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  1. Direpath added a post in a topic Learning Higher Processing Knowledge   

    Just finished Artisan 1 the other day and was then able to complete Drying, Grinding, and Thinning Skilled. Strangely enough all three require Shaking: Skilled to complete the final processing.
    Shaking: Skilled, as noted is an achievement reward from hitting artisan gathering.
    Since you can only obtain achievement rewards like this once per family, I would suspect that all of these knowledge items are unlocked family wide when you get them. I will try to make some sturdy plywood on a lower level character to see if it can be done.
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  2. Direpath added a post in a topic Excavation Nodes   

    Nice catch. It is Trace of Ascension. I should know since I have been harvesting it for weeks. I'll update the main post.
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  3. Direpath added a post in a topic Node drop   

    I believe node investment at the workable node (not the parent) will improve drops. I have done so at the Abandoned mine south of altinova on the iron node and I seem to get more black crystals. No solid data yet though. You will hear varying answers from folks on whether or not it helps
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  4. Direpath added a post in a topic Excavation Nodes   

    Just finished confirming the Mansha and Rhua Tree nodes. Both require investment in the node before you can learn about excavation. Updated original post.
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  5. Direpath added a post in a topic Trace of Memory ?!   

    I haven't personally assigned workers to each and every excavation node. but Glish is one I have and it does not drop trace of memory.
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  6. Direpath added a post in a topic Trace of Memory ?!   

    I wrote a guide on unlocking the various excavation nodes and what they grant. No excavation node currently available in game provides Trace of Memory. We might see it in Valencia...

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  7. Direpath added a post in a topic Where do I get a lantern?   

    There are a few quests that give lanterns. When you do get one, just leave it equipped. The daily reward gives you oil in addition to loyalties. You can refill a lantern by right clicking the oil and then right clicking the lantern. You can add multiple oils. Each one gives three hours of light (not sure if that is game time or real time) so I would only use one at a time.
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  8. Direpath added a post in a topic Learning Higher Processing Knowledge   

    The quest giver is in the mines accessible from town. If you did the Keplan quests you will get to him.
    The black spirit advancement quests are different from the knowledge quests. Those quests provide processing XP in a big chunk to help you level the skill. These quests are to obtain the knowledge to perform advanced processing combos.
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  9. Direpath added a post in a topic Yuria 13 weapon, force it or gamble it up?   

    Personally, I am just gambling on mine. I am leveraging my failstacks for other things (costumes, accessories, etc) which are less forgiving. I also craft my own grunil and don't find affording Yuria weapons to be terrible. To each his own though. I'm sure my method will seem silly to others, but I like it. For me the failstacks are a tool to be used. If my weapon enhances before I get to the number I am after. I'm still happy (a little poorer, but happy).
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  10. Direpath added a post in a topic [NA] [Orwen] SOLA | Family Friendly | Casual PvX   

    Love it. It was definitely frustrating but thanks for the apology. It was good to get a taste of the guild war system.
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  11. Direpath added a post in a topic Question about contribution pts/exp   

    That too. Early on in the game I leveled my alts through to the end of Velia and that seemed to greatly boost my CP. Now that I am creeping up on 200 it does not seem as great. I assume that the amount of EXP needed per CP is greater as it gets higher. I know once you hit 300 it slows right down as that is the soft cap.
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  12. Direpath added a post in a topic Learning Higher Processing Knowledge   

    Updated the original post. Thanks. I have seen varying reports from different sources.
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  13. Direpath added a post in a topic Question about contribution pts/exp   

    What people might have been alluding to is the fact that quests will be quicker to complete on an alt for two main reasons:
    1. You have done them already and know what to do.
    2. Quests that have a completion requirement of obtaining knowledge will immediately complete.
    Your contribution EXP from any character raises your CP EXP bar. So you can get more CP, just not by the act of simply making an alt.
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  14. Direpath added a post in a topic This afk fishing?   

    You can still be killed earlier, just indirectly. Griefers can drag you with their boat and then log out in the middle of the water and you will eventually drown. If you have a fishing boat of your own I believe you can stand on the wheel to prevent this.
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  15. Direpath added a post in a topic Learning Higher Processing Knowledge   

    Definitely. I chose not to include all of the quests, because they stretch back a ways. BDdatabase is a good resource for this.
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