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  1. WhiteWolf added a post in a topic NAVAL WAR!!! SERVER WIDE EVENT!!!   

    Looking forward to this event!
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  2. WhiteWolf added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 11th   

    My guild has documented well over 40 guild mission completions for the month of december and we only received 10k bonus exp. Anyone else notice this?
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  3. WhiteWolf added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    My question is: How many of those 5500 actually still play the game? Going with IHA. They started a new discord server for the merge. It's clean and well organized.
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  4. WhiteWolf added a post in a topic Where's the CM's and GM's?   

    Ah. This I did not know. I haven't reached the state of annoyance it takes me to submit a ticket yet. I will just keep pushing my mailbox button until the 48 hours is up. lol
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  5. WhiteWolf added a post in a topic Where's the CM's and GM's?   

    Oh look. A bunch of GMs. If you are all caught up on your tickets now can someone please push the button to send me my bear. It's been over 24 hours. And well....

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  6. WhiteWolf added a topic in General   

    If I were Daum...
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  7. WhiteWolf added a post in a topic Guild level restrictions for guild missions?   

    Adding my complaint here too. As a RP guild we have a good number of people but not all of them want to or are high enough level to participate in a guild boss.  Not only that but we too had a much larger guild and have since lost many just from quitting the game. The best we can hope to do is a small - medium guild boss. Daum needs to fix this, yesterday!
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  8. WhiteWolf added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    My latest round:
    T1 Female (30) + T3 Male (30) = T5 Female
    T1 Female (30) + T3 Male (30) = T4 Male
    T1 (30) Female + T3 (30) Male = T4 Male       -combine-
    T1 Female (30) + T2 Male (30) = T5 Male       -Combine-
    Aside from the strange colors, not a bad lot for T1s, 2s, and 3s. 
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  9. WhiteWolf added a post in a topic New pet breeding system [ Discussion ] [Feedback ] #MainTopic   

    I like the new pets but I will NOT be buying any more. I tried a few times to get T3+T3 to go T4. If the pets were a couple dollars a piece, ok MAYBE but I don't go down to the corner market to buy 10-20 dollar scratch off tickets IRL for a chance to win something real. I'm not going to do it here for a stupid pet. This goes well beyond gambling.
    Drop the cost of the pets on the store and throw in a couple ways to earn them in the game.Keep them the way they are but guarantee same tier combinations to gain a tier. Ex: T2 + T2 = T3 etcIn addition:
    Once a pet skin is "discovered" allow us to use it or change our pets to those skins WITHOUT real money. (Do this for the horses as well, some of the skins are just ridiculous!)I get the bonuses are bonus. Great. I also like some of the NEW special abilities (ie, taunt) but we did not buy the animal with it and some of us did buy the pets for ability so let us choose to keep it in the same respect that you have allowed us to choose to keep some of the bonuses.
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  10. WhiteWolf added a post in a topic Patch is avalible   

    OP probably had a corrupt file and is going through a file check. Mine did the same thing.
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  11. WhiteWolf added a post in a topic Aphotic Vanguard [NA RP-PvX, witcher-esque] - Recruiting!   

    RP Event: The Search extended to April 1st due to popularity and holidays!
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  12. WhiteWolf added a post in a topic Guild updates   

    They can?! Good to know. Thank you *Goes to give his officers a new job*
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  13. WhiteWolf added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Good day of breeding:
    T3 male (30) + T1 female (30) x2
    Results: T4 female and T4 male
    Combined T1 female (30) + T2 male (10)
    Results: T4 male
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  14. WhiteWolf added a post in a topic Guild updates   

    If we stick with the guild contracts
    The guild master should be able to offer a renewal while the player is currently offline. Officers should be able to also renew guild contracts.Right now you are putting way too much work on the guild master even for a control freak like me. I can't be in the game 24/7.
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  15. WhiteWolf added a topic in Suggestions   

    Let us open and close the cell doors!

    Why Daum? Of all the doors to leave closed to us have you not allowed us to open and close the empty cell doors in Calpheon prison?!! Please, make my day and make this a reality!
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