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  1. TheGame added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   


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  2. TheGame added a post in a topic [Idea] [Poll] The Wilderness   

    Oh i didn't know that already existed
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  3. TheGame added a post in a topic [Idea] [Poll] The Wilderness   

    Oh most deffenitly there would need to be a risk/reward system that includes a benefit for even going there. Now as i said above i too would love PvP to be anywhere, but i just thought this could be a way for PvEers and PvPers to have a system they could enjoy. Both parties could attempt to get the rare/valuable items from killing high level mobs and then the PvPers could try to stop that from happening. 
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  4. TheGame added a topic in PVP   

    [Idea] [Poll] The Wilderness
    So first let me start off by saying I have not played any version of the game and I have not participated in any beta. That being said I was smoking a cig, and had a thought and would like to see if this is something that is already in place or something that would help the OWPvP aspect.
    I personally would love for the game to be a mad house of people taking what they want anytime they want, but i realize this is foolishness on my part and that's not how everyone wants to play there game.
    So lets say this keeping the karma and pvp system the way it is now but make a high level area with fairly strong mobs that have a chance of dropping something rare/valuable. In this area there are no rules its Runescapes version of the wilderness and EvEs online version of NullSec. You would receive 0 karma loss for killing someone, but the longer you stay in this area you assume a debuff that after a specific point you have a chance to lose EXP, Items so on and so forth. 
    Now specifics could be changed. but i hope everyone reading this gets the idea of what I am trying to accomplish and i apologize if something like this has been discussed previously. So my question to everyone is do you think a system like this would work, or would it be just another part of the game that very few people would venture too. or maybe i am just speaking out of my ass and need to go back to work? 
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  5. TheGame added a post in a topic hi   

    It seems there could be Sea battles, i cant recall where i saw a video of it at but i think its in the KR version. For it being in the EU/NA version i personally have not read anything about it. Maybe someone with more knowledge could expand on that?
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  6. TheGame added a post in a topic Is there a way to avoid PVP?   

    if i didnt see that on reddit every other day i would laugh just as hard.
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  7. TheGame added a post in a topic Is there a way to avoid PVP?   

    Well good sir, i now have coffee dripping out of my noes thanks to you. Bravo
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  8. TheGame added a post in a topic Is there a way to avoid PVP?   

    As much as i can hope and pray to bob *you should get that joke* im not sure if BDO's PvP wont have the same pitfalls.
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  9. TheGame added a post in a topic Is there a way to avoid PVP?   

    True alot of EvE pvp is Blops or just how many blues you have in system at the time. Although on those rare occasions where you are in old man star you can 1v1 at the sun. haha.
    Ill say what i said in another post. As long as OWPvP is used and fun i honestly dont care how its managed. The issue then becomes whats fun to one individual might not be so much fun to someone else. This is where i hope the Devs see OWPvP as something a large amount of people want to do and make it interesting. 
    Now personally i would love to login and die gloriously while trying to gank someone, but that's just me. 
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  10. TheGame added a post in a topic New-found respect for OWPvP   

    Oh you can, but its a risk/reward system. If you kill someone in a 0.5-1.0 space concord or the Space police will insta-kill you so you lose your ship and maybe kill there's. The good thing about that though is if you know your enemy is holding something expensive in there cargo as long as you manage to kill them you can die and go back and loot there ship. 
    Now I can agree with secure areas. Part of me wants from level 30 and above areas to be allowed to pvp outside of cities and towns, but i know deep down this is not practical without some sort of punishment. If we still use the EvE Online example your punishment is losing your ship if your in a high security area. All i can ask for is that OWPvP is not completely unused or no one participating. 
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  11. TheGame added a post in a topic Is there a way to avoid PVP?   

    My personal opinion about PvP is I hope the only safe zone is cities/towns and your house outside of that it should be completely open. In one of my previous replies someone said the PvP should be like EvE Online. While at first the idea sounds great Im not to sure it could or would fit into a game like BDO.
    For those who dont know EvE online PvP is based on security. 1.0-0.5 security is considered "safe" this dosent mean you want get attacked it just means who ever does will die from "Concord" aka Space Police. 0.4 - 0.1 is Low sec meaning you will still have repercussions from killing another player but its not a guarantee you will lose your ship. 0.0 Space is Null Sec meaning no laws anything goes. Now i apologize for that long explanation of another game, but i feel it will help me explain why BDO PvP should be open world with no safe space outside of towns/cities.
    If BDO followed this you would have a majority of people who would stay in "Safe Zones" and PvP would be little to none in those areas this is bad IMHO because to experience the full game you should want/need to go everywhere not be able to stay in one specific area. One of the biggest issues I have with games that strive to appeal to both audiences when PvP is concerned is you get a half ass experience when one does want to PvP. 
    Now I am no means a game designer nor a developer, hell ive never made a game in my life i just know what i enjoy out of them. I say this because i strongly feel as though PvP should work in a Risk/Reward system. Let me provide a example, You character is now level 50 and came finally PvP anyone who is outside a safe zone. say you want to be a real pain and camp the gate of a low level town. This should be allowed, but come with very high risks lets say you are killing level 10 - 40s every time you kill someone in those level ranges your karma depletes at a heavier rate than normal PvP. This gives a opportunity for say the friends of that low level character to come and kill the individual who is camping this gate with a higher chance of losing EXP, gear ect...
    Now I hope all that made since because i know i rambled on and on and on. For that I apologize, but this is how i feel PvP should go or least the direction it can be headed towards.  
    TL;DR: Kill everyone outside of safe zones, let killing low level people impact you more than higher level people. get mad get revenge enjoy the game
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  12. TheGame added a post in a topic New-found respect for OWPvP   

    As a avid EvE player I enjoy this idea, but part of me wants OWPVP to be everywhere. What do I know ill just be happy if any OWPVP is active.
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  13. TheGame added a post in a topic Release Date & CBT-2 Registration!   

    I can already feel myself getting sick.......
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  14. TheGame added a post in a topic The new CM says hello   

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