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  1. Jama added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 21st   

    Can we get any updates on Double Teleport??
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  2. Jama added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 21st   

    Awakening! Finally! This is the eye of the needle and it's our turn to pass through it!
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  3. Jama added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    This is such a lovely and heart-warming topic to see. Such a nice change from the usual forum.
    I hope everyone gets what they ask for! We'll see what I'm paid for Christmas and I may have to share this year too.
    In the mean time - Happy Holidays, all the best and Thanks to all those who do give out a little something!
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  4. Jama added a topic in European Guild   

    [CROXUS] KnightsOfMediah - Recruiting
    Greetings Adventurers!
    About us:
    <KnightsOfMediah> are looking to increase its ranks and I am here to get the word out! We are a small guild at present, with an active player base. We are friendly, fun and like to have a good time as much as possible (may also be a tad crazy, but who isn’t?).
    We are a PvX guild, currently looking to expand in both areas; PvE and PvP players alike! So if you wish for either, you will find a home here!
    At present we are not applying any level, class or gear restrictions. We will accept you as you are! No member is required to participate in Guild Missions, but it is greatly appreciated if you do. Our main requirement is you are active; not too much to ask I don’t think!
    As with many guilds we are looking to get involved in all aspects of BDO; from fishing to Node Wars/Sieges. A key pushing force behind this is too increase our numbers and that’s what you can help us out with!
    Guild Missions:
    1.       Daily guild missions; as I stated these are not mandatory, but appreciated
    2.       Weekly/Daily Boss Scrolls twice a week. Again all are welcome, but not mandatory
    3.       Guild Bosses are currently performed every 2 weeks. We are looking to increase this number with more members available.
    Getting in touch:
    If this sounds like a place you could call home and have a bit of fun, then you are more than welcome. In order to get yourself a guild invite just:
    1.       Leave me a message here with your name and ill grab you in game
    2.       /W Me in game – Lyrista
    3.       Come along to our Discord Channel and grab a member from there: https://discord.gg/jhRx4Z2
    If you have any questions please ask me by replying here or sending me a message, I’ll be happy to help!
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  5. Jama added a post in a topic So what is your Build.   

    Thanks both, very helpful
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  6. Jama added a post in a topic So what is your Build.   

    Are you certain Blizzard has front block during cast? The build calculator doesn't mention it (And im at work so can't check in game ). 
    I'm new to Witch, got 52 over the weekend, so I'm still building my SP's up. Why is it you don't like Earthquake so much? It is the SP cost / DMG ?
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  7. Jama added a post in a topic Witch Awakening Video!!! + Wizard at the end!!!   

    This. I am seriously tempted to reroll into this, the awakening looks awesome!
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  8. Jama added a post in a topic Ninja Subforum Added then Removed?   

    I can't wait for Kunoichi!! Hoping for a good announcement this week!
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  9. Jama added a post in a topic News on Ninja/kunoichi   

    Woop! Hype train! chooo-choooo!
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  10. Jama added a post in a topic NINJA AWAKENING AKA BLADER STOLEN AWAKENING!   

    That looks great. But its  all about that Kunoichi!!
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  11. Jama added a post in a topic [Suggestion] About Valencia Delay/Ninja Delay   

    Are Kunoichi's also invited?
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  12. Jama added a post in a topic Ninja/kuno release poll!   

    Not much, but at least a reply - for those who haven't seen it:

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  13. Jama added a post in a topic Ninja buff in KR recently.. interesting.. (video)   

    Lets get our Kunoichi out!
    Lets get our Kunoichi out!
    Lets get our Kunoichi out!
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  14. Jama added a post in a topic Kunoichi Gear   

    I see! it is looking more likely that I won't be able to prepare for the class release, kinda sucks a bit
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  15. Jama added a post in a topic Kunoichi Gear   

    Yep ditto! I want to play now!
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  16. Jama added a post in a topic Kunoichi Gear   

    oh! That would be a bit of a pain...
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  17. Jama added a topic in Classes   

    Kunoichi Gear
    I had a look through the search and couldn't seem to find an answer to my question.
    Like many others I am awaiting Kunoichi to release, to have as my main. I know they and the Tamers use the same Weapon, so its possible for me to level a level in-preparation. I guess my real question is:
    - Do I need to level a Tamer for the purpose of levelling its weapon, or can I use one of my current characters to get that weapon levelled up?
    Appreciate any help
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  18. Jama added a post in a topic Question regarding Ninja's release   

    +1 it would be nice to have a rough idea
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  19. Jama added a post in a topic <Leviathan> EU Semi-Hardcore Guild Now Recruiting!   

    I would also like to join Leviathan!
    I have played plenty of MMOs and am looking to make BDO my new game. I play on a regular basis and have played MMOs from as far back as DAoC - good times
    Seen Wiggles downloading the game, damn bro... hard times. I managed to get in, but no keyboard? had to remake my char just to get it working! lol.. oh well.
    My characters name is: Mitsue
    Family Name: Saito.
    Hope to see you all in game!
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  20. Jama added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

    +1 for Bladers/Plums
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  21. Jama added a post in a topic [IC] Stories Around the Campfire [Open]   

    Glancing at Fiain he smirks. Again a strange tint to his eyes. Dropping his gaze for a moment the tint fades. “O’ course lass. One day I be returnin’ the favor!” He replies, grinning.
    Staring at Konrad he smirks. “yer’ll struggle to use yer’ sword, without ya’ shoulders matey.” He replies, winking towards Em.
    Flicking his card into the fire, it sticks to one of the burning logs. Strangely the card doesn’t burn or catch fire. Draken leans back on his seat and stares upwards. “this be an interestin’ night” he states.
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  22. Jama added a post in a topic [IC] Stories Around the Campfire [Open]   

    Draken couldn’t help but smirk at Em. It has been a long time since someone bossed him around. “Milady, I will do as yer’ command” he expresses, bowing his head. “as fer’ yersel’ Konrad, me matey, I’d watch yer’ back. Milady ere’ be a mighty fine shot.” He continues, grinning towards Konrad.
    Noticing Em handing him the drink with a stern look upon her face, Draken takes the mug. After a quick inspection of the contents he throws the drink back. “fireflowers an’ all, healer lass? Such a delicacy, yer’ be havin’ me thanks!” Draken states, raising the mug in thanks towards Fiain.
    Flipping the card through his fingers Draken steals a glance at its face. A smirk stretches from cheek to cheek….
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  23. Jama added a post in a topic [IC] Stories Around the Campfire [Open]   

    Draken’s eyes light up at the sound of rum. “Aye matey! Rum be a fine idea!” he replies, grinning at Corwin. Trying to stand, Draken realizes it’s a bad idea. “I’ll take me swig an ‘av it sent yer’ way!” he adds, attempting to hide is bad situation.
    Glancing over his shoulder he looks into the darkness. He won’t make the night at this rate.
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  24. Jama added a post in a topic [OOC] Hello Everyone :3   

    Welcome to the forums! We got a few open threads going. Feel free to jump in
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