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  1. AngEviL added a post in a topic 1080 ti 4k?   

    I've been playing at 4k and with a gtx 1080 since it was released in summer last year. In cities and at bosses and anywhere there are many players and NPCs in close proximity the CPU is the bottleneck, so dont bother benchmarking GPUs there.
    In general outside towns, and outside combat and with details almost maxed i get 55 fps. In combat because of skill particle effects (rendered by the GPU), the load on the GPU increases considerably, and fps can go as low as 25 fps, about half of normal fps. In general during combat i see frequent dips to 40 fps.
    If i reduce the resolution outside towns, such as going from 4k to 1440, my fps doubles, so black desert is still gpu bottle-necked in general. I'll be upgrading as soon as a good AIB 1080 ti gets in stock in my country, and i expect fps to increase by 40% in combat, which is the most important factor to me, so i should be close to 60 fps most of the time.
    I see lots of clueless posts in this thread, dont look at gpu performance in the instances the game is cpu limited, the fps will not even go up by 1% if you get a better gpu there, you need instead a better single threaded cpu. And as you up resolution, such as playing at 4k, the gpu load gets higher, and the fps becomes more limited because of the gpu, not cpu.
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  2. AngEviL added a post in a topic Night Time Exp   

    daytime 7 till 22 lasts 3 hours and 20 minutes, that is 13.33 minuts per ingame hour.
    nighttime lasts for 40 minutes for 9 ingame hours, that is 4.44 minutes per hour.
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  3. AngEviL added a post in a topic This year mmo list looks dull   

    I agree with you. What's up with all these new games coming with awful cartoony rainbows and flowers and super saturated colors and graphics ? Give me gritty realism, atmosphere, mystery and gore !
    I hate the RNG and grind and balance in bdo, but overall, no MMO is even close imho. I love the combat and atmosphere and gorgeous realistic visuals a lot.
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  4. AngEviL added a post in a topic Dealing with the housing crisis   

    Do you know how many furniture types there are ? Even so, what about latecomers, they have very low chance to catch up because they would have to get furniture from past events. It would become a hassle to manage 200 different furniture types, and what about people like me that bought multiple of the same furniture types so i can get rank 1 ? There are people with 30 of the same type that i saw, you mean that suddenly 200+$/euros become wasted ?
    Imho, the best and most fair solution is to open the housing to top 3 ranks, so it is similar as it was before the server merge, as when the server merged, 2 out of 3 people lost the housing battle.
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  5. AngEviL added a post in a topic How to fight grind spot bullies (no patch needed)   

    I completely agree with you sir. This is what i'm doing currently, and i will definitely keep doing. I disagree that anybody owns any spot, and even if you are better geared and more skilled than me at pvp, who sais that you have the right to enjoy content more than me. Nope, i am standing my ground, and i know that eventually the bully will leave.
    Her will leave because they have a "doing what is best for gold and xp" mentality. I play for fun, i dont care about gear, xp, and gold, so i can compete with the bully for as long as i have free time, while the bully will see it as a "suboptimal grind" and eventually he will move where he can get "more" of that gold and xp.
    I have your back Nerevarine, dont let these elitists and jerks bring you down.
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  6. AngEviL added a post in a topic New Dark Elf class   

    I personally love to play over-sexualized females and it is what makes me spend my money on outfits. Bring them on Parl Abyss and Kakao ! I love how sexy and gorgeous the new dark knight class is. I'll leave you with your macho and muscular toon, while ill go right now in game and enjoy the hot butt of my female waifus.
    Its true, but more seriously, i play this game to relax myself, why not enjoy some digital beautiful pixels ? This is the first thing that attracted me about this game when i found out about the first korean beta 3 years ago.I get that you want a choice between male and female, but dont be surprised asking yourself "Why would people play such half naked babes ?". Well i do, and i love it.
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  7. AngEviL added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    I have over 700 million tied up in investment banking, and i cant stop the workers in time. Please look into this so i dont lose the gold. The quote from the FAQ sais that the marketplace value of the items the workers carry will be returned in storage, however gold bars have no marketplace value. Please GMs look into this in time. I am attaching some links of 2 of my workers, a 400 mil one, and a 200 mil one as proof.
    I also bought pearls specifically for this, to buy furniture to get #1 rank house. @GM_Dew
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  8. AngEviL added a post in a topic Thoughts on a server merge? (Croxus-EU)   

