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  1. Halo added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   


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  2. Halo added a post in a topic Where to get heve and zereth armour from?   

    I got mine from the Calpheon market place. Hands and feet were easy, but chest ran to just under 100k, and was on/off for availability
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  3. Halo added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Second Boss Black Spirt Quest
    When you kill the second summoned boss the large Imp East of Velia.
    The Black Spirt pops up with this message and doesn't go away. This stops you from opening map, and other interfaces. . .
    This happened for both my main and an alt.

    Nothing in skills made this go away nor resummoning the black spirit.
    The spirit nor the message were clickable.
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  4. Halo added a post in a topic EST Casual Player looking for Guild   

    Thank you all for taking the time to read my post, and to those that have reached out to me.
    I have found a home on Orwen with the Ravens of War.
    My our paths cross, but not our swords.
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  5. Halo added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    For centuries the House of Swannieux had flourished in richness and nobility. Their compassion and honor was legendary. But as time grinded on their bloodlines narrowed.
    Now the Great House Swann has fallen, and on the shores of Velia their last daughter rises.
    Her long dark hair damp and tangled, she straps on her sword and her shield. Her dark eyes burn with determination, as she is the last and her family must live on.
    --------------------<backstory is a work in progress so I have kept it brief>
    Hello, my main will be a Valkyrie by the name of Keity Swann, with my primary alt will be a Witch.
    My past MMO’s include: City of Heroes, Champions, DCUO, Aion, SWTOR, Wildstar, Tera,  AA, Firefall & (until this Sunday) Skyforge
    I am 40+ and live in the great North East (EST), and will play most nights / weekends.
    Patience appreciated as my writing has gotten slightly rusty
    Looking forward to grouping with you all, and fun times ahead exploring the world that is Black Desert

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  6. Halo added a post in a topic CASUAL player's group (looking to form)   

    I think I may have found a good fit for myself in a guild.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    May our paths cross, but not our swords
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  7. Halo added a post in a topic CASUAL player's group (looking to form)   

    For the Discord Chat :
    What time are you thinking?What timezone are you in?I am Conqueror package. I plan to be on Sunday, but getting up at a normal time in the morning (Not 3am EST) 
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  8. Halo added a post in a topic Please put back the free pet quest.   

    I did that quest in CBT2.
    I think the level is too low, to have it there. But agree that a quest for a single pet should be part of game.
    Update: Quest should only available once per family (account).
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  9. Halo added a post in a topic Why isn't the character creator still up?   

    Unfortunately If they were to reopen it, it would be open by now.
    Time is too short now. Would have been nice though.
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  10. Halo added a post in a topic Please Add Aoe Looting.   

    What if looting were skill based like stamina/strength etc. ?
    As you loot and loot you get a slightly wider radius as you level the skill up
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  11. Halo added a post in a topic Please put back the free pet quest.   

    I didn't know there was a quest of this sort.
    I like the idea of a quest like this, a would probably would want it to be post level 25 or so.
    Not too early, but not too late that when the grinding gets steeper you have it.
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  12. Halo added a topic in Suggestions   

    Suggestion: Gripe Forum Channel
    There is a bit (WAY) too much griping and general whining going on in the General Forums.
    Can we make a sub-directory for them to post these gripes and unfounded complaints, so that we can shutdown threads that are useless, troll bait, unnecessary?
    p.s. How can you apply to be a forum moderator?
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  13. Halo added a post in a topic Why have we seen none of our concerns since CBT2 addressed?   

    They have a super aggressive time-line between CBT2 and Launch.
    Why is this thread still a thing?
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  14. Halo added a post in a topic If There Was One Single Item You Could Add To The Cash Store ...   

    So far from what I read, aside from the silly ideas (which were great, keep those coming too)
    Animated Kitty (animal) ears/headpiece
    Bird Pets (various, loved the owl)
    Several alternate mount suggestions
    Several alternative pet suggestions
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  15. Halo added a post in a topic BDO Boats   

    Just how durable or not are boats?
    How long can you expect one to last 
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