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  1. Kingsman added a post in a topic New content updates   

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  2. Kingsman added a post in a topic Crescent Roulet going for 2 TRI :) With an great follow up. (I hope it helps some of u getting TRI crescent rings).   

    I spent 1.3b last night 
    failed duo 10 or 11 times (lost count)
    pri twice 
    And I'm 1/5 on TRI 😭
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  3. Kingsman added a topic in General   

    Wizard's Neck... what?
    What's wrong with his neck....? I tried to adjust it but it just isn't working out. Do costumes help cover that up?

    He looks like a camel.

    Does this bother anyone else...?
    Note: This is the wizard running around, it looks perfectly normal standing still.
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  4. Kingsman added a post in a topic Rip failstacking after future patch   

    It feels that way already
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  5. Kingsman added a topic in General   

    FIX: Wizards and Witches
    They should make most of their skills unassignable to hotkeys.
    Their buffs should use at least 2 or more buttons or something. For example, they would have to type in a random combination (similar to fishing): W A A D S S W A D A to do their 1HKO skill... also we need a fix for the RBF buff abuse in RBF. Just wanted to throw it out there, it seemed like a good idea. Thoughts? Note, I do not have a high level wizard or witch. I'm not sure how hotkeys work for awakening skills.
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  6. Kingsman added a post in a topic Do you try to 1% or filthy casual?   

    Taking it slow made the game more fun for me
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  7. Kingsman added a post in a topic Preorder   

    Took me 3 weeks to win a bid on an item I want cause pre orders don't work most of the time 
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  8. Kingsman added a post in a topic Say NO to the KR Trading Nerf on Crates (Fixed 100% Price)   

    Seems fair to me. If I want anything changed it's all the nerfs done on trade exp. It's not fair others got to level theirs so easy....
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  9. Kingsman added a post in a topic Need to Know Silver Farming Location for My Gear   

    If you really want learn your class go in the arena find a pvp partner. Grinding won't help much with getting to know your character. If someone flags on you in the open, your knowledge on using your class for grinding won't help. Unless you don't plan on doing pvp then go ahead, by all means go ahead and grind, learn how to pve. 
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  10. Kingsman added a post in a topic Need to Know Silver Farming Location for My Gear   

    You might be better off lifeskilling for a while. Sharps are 3.6m, hards 1.6, alchemy and cooking makes a lot of money etc. Fishing is good too. That'll get you started.
    You need to upgrade that offhand, get an AP one. So you can be more efficient in grinding. Back when I had around that ap I joined sausan parties for money.
    You should go get that awakening too since you have to learn it and that'll take time. Make it easier for yourself! You'll end up getting it in the long run anyway.
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  11. Kingsman added a post in a topic How P2W / OP / WTF / [fav acronym] are Artisans Memories   

    It's either that or spend all day everyday doing relics... no thank you to the second option. Not sure what's worse doing relics or grinding... 😂
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  12. Kingsman added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 25th   

    Shark costume!!!
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  13. Kingsman added a post in a topic Race to a Billion :D Made 120mil in one day :)   

    Info on money
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  14. Kingsman added a topic in General   

    How important is having MAX Critical (5/5)
    I can get up to 4/5 critical without elixirs (+2 from valor gem, +1 costume, +1 serendia special) or have 3/5 with a pearl shop costume with food but gain one of the two:
    1. 3 AP, 2 Human Damage, 2 Accuracy from gems
    2. 4 accuracy, 10% ignore resist.
    Are my gains worth it to lose max critical? (Assuming 1 critical = 4% chance to crit)
    I want to replace some critical gems with accuracy / ap gems. Most of my class skills do not have added critical rate.
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  15. Kingsman added a post in a topic Black Desert's hostile mobs are immersive.   

    Yeah, it almost feels like a single player game sometimes.
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