    I play this game because i love the combat and animations and has gorgeous graphics and hot babes. I find most classes very fun to play and beautiful to look at so i often switch from one to another and i dont get bored by "grinding". Before i played black desert some of my favourite games were Elder scrolls oblivion, Skyrim, Witcher 3, and i modded Elder Scrolls game a lot.
    I like Black desert overall more than witcher 3, so i play this one, and it has nothing to do with it being a MMO, just the game in itself. I would prefer it if it was made single player, especially if i could mod it to my liking. No more BS in that case about "server upkeep" and so on, so the game would be cheaper as well. Also it would last forever since once the servers close BDO will end.
    Yeah, if this was single player and even better, moddable, I would never have to come on the forums and deal with pricks like you as well. Now go back grinding for that TET gear, and do your boring grinding with your lvl 58 main, while you complain of pvp balance and rng. In the meantime i will have fun with my 7 alts with +15 gear having fun doing random things in the game, that are not "the most efficient ways at getting gold and items".
    If i would mod the game i would first of all remove all rng, and make it similar to Witcher 3/Skyrim, which just leveling and defeating stronger mobs gives you better gear automatically. I don't need like you a carrot on the stick, the game in itself should be fun to play, like the combat, graphics, immersion, story (story is BDOs weak spot).
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  9. AngEviL added a post in a topic Thoughts on a server merge? (Croxus-EU)   

    Like i said before, i picked Croxus specifically for this reason, to be sparsely populated so i can enjoy pve in peace. I dont care at all about node wars, sieges, arenas. In fact, i play since headstart and i am not even in a guild, even though i have multiple alts above level 54, all with their own sets of gear.
    I actually find the pve scene decently crowded, i end up competing for the grinding spots quite frequently. Yeah, i do scrolls solo, and you know what ? I don't care if the rewards are bigger if you do them in groups, i just want to enjoy the game alone man. Don't stuff on my throat that pvp crap. If you wanted pvp you should have picked Jordine or Alustin. It was made clear that the pvp oriented guilds were going to go there during headstart.
    I love this server because of the lack of pvp focus and i am kinda hoping that people like you leave and move to other servers. If you feel bad about starting from scratch, that is your fault for not doing your homework when you picked servers for the first time. You say that only Velia C1 is crowded ? Guess what, i never stepped foot in that channel, i always picked the least populated channels. Why would i go in crowded ones and deal with some uber competitive kids like you ? I don't want to ever meet you and the likes of you in game.
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  10. AngEviL added a post in a topic Anyone who doesn't use a horse much or don't plan to?   

    I always play solo and I never use a horse. I play since head start and I used the free horse for just an hour to check it out. 
    I love to enjoy the scenery and character models, and the game looks gorgeous at 4k.
    I dont like playing in a group and i dont want a guild, i dislike the always rushing and being the most efficient possible playstyle. 
    I love the combat, animations, and the graphics and immersion. Grinding mobs, then going to storage by foot to empty the loot is fun for me.
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  11. AngEviL added a post in a topic Upcoming Skill and Awakening system revisions   

    I'm in this situation, i am stuck with the some random awakening bonuses for previous awakened skills, and i can't see the full list as well. I didn't receive the coupon in mail yet. Thanks for working on it.
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  12. AngEviL added a post in a topic Skill Addon System Bugged   

    I can't change awakened skill addons, either if they were picked before this patch, or newly made ones. It sais "there is no item". Re-learning skills doesn't do anything. The awakened skills are stuck.
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  13. AngEviL added a post in a topic The current Endgame Content of BDO: I dont like it   

    I dont need TET or even PRI to have loads of fun in this game. I love the graphics the combat, i have many alts i constantly swtich back and forth. I love playing in calpheon and mediah with +15 gear, the scenery is gorgeous, we have some very hot female characters we can create.
    The combat is very engaging and intense, by far for me persoanlly the best combat in any game, and all classes are fun. I love the valkyries sword of judgement, the witches blizzard, meteor and thunderstorm, the sorceress claws of darkness, the rangers razor wind ultimate, the bersekers spin, the maehwas quick sword slashes.
    I don't give a damn if i am at +15 or at +20 gear. The game is just fan to play at and look at.
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  14. AngEviL added a topic in General   

    Suggestion to fix Maehwa/Musa
    Since the game has too many classes and it is looks like the devs can't handle balancing all of them at once, i suggest the eaxy fix for the samurai class. 
    Give them -50% effectiveness to all their skills, but to make up for it give them the seppuku skill. After use the newly available free character slot will be available for the creation of a new witch/ranger. As a bonus, receive the title "Darwin Award".
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  15. AngEviL added a post in a topic Was there a stealth boost to enhancement rates?   

    I saw this thread and went from 0 to +15 on some grunil gloves hoping to get them from cheap. As usual i ended up using in total 100 armor black stones, so i don't think that the rates are improved. 
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