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  1. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    Refusing 10k Pearls and RQing like a ----- +1 OP.

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  2. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic Thanks for making another OP Class   

    Comedy gold right here guys.
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  3. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    Where's Patrigio?!
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  4. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic Why No Night Vendor?   


    Why isn't Patrigio in EU/NA?
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  5. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic It needs to be said.   

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  6. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic Worth it?...   

    What are you waiting for?

    And a friendly advice,don't stay on these forums for too long you'll get brain cancer.Either they are moaning about p2w,making PvE servers,CS too expensive and so on.
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  7. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic We are Family!   

    Jordine- Musa "Orgrim Lothbrok"
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  8. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    That milestone was hit long time ago,marks and earrings are there,alchemy stones are not that far.  
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  9. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    Uhm no one's saying that they are going to be strong,people like them because Musa is the only good looking male and he's wielding a sword and a shortbow and it's more agile than other male classes.

    Inb4 you get rekt by people who already got all +15 gear,mained them on KR servers and only need a sword .
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  10. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic Since Blade/Plum Is Comming Out - Allow Us To (Read)   

    We'll get it soon™ trust me....

    EDIT:Tag a CM.
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  11. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

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  12. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic Blader & Plum CONFIRMED ! ( 20th RIOT TIME) #Maintopic   

    It says RIOT TIME,that's not a hype topic,you closed 2 HYPE topics and you're saying that this is a hype topic?lol

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  13. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    I agree and giving us 1 more week to prepare for a NEW CLASS is stupid.We had 1 day to prep for a new zone now we have 1 week to prepare for a class which they said it's coming mid-april 3 weeks ago...
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  14. Fr3zZy added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    They said MID-APRIL release,20th is LATE-APRIL.
    We had all the time to prepare,when they said that they will release them SOON we all started preparing so giving us 1 MORE WEEK is retarded.
    A week after that they're releasing castle sieges/node wars,so i don't know if people that didn't play the KR blader will be prepared for that content(movement,skills,squishiness,etc)which are 70% of the bladers,i hope less.
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