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  1. GiZiT added a post in a topic GRIND EVENT!   

    Edan is like south side chicago... LOL.
    DAY ONE STARTING  NOW ORWEN ! Please whisper NASAN for level 50+ Schalider for 1-50 
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  2. GiZiT added a post in a topic GRIND EVENT!   

    This cracks me up!
    Thanks! We may not even get folks all the way there but if we can get them a few levels we are more than happy to have at least done that.
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  3. GiZiT added a post in a topic GRIND EVENT!   

    lots o salt- But honestly, the game is very territorial and we act accordingly. Mean no disrespect
    However this event is not so there is more folks to kill. its to help folks get through the endless grind, and not be power capped by those who are already ready for the next update. (even though postponed). We thought it would be nice to get folks a little further along. 
    So if your in ParksNRec, or CrimsonKnights or Vahlok i apologize but you sincerely started it first. lol.
    I hope there is a good turn out, everyone (of the legal age) grab a beer, have a good time and let us do the work one shotting mobs you get levels and loots it's a good time all around!
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  4. GiZiT added a post in a topic GRIND EVENT!   

    Look forward to it! thanks for the help!

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  5. GiZiT added a post in a topic GRIND EVENT!   

    dunno who that is...
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  6. GiZiT added a post in a topic GRIND EVENT!   

    i hope your wrong as well, First time trying this. 
    What i am hoping for most is helping the folks under 45! But we shall see, with enough help hopefully we can join up with Groups already going. plus holiday weekend, a lot of folks may be with family or away for vaca!
    Fingers crossed.
    Hopefully spark more interest in folks to level up and play prior to the lead of the pack leaving the rest of players behind. its already hard to do a lot of things, and hopefully this can amend some of that, PK is part of the game and cannot be helped (in some situations) however, we are going to try and give back some to the community as well.
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  7. GiZiT added a post in a topic GRIND EVENT!   

    Hopefully not since were trying to help the community get some levels in. Also since most were hoping for will be under 45, so no blood shed. However if people attack our leveling groups we will defend them and have fun doing it!

    Sorry for the PK's no grudge no grudge. All love <3
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  8. GiZiT added a topic in General   

    The Crimson Order will be hosting a grind up event for all interested on Orwen N/A. We will have members stationed around the map to help the community power level. This will be for everyone! We will provide all milk teas needed. from level 1 to 50, and possible 50+ if there are enough folks looking. Our Team Speak will be open to all who want to use it for communication on next zones. 
    Saturday May 28th starting at 5:00 PM Eastern
    Sunday May 29th starting at 10:00 AM Eastern
    Also looking for more volunteers if you want to lend a hand. Hope we have a good turn out, and always. Happy Grinding.
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  9. GiZiT added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    I wonder if i submit a photo of my newborn they'll throw me an extra seal for 12. 
    Ellie was born on the 20th!!!!!! She is going to be a gamer like her parents. Maybe i'll dress her like the black spirit... 
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  10. GiZiT added a topic in US Guild   

    Great Read, Shameless plug
    An Officer of our guild wrote a great review of the first 30 days, good read for all. Enjoy!
    Black Desert Online – 30 Days After Launch by Ziri
    It’s been an exciting month since the launch of Black Desert Online (BDO). The fun started with the 96-hour pre-launch where we enjoyed a starting cadre of 19 eager participants chomping at the bit to get into the game and see what it had to offer. Since that time our roster has grown to 65 guild members and we are currently on a recruiting trek to add an additional 35 to top out our roster at an even 100. Things are looking very good for the BDO team but enough about rosters and numbers let’s talk about what BDO has to offer.
    BDO is a player vs. player MMO which offers a diversified platform for PVP and PVE enthusiasts alike. Unlike your traditional PVE MMOs there are no 5-man dungeons or 10-man raid groups but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something for the PVE enthusiast. The PVP portion of the game does not start until you hit level 45 but when you do you’d be advised to keep your head on a swivel and a spell at the tip of your tongue and beware of those who would swindle or PK you for your favorite grinding spot. So how do you level up from 1 to 50?
    Players level up in BDO either by grinding mobs until they reach a certain level then move to another location where they rinse and repeat. This is by far the fastest way to level but not necessarily the most beneficial and we’ll see why shortly. The second way to level up is by completing quests which are offered at the starting town and continue throughout BDO. The benefit to doing the quests instead of grinding is the collection of Energy and Compensation Points along the way. Energy Points are required to hire workers, gain affinity and perform tasks in crafting. Compensation points are required to purchase buildings for crafting and lodging but also for connecting nodes for future trade routes and fishing. Another advantage to doing quests is the opportunity to expand inventory slots thus allowing more loot. From here let’s jump into the crafting and professions systems offered in BDO.
    If crafting and trading is your forte, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what BDO has to offer. The first opportunity to delve into the crafting arena happens in the coastal town of Velia. Be sure to have all quests toggled on to receive an introduction into how to hunt, cook, farm, make tools, trade, dabble in alchemy, make horse equipment, refine ore and raw materials, process lumber just to name a few. Oh, and get this, workers can be hired to craft your very own rafts, ferries and fishing boats. For those who have no interests in the high seas, then maybe taming wild horses and breeding them is up your alley. No matter what the profession there is a lot to experience and several ways to make money selling items on the market to create wealth needed to claim your fortune in BDO.
    Once characters hit level 50 the goal is to start the long grind for level 55. It’s at this point where things get interesting. This is where we start to see both small and large scale guild vs. guild wars as each group seeks to grind the same resources for sought after loot to boost their overall stats. Consequently, it’s easy to say there’s not a spare moment when one guild or another isn’t declaring war to dictate to everyone else their dominance in the game.
    If this sounds like a game you’d like to try with our guild, contact The Crimson Order’s BDO Recruiting Team via TeamSpeak3 (server info: thecrimsonorder.teamspeak3.com:6503) or submit an application online at http://thecrimsonorder.com. All applicants must be 18+, TeamSpeak3 is required along with a working microphone.
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  11. GiZiT added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  12. GiZiT added a topic in PVE   

    HELP! Black Spirit Quests
    From what i understand once hitting level 45 you get daily scrolls ?
    I did do all my available Black Spirit Quests and have not received any. the only two that i have open are the 100/100 energy and cont.
    Please help if you can!
    I have not performed any quests in Calpheon Main city if that helps any, and as far as i can tell i have finished all of the CO-OP bosses..
    thanks  for your time.
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  13. GiZiT added a topic in US Guild   

    Guild Skills
    Okay, so we have our guild, doing well.
    Investing points into the DP and AP + 
    but it is making no changes on anyones character screens even with active contracts.
    any thoughts.
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  14. GiZiT added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   

    ORWEN - 

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  15. GiZiT added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Server Selection
    Hello simple question which i am hoping maybe someone has the answer to or maybe it has already been answered on a different thread.
    I and my Guildies are pretty excited for the launch, however we understand there will be servers? or one mega server?
    if it is not the latter, does anyone have an idea of when they will release server names so we can all be on the same server, or am i missing how this works.
    anyways thanks for taking the time to read, and more so if responded.
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