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  1. Wondo added a post in a topic Saturday Siege 1/21/2017   

    ^pretty much this. Barcode went ham on Lotd at the start while Alloy hit Nqpz(Barcode allies). Lotd base almost went down to Barcode so Alloy pulled out of Nqpz and hit Barcode tower stripping all structures away. Then Lotd and Alloy 2v1'd Barcode at their tower while Nqpz hit Alloy base. It wasn't anything close to a 1v1 and Barcode was super strong even with only 60 ppl in attendance fighting two guilds at a barren tower. 
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  2. Wondo added a post in a topic Saturday Siege 1/21/2017   

    lol wat. BC kicked our ass in a 2v1 against them lul. forum bait Zzzzz
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  3. Wondo added a post in a topic <Alloy> Recruiting | Laidback Environment | Node/Siege   

    If only we could repair siege with polished stone 

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  4. Wondo added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    That person is not from Alloy XD. We don't really like forum warrioring and had a really fun time tonight. Really good fights from Vertex both times we've fought and we have def outnumbered you both times! It was our mistake about the safe zone and it's absolutely a solid strat to punish a guild that builds by a safe zone, hope to see/fight against you guys again! solid guild!
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  5. Wondo added a post in a topic <Alloy> Recruiting | Laidback Environment | Node/Siege   

    Grats to Kaido making top 8 in BladeBloques tourney! 
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  6. Wondo added a post in a topic Your T8 Horses Stats at lv 30   

    Pretty happy with my level 30 stats on my T8A female!

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  7. Wondo added a post in a topic The Awakening Video!   

    As far as mobility goes do you think you could staff blink then orb double blink back to back? If so I'm digging it. Also new dodge animation? Maybe i-frame(w/ cd)? can't wait to see the skill tooltips because the videos don't really show what's really going on here lol..... >.< 
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  8. Wondo added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Interesting article http://theinvestor.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20160720001024
    "Some market watchers, however, said Kakao has been investing in games to use them as a cash cow while shifting its focus into the online-to-offline, or O2O, business that draws potential customers from online channels to physical stores."
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  9. Wondo added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    "Kakao has been investing in games to use them as a cash cow while shifting its focus into the online-to-offline"
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  10. Wondo added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    What a -----ing joke. Disappointment....................................... 
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  11. Wondo added a post in a topic Upcoming Skill and Awakening system revisions   

    Developers Reasoning for the New System and Changes
    To help resolve the issue where players hesitate to invest in skills because they are afraid that they might be investing in the wrong skills or that they may be wasting their skill points.
    To eliminate the feeling of needing to save your skill points for later which can make the game more difficult and some classes less fun.
    To create an environment where players are encouraged to try new skills and tactics.
    To stop players from only selecting a few skills which can lead to building weaker characters.
    ^ This is a direct contradiction to...
    "From lvl 56 and up you will need to use “Armstrong’s Skill Guide (Combat Skill Reset)” to reset skills which can be purchased from the Pearl Shop."
    Since Awakenings are not yet released in our version are the level 56+ players just supposed to sit on their extra skill points? Too afraid to spend them because we will have to pay $14 or 2 weeks of loyalty if we need to reset? What happens when awakenings come out and we need all those extra SP used in random shit for our new skills? Will every 56+ player have to pay for a reset?
    Why would you even do this to the players when we've had free loyalty full skill resets for a month now....
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  12. Wondo added a post in a topic Horse Auto-Loop Feature Broken   

    Every person I know that plays this game is experiencing the loadscreen dismount. I personally haven't been able to level my horses while afk for weeks now. Sometimes you can go all night with no dismount, other times it's literally 5 minutes after walking away from the computer. The problem is this thread doesn't have enough exposure, and only a small minority of the playerbase even use the forums in the first place. 
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  13. Wondo added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    For T4 females try T3F lvl 13 x T4M lvl 11. 
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  14. Wondo added a post in a topic All possible pet outcomes w/ pictures!   

    fixed! sorry about that! 
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