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  1. Juno added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… Winners!   

    Haven't received my loyalties or title. [Uno;Juno]
    Family Name: Mori
    Character name: Juno
    Server: Uno
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  2. Juno added a post in a topic Why prices are so stupid?   

    Keep in mind that you have a chance to craft up to 4 potions at a time, just by using the materials once.
    Even taking that into consideration though, the prices still aren't great and should be adjusted a bit.
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  3. Juno added a post in a topic PVE option will destroy the game   

    Wait... so why can PVPers complain and whine, demanding changes to the karma system in the game, but when I PVE player wants changes that cater to them, the just get told to "deal with it"?
    The same arguments PVP players are making about researching the game, and knowing what you're getting into can be applied to all of them in regards to the Karma system arguments.
    PvPers want their Karma system altered, and PVEers want an option to opt out completely from pk. If the Karma system does get changed because of all the complaining, it will just make the situation worse than it currently is for PVEers.
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  4. Juno added a post in a topic Unable to pick easter egg exchange quests from priests anymore   

    Why has there still been no comment made regarding this issue? You extended the event, but the quests are broken now. The event ends on the 13th, and people have spent a lot of time collecting these eggs specifically for the furniture rewards.
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  5. Juno added a post in a topic Easter eggs furniture durability.   

    You can't actually interact with the Easter furniture. So even though it says that it has durability, it should be technically impossible for it to lose that durability. So you don't have anything to worry about
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  6. Juno added a post in a topic What's the difference between this (b2p version) and the f2p korean version?   

    Everyone does realize that even if the game was F2P we'd still be behind on content compared to the other regions, right...?
    I don't really understand why this is consistently being brought up in this post. I'm pretty sure OP wants to know how the B2P model has affected our region, not what the differences between the NA/EU and KR versions of the game are as a whole.
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  7. Juno added a post in a topic What's the difference between this (b2p version) and the f2p korean version?   

    The biggest difference is that none of our character customization is locked behind a paywall.
    I'm not sure how much premium character customization features are in KR, so if anybody could give me a price break-down on those, that would be great.
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  8. Juno added a post in a topic "Teleporting" Enemy NPCs   

    I know, the fact that I can't find anybody else experiencing this issue is what's driving me the most crazy!
    I was running windows 7 before this, I actually bit the bullet and upgraded to 10 in hopes it would fix something, but it didn't.  I also reinstalled the game in a different directory before making this post, but nothing changed
    I haven't tried running the game in safe-mode, I can do that and see if it will actually run with the network enabled though.
    edit: yeah, the game runs at 1fps in safe mode while using the Microsoft Basic Shader Driver, so i don't think that will work
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  9. Juno added a post in a topic "Teleporting" Enemy NPCs   

    Yeah, i've tried setting everything to minimum graphics, and there is absolutely no change in the enemies behavior  It also happens with alts. It's been driving me absolutely nuts! lol
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  10. Juno added a post in a topic Ghost fishing Bug. missing 'caught' figh   

    I have this issue too. It doesn't happen as frequently as 50% of the time for me though, maybe closer to 5%. However, when the problem occurs, it sometimes will not go away until I relog. I notice this happens a lot when I get "perfects" too.
    Does the collection window come up for you after the mini-game? For me it doesn't, it's as if I didn't catch a fish at all.
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  11. Juno added a post in a topic "Teleporting" Enemy NPCs   

    Yeah, my desktop is wired.
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  12. Juno added a topic in Technical Issues   

    "Teleporting" Enemy NPCs
    So I've been having this really weird issue with the game since launch. It's really difficult for me to actually describe what's going on... But basically the enemy npcs are teleporting/jumping around in my game.
    The issue doesn't occur when I first load into the game, the enemy animations are smooth, and when aggro'd they approach me fine. However, after about a minute or two of playing, the issue will slowly begin to come up, and progressively worsen over time. This issue ONLY occurs with enemy NPCs, paroling guards, and quest objectives like catching wandering rabbits, chickens, etc... Players and any non-combative NPCs seem to be unaffected by this problem.
    I've been wracking my brain trying to solve this issue for weeks now, and I simply cannot seem to find the source. Originally I thought it was a latency issue, since I live on the east coast and I know that the servers are located in California. However, when i asked my friend who lives locally, he wasn't experiencing the same issue. I then decided it was an issue with my ISP, so I tested the game on my garbage laptop, which has no business running this game, but I did it anyway. And to my surprise this issue did not occur on my laptop.
    So now I believe I narrowed it down to being an issue with my system. I upgraded my graphics drivers, and that didn't fix it. So then i downgraded my drivers. That didn't fix it either. I deleted both cache files located in the Documents and Program Files folders. I deleted the Version.dat file.
    Absolutely nothing has worked, and I am at a total loss right now. Is anybody else experiencing this same issue? Have you experienced similar issues in other games and know a way to fix it?
    System Specs:
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz
    8gb RAM
    AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
    I have also recorded a video showcasing my problem below. Please help! D:
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  13. Juno added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

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  14. Juno added a post in a topic No gifting, because lets punish 99% for 1%   

    Why did they have to disable gifting across the board? Gifting outfits at the very least should still be enabled, they can't be consumed, and I'd assume are easily traceable, so if they were purchased with a stolen credit card, it could just be removed from the player's inventory.
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