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  1. Azoryl added a post in a topic AP offhand are garbage now?   

    Offhands do not work like you think they work...  it is not DP + evasion
    the DP from Krea is all EVASION...
    4 Evasion = 4 DP at +0
    4 Evasion + 15 evasion from enchant = 19DP
    You can see this in all the off hands, especially sheilds, but it applies to ALL OFFHANDS
    Vangertz  - 2 DR + 2 Evasion at level 0 = 4DP
    2 DR + 2 Evasion + 15 evasion (Tool tip says it adds evasion) = 19DP
    Kite Sheild - 2 Evasion + 5 DR = 7 DP
    2 Evasion + 5 DR + 15 DR (Tooltip adds DR) =  22DP
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  2. Azoryl added a post in a topic Basic lesson on probability   

     AP, ACC?, DP, Stamina, (Some sort of resistance?), weight, STR, VIT, WIS, INT, DEX Don't see Luck, but mental strength is confusing... I do need mental strength when i grind for hours and get no drops... lol
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  3. Azoryl added a post in a topic Please shed light on node investment.   

    Lower level mobs drop less Xchange items..aka trashloot
    Green items or higher drop the same no matter what level you are...
    The only things that affect green items or higher drop rates are buffs, node investments, or knowledge....
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  4. Azoryl added a post in a topic Please shed light on node investment.   

    Diminished Rewards.... aka experience.... the second part of that sentence even says that high level monster increase experience. The implication is that lower level monsters reduce experience...
    Reading is fundamental...
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  5. Azoryl added a post in a topic Please shed light on node investment.   

    No where has it ever been reported that being higher level lowers drop rate...
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  6. Azoryl added a post in a topic Shield to upgrade past +15   

    Armor - DP is a mix of DR and Evasion (Currently Hidden and unknown how the breakdown is split) 
    Shields - DP is a mix DR and evasion based on the tooltip assignments - Vangertz DP is primarily Evasion, Kite is primarily DR, 
    Accessories - DP is primarily DR (based on tests in another post)
    Basically, it is simple, look at accessories
    Witches Earring - 5 AP ... every + add 2 AP = 15 AP max
    Scarla Necklace - 5 AP 5 DP ... every + add 1 AP 1 DP  = 10 AP 10 DP (max)
    Is it hard to fathom the below scenarios:
    Vangertz is 2 Evasion 2 DR (4DP) ...every + add 1 Evasion  = 17 Evasion 2 DR (19DP)
    Kite is 2 Evasion 5 DR (7DP) ... every + add 1 DR = 2 Evasion 20 DR (22DP)
    The developers are not going to completely change the formula between items... each item has a +stat that adds to the base when you increase it.
    Hence why I hypothesis that Armor work similar in that regard that it DP is a ratio Evasion:DR and each + adds to that ratio in some form: 2:1, 1:2, 3:1, etc
    The only part I a missing is a controlled damage number from some skill... IE I need a skill that does an exact # of hp everytime. I would then put on different sets of +15 and test each one... 
    I just want to see if Taritas takes less damage per hit then Grunil, Agerian, or Zereth, consistently. I don't care about evasion at this point, just flat damage resistance. 
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  7. Azoryl added a post in a topic How good is BDO compared to other mmorpg?   

    EQ is still the best MMO of all time...
    But BDO is in the top 5 on my list...
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  8. Azoryl added a post in a topic Can't repair my amour   

    Every failed enchant is a 5 durability loss... 
    One you get to 20 you cant enchant anymore, and need to repair the max durability of the item by sacrificing a armor of the same type at the blacksmith.
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  9. Azoryl added a post in a topic Fishing Issue: PERFECT catch = junk/bugged   

    I just got a perfect and caught a yellow..
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  10. Azoryl added a post in a topic Shield to upgrade past +15   

    There is no hidden DP stats... it is all right there in the DP....
    The only hidden stat is ACC
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  11. Azoryl added a post in a topic Repair ultimate armor with green armor?   

    I believe it is 200k plus armor for Ultimate. 
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  12. Azoryl added a post in a topic Shield to upgrade past +15   

    No Vangertz is only 19 DP at +15
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  13. Azoryl added a post in a topic Black Desert(ed) Online - lol   

    The OP gets a +1 not because I agree.. but his topic name is clever and I love a good Dad pun...
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  14. Azoryl added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

  15. Azoryl added a post in a topic Shield to upgrade past +15   

    Look at my post a couple up.. it is right in the tool tip of the shield...
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