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  1. anarres added a post in a topic Easy calm farming   

    get 10 fields with 10 slots and seed special sunflower or other mushroom/fruit/vegetables that better suit to you for crates or special fruit or whatever you need (carrots-beer-cook-alkemy stuff). Harvest weed and pests every hour (if you can do every half that means continuosly ok if you can't do every hour-2hours don't do it at all) collect shards, use what you need sell the rest and have fun.
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  2. anarres added a post in a topic About imperial cooking crafting   

    depends on production, time to spend in life skills and money you want to earn, some people craft tea buying honey so they gain +- 1000 each to me isn't worth at all, or you can milk all day long and get the maximum money possible is up to you. Can earn from 20 millions a day (or less if you buy honey x example) to 80 as i said before is up to you, time you have to spend in life skills.
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  3. anarres added a post in a topic What's the best and safest way to transport my large quantity trade goods from lema-ratt ?   

    wagon is better overloaded
    if he is active hurricane is easily avoided, ghost pirate could be painful fighting in no space with horse or wagon on depends how fast he kill him...anyway very risky but hopefully rewarding...this is a real adventurer
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  4. anarres added a post in a topic Daily Sailing Exp Research Thread   

    when you deliver the quest you gain the xp in that moment or is in that book and can pass after to other characters? is possible to have  alts both in port ratt and ancado or the last is the one who get sailing xp?
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  5. anarres added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    now for me is working
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  6. anarres added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

  7. anarres added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    after last patch can't change channels and even log in now, stay on "now processing " forever with or without main server choice. internet is ok
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  8. anarres added a post in a topic Quest: Lost lamb   

    idk if something changed from release but can't outlevel quests (maybe can deactivate it from showing from settings but ALWAYS can do it if activated), can't do if not at the minimum level, after that, you can reach lev 60 x example just grinding then go back to olvia and do all quests, unfortunately bddatabse on this is not helping much and often prerequisite or starting quests doesn't match what you really need to do. Arm yourself with patience and clean it all
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  9. anarres added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    high and special honey not working as intended and not working as normal honey too ...tried with master 5 cook and also with alts, the green doesnt work as 3 normal honey nor the blue as 5 just wasting money if  you buy just waste time and money from easy recipes to more difficult ones. Tried also to mix with normal honey but the rate is almost all fail so need to be fixed
    ilya island stable can't put any wagon inside
    west guard camp cant put boats or rafts inside the wharf
    all the river stream is messed up cant go heidel to velia
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  10. anarres added a post in a topic Onions - Is there a patch where they can be harvested by hand?   

    for oatmeal maybe is worth directly buy high quality type seed and use that (or get from normal seed but takes more time) so use only 1 and harvest like 40-60
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  11. anarres added a post in a topic Fisher's Token   

    defense tokens are working you change for cp even the rate and time spent isn't worth to do it
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  12. anarres added a post in a topic Harpoon Fishing on a Raft?   

    supernoob in fishing, im only skilled 7 can i harpoon fish too? what is the difference compared with rod?
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  13. anarres added a post in a topic Quest: Lost lamb   

    maybe you have hope, when not working bddatabase is about quest you already did not yet to do...the point is... not different character but at least 1 that did all chains (yes sometimes helps to change with a fresh new alt but not this case) and opens the quests. Another silly point is always check on quest log ALL because if not can't see quests. So take a look at quest log firs,t then try to start from first in chain log (checking on bddatabase) if you already did try take a look to the quests with house symbol (that are the quests that gives knowledge and chain related) if in heidel is clean go back to velia and take all that send you to heidel ....if not working like this try all villages around heidel and for sure sooner or later you will open ...if you didn't before also try amity games with lara and other npc in heidel for other dailies maybe is connected...i think i'm out of suggestions now good luck and let me know
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  14. anarres added a post in a topic Quest: Lost lamb   

    probably you miss some prequest to open there, bddatabasa maybe help (for quests in my experience not at all), i did all quests so i can do that daily...try to check around heidel , glish, western camp if you have some quests still to do is the only way
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  15. anarres added a post in a topic Quest: Lost lamb   

    ok so now if quest not show just wait 1 day go there you should have unlocked
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