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  1. Nicole added a post in a topic Item Enhancement Broken?   

    Man man... I found Hebetate tree spirt armor more than 2 weeks ago..
    I started enhance it as I found it. It went to +9 without fail ONE time but after....... today.. it's still +9.. I failed it more than 30 times, hoping each time it will rise.. and saying myself "it''s a -----ing shit +10, c'mon I CANNOT force it! what about when it will be a +12 instead... cmon...."
    Today my last try.. I'll write a ticked complaining about something bugged on that piece. Don't tell me it's RNG, you can put that RNG in your fked asses. I got more than 30% chance to enhance it, well.. it doesn't seem so, it's NOT like that.
    I tried with 15 failstacks carrying them to 21, than 26. I tried with another character and started again from 15, and carried it to 21. Today again from 15 and -----ING failed again.
    My boyfriend found Bheg gloves exactly one week after my hebetate, and he enhanced them to TRI the same day without even spend much silver, than he tryed with my hebe too (he always success enhancing with my character) and he failed again.
    A guild mate the day after found Giath's Helmet and made it TRI in less than 1 hour, he quite never failed, he said. "I cannot believe how could you not take that shit armor to TRI like us" he told... RNG or not RNG the enhance chance is the same, you got 40% you have to succeed it one fkin time.
    I see.. I'm still blocked, spent tons of money and still blocked on a +9!
    I deserve some seriour reply, not the all time excause of RNG.
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  2. Nicole added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance August 11th   

    Some characters got weapon durability problems too..
    A Ranger with TRI Liverto and TRI Steel Dagger - both 100 Durability - must go back repair in less than 30 minutes of grind at Basilisk.. guess at Crescent how will this work..
    A Sorceress with TRI Liverto and PRI Jubre Talisman - both 100 Durability - in the same time consume less than 40 durability.
    They should fix that too,
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  3. Nicole added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    The same I was saying before but don't believe they'll even read what you say, they're too excited saying p2w p2w to care.
    Right now I would like to slap them till they wake up and open their eyes to what that really is.
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  4. Nicole added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    If you don't spend time on farminf you wont even get moany back from marketplace. 
    People will get much more money from marketplace sell? Well that means they played enough to find the items they're selling them. They didn't payed real money to buy them and sell them in game to make money.. can you understand this or follow say p2w p2w without even read?
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  5. Nicole added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    The thing that people doesn't understand here is that, as you said we'll get everything at end game, and they should go READ that P2W really means.
    Pay to win means you are FORCED to spend money to get better items instead of the ones available in the game. Is that too difficult to understand?
    Really, day by day I'm getting fking sure that human race should have been a sheep mutation/evolution. Like always if only one person say "p2w p2w" than everyone say the same thing without get enough informations before.
    As I said, I won't consider that game p2w till the day I'll see  cashshop costumes on marketplace and final gears on cashshop.
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  6. Nicole added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    just read more or less what ppl say..
    I'm not sure on how to intend that update really...
    It all depends on how players intend P2W.
    P2W on one side: a game that allow players to get huge behaviour spending real money INSTEAD of time. That allow players to get stuff such items obtainable in game with long time and high difficulty just opening their wallet. It might too sell items not in game with higher bonus.
    In that case I see a game where for example I can buy end game items directly on shop, or items that allow you to upgrade it without efforts or at 100% chance or even items not obtainable in game that let me be better than normal players.
    P2W on the other side: game that allow paying players (remember we all payed to play that game) to have stuff before other players. Such item drop chance, some minor buffs and so.
    In that case players using a wallet will be able to get the SAME items of everyone else only increasing their luck. They wont get anything from shop or any advantage that makes them be different from the others.
    Now my opinion of that package? Well.. at the start I was pissed off.. but looking closer and thinking a bit before talk, in the end it's only a "buff" that allow players playing the game get some more benefit.
    No one will ever sell an armor piece or a weapon or either a jewelry piece too to someone spending real money, they only give us the chance to increase the amount of money we get by selling those items we NORMALLY get grinding or farming (so anyway spending our time on the game).
    I'm thinking to the guy that yesterday sold a TRI: Kzarka Longbow for near 1b.. will he cry? Well, remember that this game is quitely based on "exchange loot" that mostly make economy work, and rarely on high value loots like Mark of Shadows, Witch's Earring and new yellow stuff too, but they won't make us become rich if we don't play and spend our time in the game too. I don't see they're selling witch's earring or whale molars on the shop, so we still MUST grind and farm them to gain some money. It's my and your own choise to decide to spend or not 15€ to get that money "buff" from marketplace.
    Remember that direct trade between players isn't available, so the only one place to trade is the marketplace. if someone got 1b money saved, he won't even get so much advantage without a player to player trade, since he'll need marketplace to improve too.
    I don't see that package a MUST, only an opportunity for everyone to get more money while selling the items we normally find in game while playing. It's not a direct advantage, but an advantage consequent to our time and grind spent in game, like this I won't see it completely P2W, maybe a big help to players playing many hours more than working ones.
    For example I can get 80m instead of 60m selling an Ogre ring. FIRST of all I need to spend my time playing the game and hope to find a ring. Second I have to sell it on MARKETPLACE, and someone must decide to buy it. If I get 60m or 80m it doesn't matter so much, since i can spend one entire week to find one as only 5 minutes. And one time I got my money what will I do with them if no one is selling what I need? Nothing.
    I cannot think that's p2w since I don't see anyone selling end game gears or rare drop items on the shop, remember.. YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE MONEY YOU WANT BUT YOU CAN MAKE NOT SO MUCH WITH THEM WITHOUT A GOOD ECONOMY AND MARKETING ROTATION and without anyone else farming and selling the item I'm looking for.
    They don't sell items obtainable in game, you have to work and find them and than if you want you can get an advantage selling them using that buff. Nothing more. I'll say "yes it's p2w" the day we will be able to buy with pearls items obtainable in game and we will be able to sell them on marketplace, making our real life money become game value.
    Edit: you have the item on loyalty too, well you can freely save the valuable items (since they're not so easy to find too) and sell them all together the day you decide to buy the loyalty item. That's NOT A MUST, you can have the same advantage, using your brain instead of act like a bunch of sheeps...
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  7. Nicole added a post in a topic Alchemy Stones   

