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  1. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    i don't even think coffee will help but i'm going to try.. i brought out the big stuff and am drinking coffee(with butter(need to be grass fed butta) in it) and chocolate milk in the other hand. My plan is that as long as im away im probably fine  
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  2. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    my launcher keeps breaking, plus my semi-decent internet is not a good combo. i knew 3am was going to be tough , but at this rate probally going to playing around 4-5ish. 
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  3. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic Cat ears   

    Family name is :The_Nekomancer   and i believe i'll be on orwen(NA) in about 20min. Also if by chance we pass each other i'll be the crazy cat lady fishing on the road.
     All Shall Fall Before The Cats
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  4. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic Cat ears   

    I'll hunt you down if you hate on the cat's. I'm Watching You.
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  5. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic GM annoyed ?????   

    But it's not the same with no imps. GM-aetheon for president  
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  6. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic How did you come up with your family and character name?   

    Actually my name The_Nekomancer is from a joke with my friends. But first time using it in a Game, Usually use same name I've been using since elementary school . Usually i use random name generators for char names, or name it after a anime character.
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  7. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    here's my witch and my cats  
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  8. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic Your Thoughts?   

    i don't believe it's pay to win IMO. Pearls can buy as of now, Costume(give very small bonus that don't effect much), Pets(pick loot of for you and have an ability based on type of pet), Housing items, Random Dye packs, character slots, stat resets/appearance change(i don't remember if these were there, i think they are). and a bunch of other things.
    On this post if you scroll down a little they have most the items and the prices. the prices will probably change by launch though IMO.

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  9. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic Your Thoughts?   

    I haven't reached end game yet so not to sure on your questions. Read there being a world boss and a few dungeons in Korean version(don't know if we get them yet or have to wait)
    Also the game felt Unique and looked/is a lot of fun. The mechanics and set up of the game just feel very appealing to me.
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  10. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic I have no patience for this BS   

    Just wait for the mighty Imp Summoner
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  11. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic Prime Sins/ RP/ PvE/ 18+   

    Looks like I'm done testing CBT2. No internet and apparently won't be coming back for a few days.
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  12. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic People are LOVING this game, its a HIT!   

    I love the game , upgrading my pre-order to the 100$ once my internet decides to work. I do agree cash shop has some issues right now but isn't that the reason it's in CBT2 to weed out the issues. Also to those that complain about "falling behind" at launch due to cash shop. Know that originally we were not getting it till the tenth, but due to the outrage of some players were now getting it at launch. Also note that everyone in head start will not have access to cash shop till launch. So if you still complain at least do it in a productive way instead of harassing the GM/CM's. I'm in love with this game hope to see many players feel the same way.
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  13. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic Ending of CBT 2 and I Got The Flu   

    Lol, hope you get better. My internet providers decided to stop supplying Us Internet yesterday so there goes my CBT2.
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  14. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic After Seeing Players with 4 Pets in CBT2   

    I hope they add more cats. I Need Moar.
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  15. The Nekomancer added a post in a topic After Seeing Players with 4 Pets in CBT2   

    I'm definitely not one of those 😀. All I bought with daum cash was cats...........
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