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  1. McAtNight added a post in a topic fell in love with valk today...   

    Enjoy the class you enjoy, don't let peoples biased opinions take away from your enjoyment of a class. If your not feeling it don't force yourself to play any specific class due to how people feel about how well it does in either pvp or pve. If you love a class you'll be able to tough the grind at high levels.
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  2. McAtNight added a post in a topic What is awakening ???   

    Does the weapon act like a weapon skin or do I need to level a whole new weapon?
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  3. McAtNight added a post in a topic What in god's name is wrong with ship autopathing?   

    It's lazy coding, you would think this would be a simple fix but if this company has proven anything it's that nothing is simple.
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  4. McAtNight added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 24th   

    How about fixing the servers due to the fact many of us can't even log in or stay logged in for more than a few minutes.
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  5. McAtNight added a post in a topic Getting constant disconnects   

    They care more about the pearl shop than the server stability. 
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  6. McAtNight added a post in a topic CPU Usage   

    It's happeneing to everyone, I've filed many tickets to support without any resolution. 
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  7. McAtNight added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Servers Crashing
    The servers have gotten worse and worse throughout the week to the point now I can't even stay logged in for more than a minute if at all. When I DC I look at the task manager and it shows 100% of my C: drive and Ethernet being used up. I've put in multiple tickets since this problem started for me which is the Valencia part 1 patch but no fixes have been made.
    There will come a point we're I will give up on this and just move on. It's apparent they are more concerned with pearl shop functions than the server structure. Sad since this is such a great game.
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  8. McAtNight added a post in a topic Getting constant disconnects   

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  9. McAtNight added a post in a topic Awesome fishing spot   

    Look for areas "offshore" with the fish swimming under the surface, not off of islands but jutting rocks. You will be happy with active or afk results. Mostly
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  10. McAtNight added a post in a topic Imperial Fish Trader Locations   

    So we have Glish, Velia Epheria and Splashing point. We're still missing one.
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  11. McAtNight added a topic in PVE   

    Imperial Fish Trader Locations
    Does anyone have locations on the Imperial Fish Trader NPCs? 
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  12. McAtNight added a topic in Kunoichi   

    Concealment skill not working
    I've been hit every time I use this skill, I can't even infiltrate areas because enemies just bash me when I'm walking invisible walking at a snails pace. This class is so full of bugs and glitches I'll be going back to my other main until these all get fixed. (If they ever do) 
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  13. McAtNight added a post in a topic NA Disconnect and Failure to Connect   

    Make servers great again
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  14. McAtNight added a post in a topic THE SERVER R BROKEN   

    This game...I'm reaching the point of just walking away. Between these server issues, enemies regenerating health and major class problems I'm at my last.
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  15. McAtNight added a post in a topic Getting failed to connect   

    Same here
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