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  1. Ultimatum added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Just curious...
    Is the backpack visual? i mean... people can see you with that backpack in your back?
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  2. Ultimatum added a post in a topic My fishing costume with the spare dyes I had   

    it's supposed to like me?
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  3. Ultimatum added a topic in General   

    I'm going to buy a bikini decorated with a panda this summer
    I think something has brainwash me... anyone know who?
    No rwally, when DAUM is going to put some strong measures about Goldsellers? i know people who bough cash shop items from those guys and they are not banned, so seems legit to buy from them? is DAUM allowing that?
    Otherwise, i have a friend who left the game tyred of this spam, it says he cant play a game with this uncontrolled advertisment...
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  4. Ultimatum added a post in a topic Trade manager friendship   

    Frindship and bussines never should meet.
    So no.
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  5. Ultimatum added a post in a topic More Bots and Gold seller   

    Goldspamers are out of control right now, you can ask anything in general chat, cause some goldspammer will spam again and ocupying all chat window (yes i know you can do it bigger but a lot of people doesnt).
    Clan spam is just hidden by those gold spammers, it seems when someone spam his recruiting message instalntly a goldpammer put is own message ("dont my message be hidden by clans" mentality), sorry but i prefer clan spam that goldseller.
    And to be honest, if there are so many goldpamming messages is because this busness work.
    DAUM should fix this asap and while we wait, jut put a permanen GM banner.
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  6. Ultimatum added a post in a topic Something needs to be done about ENERGY   

    I am a dedicated crafter too and i think energy is ok, it prevents from grinders to do the same as you. If grinders start processing and gather as fast as you do, what will happen with crafters?
    Sorry but i dont approve this.
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  7. Ultimatum added a post in a topic "Just switch to English language in settings if you don't like German/ French spam" well it doesn't work.   

    So other languages that are not English, are not international, good argument yea.
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  8. Ultimatum added a post in a topic Ultimatum   

    No blader for you, so ill give you Death.
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  9. Ultimatum added a post in a topic Golden fishing spot in Velia (FIX THIS ASAP PLEASE !!!)   

    West of Velia you said no? ty
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  10. Ultimatum added a post in a topic Euro day players get screwed - separate regional updates needed   

    And you are posting in these forums to say what DAUM have to, when and how to do with the maintance?
    Seriously? no really, seriously? are you dumb?
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  11. Ultimatum added a post in a topic c'mon guys..   

    Thats some kind of hipocresy, isnt it?
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  12. Ultimatum added a post in a topic Treant Costume (Ghillie Suit)   

    The point is to be OP in pvp.
    The point should be only cosmetic
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  13. Ultimatum added a post in a topic Euro day players get screwed - separate regional updates needed   

    Err... not really, some people here have a job and sometimes that people go to work at mornings.
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