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  1. Tollwutig added a post in a topic Have fishing give scrolls/books/relics based on region   

    This needs to kept alive and done.
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  2. Tollwutig added a post in a topic Severe Lag & Crashing   

    1 NA
    2 Calp 5
    5 minutes ago 10:13 EDT
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  3. Tollwutig added a post in a topic I'm a casual noob. How to grow up?   

    I would go with sell and buy upgraded gear if you're playing casually.    Right now the sharp\hard market is depressed but keep an eye on it.  Blackstone market was maxed out but will be dropping off soon but if they remain near high for a few days sell them off.  Mem fragments are always able to be sold.   Afk fish during the week as you can and then run relic shards either solo or with a group on weekends then market your memory fragments.    Keep an eye on the market for which items you need Grunil armor at Pri and Duo is fairly common as people use it to failstack.   Musa weapons are also pretty common to get already upgraded.   Just have to build your wealth up some.  
    Make an alt get them to 15ish and move them to Anacado and set up your trade network between Epheria to Ancado.   Once done set up for either timber or ore crates to be made either in Epheria or Keplan (link Keplan as well) and process your ore to make crates. (You can also use Calpheon to make crates if you want things dumped there and take a hit on distance bonus.)   Ship them out and and have the alt turn them in and ship the cash back. You'll take a hit on shipping but you're limited play time won't be used running them out there manually.  Try to process while doing other things around the house when you can then AFK fish.   
    Don't waste too much time attempting to failstack gear if your play time is limited. Better to concentrate on using AFk activities to increase your revenue and buy the items you need.
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  4. Tollwutig added a post in a topic Casual player returning after months. How screwed am I?   

    If you don't care about being in the top 2% PvP then you'll be fine. 
    Cash Shop items haven't had any real effect on the game with the limitations.  Maybe some of the top .05% players see a difference. 
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  5. Tollwutig added a post in a topic Maehwa..? or?   

    Just use C to swap back to use divider.  There is also an Awakening skill that lets you chain Ultimate Nemesis Slash while in awakened stance.   Other than that mostly need to get better gear and more skill points. 
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  6. Tollwutig added a post in a topic Modify the Relic scrolls   

    Simple solution would be to give us an "Awakened" relic scroll that uses 6 shards instead of 4.  Have the bosses be tiered to level 56 and above with higher rewards in the loot boxes.    This would keep the basic relics for lower levels while providing Awakened characters a less animated more difficult scrolls with better rewards.
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  7. Tollwutig added a post in a topic BDO Kr Font Mod   

    How about passing it on to the developers to make the font used an option in the game.  As the NA\EU font doesn't work well with the formatting.  
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  8. Tollwutig added a post in a topic Silver Embroidered Fisher's Clothes and fail stacks   

    Powder of Earth is pretty easily obtained from Calpheon, just be prepared for lots and lots of Tin ore.  Which I use to make crates to level trading. 
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  9. Tollwutig added a post in a topic giant worker irrelevant now   

    Goblins and Humans can still run out if left alone for 8+ hours,  so say when you sleep, or work.   
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  10. Tollwutig added a post in a topic Black Desert needs some rethinking. Item obtaining, leveling, bad events.   

    The login rewards have nothing to do with casual vs hardcore, nor any attempts to catch up or de-value BiS.    The EU\NA publisher is a subsidiary of the Korean Publisher.  The Korean publisher owns Korean internet cafes, and have licenses with other internet cafes.   Most of their income actually comes from these cafes not the game itself.  So the publisher and developer work towards making sure players are logged in as much as possible and reward for logging in.   This way the players are in Internet Cafes buying food and drinks (the main source of the Internet Cafe's business).  
    Once you keep that in mind some of the things the western market scratches their heads at makes more sense.  
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  11. Tollwutig added a post in a topic So far. . .   

    Patching went fine, except one of my horse's equipped items completely disappeared. Submitted a ticket they said to clear the game and user cache which I did.   Still don't have horse gear on that mount.  (Yes I know this gear was on the horse before.)     It's not hidden just completely missing. 
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  12. Tollwutig added a post in a topic All horse gear missing/ Can not ride own horses after merge help   

    I have a single horse where all of the gear is missing, resetting the cache did not work, the horse was just stripped of gear, most of it leveled.  Fun.
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  13. Tollwutig added a post in a topic The new merged world in a nutshell   

    Given that most MMOs with some form of PvP have the same issues, it isn't the game but the community.  And the Edan channel chat has nothing to do with frustration, and everything to do with mental 12 year olds with the freedom of internet anonymity. 
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  14. Tollwutig added a post in a topic The new merged world in a nutshell   

    Not really.    There are Edan players who aren't like that they just don't use Channel for anything.
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  15. Tollwutig added a post in a topic The new merged world in a nutshell   

    Given Edan's never really did. 
    It's much worse.
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