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  1. Bee added a post in a topic Error - Char cannot be deleted, please help   

    More bugs? Holy shit.

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  2. Bee added a post in a topic Tbh, Chick-fil-a should be open on sundays   

    Greasy Chicken-centered fast food restaurant.
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  3. Bee added a post in a topic Travelers pack purchasers be like   

    Fair enough. It's very true that most don't deserve the laugh track. A lot of people bought into the hype so hard that they forked over $100 and they're now facing some serious buyer's remorse. I've been there, it sucks.

    Hopefully, this'll be a learning experience for many. Unfortunately though, I lack the restraint to not laugh. There's countless of people that say to avoid those kind of purchases (TotalB, Jim Sterling, etc) and when you don't listen, you're gonna have a bad time.
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  4. Bee added a post in a topic Travelers pack purchasers be like   

    The reason I (as well as some others, I imagine) are laughing our way to the bank right now is due to the ridiculous behavior of many of the Conqueror's purchasers in the past couple of weeks. Any time anyone said anything to criticize Daum or PA, they'd be met with this brigade of blind consumers that already invested $100 into the game. Any thread like that'd just become an ocean of crap memes, insults, and sarcasm to the OP.

    Normally, I'd agree with you. I wouldn't laugh at someone getting a raw deal. But most of the these guys had it coming, and I'm absolutely going to enjoy every second of their buyer's remorse as they continue to troubleshoot for my launch.
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  5. Bee added a post in a topic Seriously, how could this happen?   

    Unwilling to spend ridiculous amounts on overpriced pixel costumes = Poor. God, I love this forum and their 3rd grade logic.

    And I've got all the time in the world to wait for this to blow over and be fixed. I didn't spend $100 for a suit and the chance to partake in a trainwreck like an idiot. I'm just sitting back and enjoying the view.
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  6. Bee added a post in a topic Seriously, how could this happen?   

    I'm not going to lie, I'm loving this. The same people that paid $100 for this head start were the same people that were pro-Daum 24/7, were pro cash shop prices, and often flamed people for "whining" against a company that supposedly could do no wrong.

    Well, there you go. A completely -----ed launch, a laughable $3 discount on items, and dead silence.

    I normally don't laugh at others for things like this, but, you assholes really had this coming.


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  7. Bee added a post in a topic Your GPU for BDO eye candy   

    What kind of settings were you running? I didn't get a chance to partake in CBT2, was waiting on some parts. What was your impression, performance-wise?
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  8. Bee added a post in a topic Gm huego downgraded my preorder pack   

    There's been a few threads that haven't devolved into complete cesspools. We've been coasting on radio silence from Daum and the CM/GM crew for approaching a week now.
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  9. Bee added a post in a topic Gm huego downgraded my preorder pack   

    This is literally the first time I've seen one of you post without locking a thread and while giving some form of positive insight.

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  10. Bee added a post in a topic Aiming to make the most of the 96 hour head start? Do it safely.   

    This thread makes me think I'm literally the only person that's waiting until Wednesday to play. You guys're some hype-fueled mother-----ers.

    Thanks for the tips, regardless, @Rapthorne. Here's to hoping people'll listen.
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  11. Bee added a post in a topic Your GPU for BDO eye candy   

    No option for a 960.

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  12. Bee added a post in a topic Can you CM's not even just say....   

    It's all good, man. Once the game comes out, time'll fly. I'm waiting until Wednesday.
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  13. Bee added a post in a topic Can you CM's not even just say....   

    I'm a little more apathetic. Truth be told, I couldn't care less about their morale or how they feel. They're employees, paid to do a job and relay to the community. If they have nothing to relay, express that there's nothing to relay and that you will when there is. A lot of threads're little more of a cesspool of stupidity and crap memes, I agree. But, regardless, that's their job to deal with it and they haven't done it. @GM_Gemu's going on a thread-locking spree, and I've yet to see a single comment from him outside of a redirection or just outright lock. I give it 15 minutes before he gets to this one and does the deed, too.

    That isn't how this is supposed to go. People're supposed to be able to talk about what's good and what's bad. Unfortunately, as the hype reaches its climax, there is little room to talk at all since both sides of the fence are busy throwing feces at each other in the form of attacks and stupid memes.

    But, I stand by my opinion that we deserve feedback. You know? It's just the right thing. As of tomorrow it'll have been a week since that mega-thread got popular, and it caught Jouska's personal attention sunday night IIRC. So, what gives?
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  14. Bee added a post in a topic Can you CM's not even just say....   

    Also, I wholeheartedly agree with you guys' opinions. Don't let the Daum-Brigade dissuade you, you guys're on the right. Consumers have value, and it's downright wrong to get the silent treatment this close to launch. This is when they should be the most vocal, not the most silent. It's their jobs to communicate, and they're not doing it.

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