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  1. Welna added a post in a topic Unable to Purchase from store - 2 month support ticket?   

    Ive got a ticket 1 month old, wtf is this. Ive never experienced so shitty support in any mmo for last 12 years ...
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  2. Welna added a post in a topic Dark Nights - Where'd They Go?   

    U're whinner which suggest solution against game mechanics, developers implemented pitch dark night to us. It doesnt work right now like it should and it will be fixed  soon. On the other hand u give us some crappy solution, just couse u dont like the feature.  Dont like it ? change gamma what's the problem, why we should change it if something doesnt work properly.
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  3. Welna added a post in a topic Dark Nights - Where'd They Go?   

    Why should i change my gamma to make nights darker,  as it is a part of the game. I u dont like, couse its too dark change ur gamma to make it brightier
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  4. Welna added a post in a topic Server Maintenance   

    Get real, which MMO company makes 5h maintenace every week ? Other thing is the hour it starts 10:00 CET . If they want to do it for europeans, it should be like  7:00  not 10:00
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  5. Welna added a post in a topic Regular Maintenance - 9 March   

    It's just LOL, we got 2016 and company still do maintenace at normal day hours, "normal" publishers do all maintenances at night or it's 1-2h max at day. I dont care much couse, i'm at work that time, but still its very unprofessional.
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  6. Welna added a post in a topic soooo issues with the server 45 minutes in   

    Eu Jordine same crap dc every 1-2min, cant use pearl shop horse bugged  -  DAUM GET UR SHIT TOGETHER and fix this stuff was playing last 4 days and everything was okey( w/o items from preorder, but thats not important). Since last patches i cant literaly play, not that i have lags i got dcs all the time ...
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  7. Welna added a post in a topic Game broken?   

    same here, after login i get disconnected after like 1minute ... 3x in a row
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  8. Welna added a post in a topic Hello from Poland   

    +1, but i've tried to filter lang's and it doesn't work for me in Alpha/ Beta ...
    Mało postów, pewnie all liczylii na free stuff  ;P
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  9. Welna added a post in a topic Hello from Poland   

    Witamy, Guten Tag, Hello
    Amiga kurcze stare dobre czasy
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  10. Welna added a post in a topic Hello from Poland   

    so You dont care about seeing polish crap all over the chat all the time?
    ps. i saw Greek, Rus, PG ... spam - no offence fuks
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  11. Welna added a post in a topic Hello from Poland   

    I know ..., atleast we can try ...
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  12. Welna added a post in a topic Hello from Poland   

    Did you play CBT2 ?, ive tried this option   ---> put International didnt work or no1 put lang ...
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  13. Welna added a post in a topic Aiming to make the most of the 96 hour head start? Do it safely.   

    It's like every new year hundreds of idiots loosing fingers ^^ 
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  14. Welna added a post in a topic How do you save your game progress?   

    lol cmon :PPPPPPPP
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  15. Welna added a post in a topic Hello from Poland   

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