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  1. Ruhan added a post in a topic FPS issue possible fix for it - NVidia Only GPU's   

    Shader Cache by it's Nvidia description says that it reduces CPU usage by saving compiled shaders to a disk cache.   I'd guess that if your CPU is being under-utilized and you have a slow hard drive, then turning shader cache off might possibly speed things up...but to reiterate, that would only be a guess and not a very educated one at that.
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  2. Ruhan added a post in a topic Would you play Black Desert in VR?   

    As much as I want a VR MMO, I just don't see how there would be enough people with:
    (A) a computer powerful enough to run it. 
    (B) having an internet connection good enough to result in an acceptable experience (one that doesn't induce motion sickness or eye strain).
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  3. Ruhan added a post in a topic Do you guys think we can get a PVE channel?   

    I like this idea.  I do think there should be a few rules put into place for both using that channel and the channel itself.
    If you choose to use a PvE-only channel, you won't be able to use any of the other channels for 30 days.When those 30 days are up, all channels will become available to choose again, but choosing a PvE-only channel again will reapply restrictions from rule "1".On a PvE-only channel, quest updates are shared amongst anyone who participated in the kill of an enemy.  Everyone who participated in the kill of an enemy gets their own loot.Duels are the only form of PvP allowed.  Nothing is lost in these duels.All other forms of PvP are disabled.
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  4. Ruhan added a post in a topic Where are 10 guest passes located   

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  5. Ruhan added a post in a topic Cap on Training Stats?   

    It's higher than 30.   The increase from 30 to 31 in Strength increased my carry weight max by 2 LT.

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  6. Ruhan added a post in a topic New Quest line blocked by p2w aspect   

    Have you tried diving in?  You'll need to sprint and jump while on a fishing boat (might work on smaller watercraft as well) to perform a dive into the water.
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  7. Ruhan added a post in a topic Is BDO the prettiest game ever made?   

    Wait, wait wait...   This is an MMO?  Since when?
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  8. Ruhan added a post in a topic No way to shut off marketplace spam?   

    Yup, it's a bug.   Kind of like when you Edit the UI to hide the chat window all together and yet the moment you come out of any loading screen, it's back to being visible and usually accompanied by market info even when you have all boxes in chat options unchecked.
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  9. Ruhan added a post in a topic Would you pay for a cash shop item that made your account immune to pvp?   

    If I absolutely had to in order to achieve non-pvp status without level locking, yes.  Even then, only if the price is reasonable.
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  10. Ruhan added a post in a topic How do I turn back 'Breeding' from F5 to F1? Any GM out There?   

    Rather have the option to set it myself than leave it to the whims of someone else.
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  11. Ruhan added a post in a topic THE BLOCK GOLD SELLER   

    Try using these as well
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  12. Ruhan added a post in a topic Does your game look as bad as mine?   

    Yes, my game looks like that (minus the valk).   Either your display is crapping out on you or your expectations are way too high.
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  13. Ruhan added a post in a topic Did you get an outfit from the market today?   

    No.  But then I wasn't trying to buy one today either.
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