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  1. MTaeYeon added a topic in General   

    Margoria Trading.
    Can anyone please screenshot the the items from the trade manager in Margoria please, if there's more than one please do take a screenshot of their's aswell, I just want to know the prices and the level requirement for those items, I don't want to spend 45 min to go there for nothing, THANKS HEAPS
    • 7 replies
  2. MTaeYeon added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Disconnect while at sea
    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with this bug...or something even though I've never heard or seen anyone having this problem, whenever I travel to or travel back from a fishing hotspot, the one near Velia to be exact, I would always get disconnected, and when I come back, all the channels wouldn't say crowded like it's supposed to be usually and I would continue my journey :\\\ but it happens everytime I travel to or from my fishing trip and this is really annoying, are there any ways to fix this and are there people who is having this problem aswell?
    I'm also sure that it's not my internet's problem because why would I only disconnect at that EXACT area every single time I travel to it? I tried avoiding but still....there's something here....like w0t m8
    • 3 replies
  3. MTaeYeon added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    Tamers needs sexier underwears ;( and we need a breast scale too, we're not even gonna make it big, atleast medium size....C cup or something
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  4. MTaeYeon added a post in a topic Ranks/Levels in gathering?   

    Wow, thank you everyoneeeeeeeeeeee
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  5. MTaeYeon added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Ranks/Levels in gathering?
    Hello all, I'm currently trying to build a Ferry and a wagon, I have no trouble collecting materials but some processing requires knowledge that requires a high level of gathering and the lead ingot, to be able to make it, I have to do a quest that requires gathering apprentice level 4, I wonder what level is that because currently I'm beginner level 10 in Gathering. Thank you.
    • 5 replies
  6. MTaeYeon added a post in a topic Building a Ferry and a Wagon   

    Alrite, thanks alot.
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  7. MTaeYeon added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Building a Ferry and a Wagon
    Hello all, I'm currently "trying" to build a ferry and a wagon but there are some parts that I can not find such as lead for lead ingots & Oxes, pigs or cows for tough hide.
    The others I have no problem with but these....yea...
    I'm currently playing on NA, Orwen server if anyone is willing to help me c: thank youuuu
    • 4 replies
  8. MTaeYeon added a post in a topic Multiserver finally?   

    Multi servers are noiceeee m88, as long as we Aussie can connect from Au, we're alritee
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  9. MTaeYeon added a post in a topic Need dem Korean.   

    If its a success, giv me a call
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  10. MTaeYeon added a post in a topic Need dem Korean.   

    Thanks alot, I'm not sure if I will take the audio file or not since If something goes wrong, I'm not gonna be happy and I can't fix as well... *-*
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  11. MTaeYeon added a post in a topic Need dem Korean.   

    Why are you doing this to me T_T
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  12. MTaeYeon added a post in a topic Need dem Korean.   

    Well I just personally want Korean in game...
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  13. MTaeYeon added a post in a topic Need dem Korean.   

    Nah your English is good, it's not that long, I enjoy reading but yea, Ima give it a go and ask the customer support.
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  14. MTaeYeon added a post in a topic Need dem Korean.   

    I need the JP voice pack to satisfy my weeb needs.  
    Thanks <3 I luv alot.
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  15. MTaeYeon added a post in a topic Need dem Korean.   

    That would be great but I don't know where I could find it, should I just install the whole KR Black Desert game? And I'm not sure if I would get banned for that....

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