    Time ago I tried a first time to get an alchemy stone at Skilled 1, and got a Broken Alchemy Stone Shard.
    Now I just tried to make one again at Skilled 7 (62%), after I crafted more than 500 bloods to get 8 shiining powders.
    I used the same recipe I used the first time at Skilled 1:
    8 x shining powder
    5 x sinner's blood
    6 x powder of time
    9 x pure powder reagent
    9 x clear liquid reagent
    This time I got NOTHING. I mean no even the broken shard. Is it normal or what? I'm getting pissed off to spend all my time and energy I could better use in gathering on alchemy stones to not even get a fked broken shard and lose all the materials like nothing.
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  8. Nicole added a post in a topic Failstacks issue?   

    Than they're forcing us to use concentrated black stones to make failstacks.. That can work on Kr or RU version since you can easy make money selling real cash items. Here that economy doesn't exist and we don't have billions like there.
    They should get know of that reality
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  9. Nicole added a post in a topic Failstacks issue?   

    I got a reply from ticket and that made me getting really MAD. I saw they don't even consider the case and treated me like a stupid.
    We didn't try to enhance green and blue items, noooo, and I already said them we did. But probably they don't even read the ticket and just reply without paying attenction to what we write. That's the staff we're telling our problems to, thinking every complain is a fked joke.
    @CM_Jouska @CM_Praballo
    GM DresdenToday at 03:31Greetings,

    You should try with a higher quality item and see if you notice a difference, We hope this tip might help you get the fail stacks you desire. If you need anything else let us know and we will do our best to help you out.

    We can check the logs so video will not be necessary.

    Enjoy the game and have a wonderful day.GM Dresden
    Black Desert Online Customer Support
    Social Media:
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  10. Nicole added a post in a topic Failstacks issue?   

    Mh.. I cannot follow what u meaning.
    You mean I should buy hard shard and use them directly on equipment to make failstacks?
    If I use a concentrated black stone I need to craft it:
    - 2.7m for the shard  (if I find it in marketplace on preorder you should pay 10m to get it, and that's not worth)
    - 2 black stone armor (300k right now each)
    So totally 3.3m for 2 failstacks ------ 33m for 20 failstacks
    How you calculate how many black stones I use to make 20 failstacks?
    33m are like 110 black stones.. I haven't spent so many to get 20 stacks.. and everytime I reached +15 I extracter from 42 to 47 blackstones each piece..
    Can you explain me how you think I'll save money like this? I cannot understad from where you tood that 75m you talking about...
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  11. Nicole added a post in a topic Failstacks issue?   

    I finally got 20 failstacks using Reblath on an alt character, but I failed the PRI try (~50% chance) and not I got 22 stacks. From now on I'm going to use those 22 stacks to enhance armor to PRI, if i hit 30 stacks (hope not) I'll try my weapon to DUO.
    All that for the cost of 300 blackstones wasted. Last week with 300 black stones I could have enhanced an entise grunil set to +15...
    Guessing now.. I can buy a grunil ult piece and use it for failstacks. Even if it reach +15 I can try sell it back, so no lost or near..
    It's a yellow grade item, will it work??
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  12. Nicole added a post in a topic Failstacks issue?   

    400 energy is really a lot... which gathering level you got? I'm skilled 7 right now.
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  13. Nicole added a post in a topic Failstacks issue?   

    I got the same your problem. I saved all my boss seals for one month and saw them flew away in 2 days after that damn patch. They should have made something to enhancement that makes everyone enhance everything easily.
    What do you mean? Digging in the desert? Explain please
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  14. Nicole added a post in a topic POLL: Bring back XP loss from PKing?   

    Pk should encourage the murdered to get better items, or to stay away from strong players instead of try to steal another place.
    Sometimes I find dumbass guys trying to steal my place, luckly I got good defensive gear and when they see they can't kill me they go away. I never pked someone, I'm not able too, but in that case I defend like this.
    If you don't like pk or you're not able to pk that doesn't mean you got no chance against pk players.
    Cmon it's an open world game, it's not UNO, Tetris or even HABBO!! Well.. on Habbo you could steal other's items..
    If you dislike how pk works, you'd better change game and look for another one with separate servers for pk and non pk players.
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  15. Nicole added a post in a topic POLL: Bring back XP loss from PKing?   

    YES, I agree with the reintroduction of exp loss while pked.
    Before that patch I was used to farm without experience, so I never lost anything and always come back to the place where I was.
    I was happy they took the experience loss out, but after some time I realized it's only a fkin shit modify they done for kids crying for pk. It's an open world game and it should have a rule that exist in every normal world,"the strongest will live, the noobest die".
    Right now I'm the last player able to kill someone else, I'm not oriented to pvp and I have never been able to pvp or pk anyone in any of the games I played. Right now pk lost any reason to exist, even if you don't care of get negative karma, or live with it. In any other openworld game the strongest rules on the weakest. It's a basic facts and it should come back here too.
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