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  1. CriticalCore added a topic in General   

    World Boss timers needed to be increased, not the polar opposite.
    With the latest patch how in the world are people supposed to get anything done in-game when you have 4 world bosses spawning back to back every 12-14 hours and taking ~ 3-4 hours to kill all of them, it was already boring and dull before now it's just completely over-saturated to the point that it makes the game less fun and more tediously boring.
    The re-spawn time needs to be significantly increased and their loot drop % to compensate it, or it can be kept as it is because frankly more people dying to server de-sync, boss teleportation, and 1 hit deaths cause more Ellion tear sales.  
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  2. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    There's a difference between staying alive and doing damage and staying alive while doing no damage.
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  3. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    The DP threshold is irrelevant for a Wizard, you have Warriors and berserker that Peel for wizards with Grab CC. 
    So they can practically go into combat without armour. Once again, not building AP on a wizard is just a sub optimal play-style. 20 AP on a wizard makes a far larger difference than a measily 20 DP. Add to the fact that AP scales far better than DP combined with a Wizard low DP multiplier it is dumb.
    If some people like to feel like special snowflakes using suboptimal gear then its their loss...
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  4. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    If you aren't abusing a wizards massive AP ratios you are playing the class at a subpar level.
    That's a fact tbh. Building high dp on a low DP scaling class, great job.
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  5. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    You would be better off with a 3AP belt and an AP offhand, if you're not abusing your High AP ratio's as a wizard you aren't playing the class to its greatest strengths.
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  6. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    I'm kindly going to have to ask you to leave this thread, common sense doesn't belong in here.
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  7. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    How are people complaining about Sorcs in PvP when wizards are the ones with 300+ points in red battlefield is beyond baffling. 
    Further reinforces the point that this thread is filled with nothing but butt-hurt 1v1s in arena...
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  8. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    Of course wizards have 1:30 minute CD's, their abilities destroy large groups of people, not single targets like a sorc.
    Wizards can hit 10 people at once, that is the highest burst in the game right there. Only an idiot would say otherwise.
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  9. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    130AP is massive atm that is Liverto and everything else +15, no Pri's or duos.
    You're are a moron if you think that a Sorc is stronger than a wizard who have the highest AP ratios in the game and the most aoe.
    That's what most of the people here are anyway, bunch of noobs with subpar +15's getting killed in arena 1v1's. 
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  10. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    In this thread people whine about a single Target assassin while ignoring Wizards killing a 2-3 Squads of players in 1 spell and Rangers with their animation cancel, highest Burst in the game.
    Just another useless thread on the BDO forums.
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  11. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    Sorcs can die, the main difference being that their defence is evasion rather than massive DP like a warrior/Valk.
    If your main point is Desync then sorcs aren't op, the servers are just shit and this thread is derailed.
    And yes a wizard alone can kill 20 people. V behind a team or Teleport and use 100% lightning storm or blizzard from behind.
    Usually smart players do that, just like smart sorcs flank. It's called playing to a classes strengths. 
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  12. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    What do wizards do better than a Sorc in PvP?
    1. Kill 20 people instead of 1
    Don't talk out of your ass because you've never played Red Battlefield. 
    Tanks and Assassins are 2 different classes, get a grip buddy.
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  13. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    Sorcs are 1v1 classes, making a thread to assemble the whiners who got their asses handed to them in a 1v1 is pretty pathetic when you have Wizards killing 20 people in one spell.
    Logic please.
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  14. CriticalCore added a post in a topic looking for some ecology locations   

    Gonna have to Necro this shit.
    Killed over 100 hatchings and no knowledge, bdodatabase says I need to use some kind of bookshelf and doesn't give me the location of the fkin thing.
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  15. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Remove cape on ghillie suit?   

    Its working normally?

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  16. CriticalCore added a topic in General   

    Easy way to Level Hunting
    I found seagull's and beehives rather boring prey, so I decided to shoot players instead. No horses were harmed.

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  17. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Random Freeze   

    Ever since the last patch I've been getting screen freezes anywhere from 30-2 hours of game play, game-sound plays in the background but the BDO.exe doesn't respond, have to close it with Task manager..
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  18. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Characterslot expansions for new classes   

    There's no way they'd give up the chance at free $, just look at half the shit already there.
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  19. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Cooking successful with less materials?   

    My cooking character is at Skilled 3 atm, if I try using continuous production these lower ingredient recipes seem to fail more.
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  20. CriticalCore added a topic in General   

    Cooking successful with less materials?
    I've done some experimenting with beer just now and found out I can use half as many materials to craft beer.
    Instead of the recommended 6 Water, 5 corn/wheat etc/ 2 Leavening and 1 sugar
    I'm successfully making it with only 3 Water 2 corn, 1 leavening and 1 sugar.
    Is this due to a higher crafting level? 
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  21. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Max Durability   

    Indeed, you're just not dead in the water if it is at 20 though.
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  22. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Max Durability   

    20 Durability gear can last you 2 if not more hours of grinding. It's not bad at all.
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  23. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Costume/Outfit prices are fine!   

    Low Quality bait.
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  24. CriticalCore added a post in a topic Title effects   

    The game never even tells you that titles have effects.
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  25. CriticalCore added a post in a topic [POLL] Dye Subscription System   

    The dye system is utter shit.
    Not touching it with anything till they are permanent when unlocked, -----ing F2P mechanics need to go.
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