and Tips
    When Sleeping characters keep they eyes open. I would like they close eyes.
    During the night characters may dreams. As a result energy recover faster and some tips/secrets are shown.
    There should be knowledge about each of them also. A small cloud with ZZZ when characters sleep appears.
    About wardrobes I would like to be able to put only outfit/costume/etc in them but not like storage.
    They are available only in the wardrobe where they are stored. For safety if there is a costume/outift 
    in the wardrobe, the wardrobe cannot be trashed or sold or moved in place mode.
    About Mounts/Pets
    Does anyone want a pony?
    About Raining
    Umbrellas please!
    Weapon swap if required by skills
    I think being able at least to swap kunai and shuriken on kunoichi and ninja while fighting
    would be nice especially while there are skills than can be used only with a certain type of secondary weapon.
    About Beauty Shop
    Better tatoos and hairs should be improved
    Add Pizza cooking please!
    Ice cream and granitas also
    AOE should be more visible I think and I wonder If it is right loosing XP while fighting world boss
    becouse a player can die many times during the fight that lasts a lot.
    Enchanting beyond DUO
    I think going from TRI to DUO, TET to TRI or worse from PEN to TET maybe frustrating especially
    failing more times and go back even more.
    If it is not possible to remove the downgrade I think lowering the costs of crown stones would help.
    This way there is no need to change or remove downgrading.
    Some players may agree some not maybe becouse they "like" this way.
    About buying a TRI+ one it is so expensive I don't think I'll buy one.
    Apart that I would like to be able to force at least original green sets to PEN
    considering it takes a lot of stones to forcing is better than nothing.
    Leveling UP 56 - 60
    After reaching Level 56 it becomes very hard to level up and considering
    awakening is coming reaching level 60 would be ideal for awakening skills
    in a reasonable amount of time.
    Add some final level 56-60 doungeons please!
    Epic Guild Missions
    Without the need to change much the game, what about
    adding guild missions for killing many scroll bosses and/or world bosses too?
    Just using scroll bosses that are already in the game like It happens with normal guild quests.
    How great bosses can be in Black Desert? I would like to fight with guild against Huge bosses,
    so big I can run on them lol (like in shadow of the colossus).
    These are normal features I would like if possible.
    A "crazy" wishlist will follow. What do You think?
    From 1st to 9th which one?
    1st: BDO fighting game by using our templates.
    2nd: Possibility to 3D print our characters using an online service
    3rd: aliens ship doungeons only reachable with flying mounts to not affect the rest of the game (no flying mounts for normal areas) for players who want to go there (only level 60+)
    4th: BDO VR
    5th: Ice, snow, crystal, lava areas, elf city
    6th: steampunk machines
    7th: zombies
    8th: huge dinosaurs
    9th: dragons
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  11. OmegaXYZ added a post in a topic NAME RESERVATION AND CBT2 INFO   

    I cannot download It yet.
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  12. OmegaXYZ added a post in a topic NAME RESERVATION AND CBT2 INFO   

    Hi. It doesn't start yet. When can I download It?
    It says I can download It today, but when exactly?
    Thank You.
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  13. OmegaXYZ added a post in a topic Anti PVP dress   

    Regardless of what other players say if I want to play a game I play It and then I decide.
    I just posted a thread hoping to discuss about it seriously enough.
    This shoudn't be a troll thread but it seems that there are some persons in internet that are able to make fun of other ones if not worse becouse they have nothing better to do.
    If it is the case You can stop posting.
    If an Internet tax will be it is better and I hope there will be.
    Thanks and i won't reply anymore. I don't care.
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  14. OmegaXYZ added a post in a topic Anti PVP dress   

    Well I'll see
    Thanks for your answers.
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  15. OmegaXYZ added a post in a topic Anti PVP dress   


    This idea is far way easier:

    The more players You kill the more Wanted You become.
    The more wanted You become the more players want to kill You to get a special reward.

    What do You think?


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