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  1. Jupiter added a post in a topic ╰╮♢╭╯ Syndicate (Calpheon Imperial Syndicate) ||RP/PVP/PVE|| ╰╮♢╭╯   

    The Syndicate you speak of hasn't been very active in jumping sandboxes like many other powergamer guilds. I'm not involved in this CiS guild, but was originally in a Syndicate nation in Atlantica Online. When we started on Archeage, we eventually changed our name due to another half dozen 'Syndicate'. This guild is Calpheon Imperial Syndicate, and doesn't seem to be trying to hijack that name. Besides that, many UO Syndicate don't even know where the original ended up.
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  2. Jupiter added a topic in US Guild   

    <Tarrasque> Edan (PvX, Mature, Teamspeak)

    Hello Everyone on Edan, we are the <Tarrasque> guild!
    We are a still relatively new gaming community,formed from the start of Archeage almost 2 years ago, and comprised strictly of adult gamers, many with kids of their own or couples. While we strive to experience all this game has to offer, we are currently only around 30 members (as of this post), and Node Wars will be something we are looking to build our strength for. We require Teamspeak and mic for all members for communication, altho TS-sitting isn't required and its mainly for raids (weekend/peaks sometimes see 15-20 in the lobby, usually half that). We expect our members to be mature when dealing with other players in PvP competition, and to refrain from blatant trolling or trash talk.
    We've always aimed for a mix of hardcore progression content with a casual environment when it comes to restrictions on your play. Other than requiring TS for communicating and having basic social skills, we have very little rules when it comes to your character's raid attendance. As long as you are a active player, you can choose whether or not to participate in any of our guild missions/events/raids, and advance your character in any progression path in the game you choose. We like to see people at Node War and World raids later, but we respect that sometimes you don't feel like doing a boss, or that raiding and pvp might not appeal to you at all. Fishermen, crafters, and lore seekers all have a welcome home here. 
    While our guild on Kraken Archeage server was never a Red Dragon contesting force, we did end up with a few 6k+ Gearscore in range of Top 100, and over a dozen 5k+ Gearscore out of our 30 active players at the end, before the majority of us retired for this wonderful game Black Desert. Our main goal is to experience all content the game has to offer, while still having a 'Come as you feel' atmosphere to FFA raiding. If you are the type of gamer that likes to actively compete, but without feeling you have to strive to meet a quota, then maybe our group would be a good fit. 
    We are currently on Serendia E1. If you'd like to apply, just send me a mail here or try whispering my character Ganymede there. 
    As another point of note, before our server in Archeage was merged, we were formerly known as <Syndicate> on Enla server. It was the name of the Atlantica Online nation some of us came from, altho on the Kraken server merge we chose to change it to something unique, since there was so many Syndicates. While we cant take credit for the accomplishment of <Syndicate> in Atlantica Online (3 of our founder members in Archeage were leads there), they did win the Worldwide 1st Nation Dungeon race this year for the One and Only title, and Serverwide 1st (3rd Worldwide) the year before. If any are interested in playing Atlantica Online, or play on Argos server, I suggest giving that nation a try.
     Other than some of us getting titles for 60+ Sirothe kills in Serpentis (not 100+ sadly), we did have a achievement of sorts on our server within the first few months of release. A youtuber named Jason Wivart was looking for someone with a mansion when it came out, and when I told him about our housing project, he gave us a shoutout in a video after visiting our guild town. Our guild never managed to be siege-lvl in Archeage, but we are proud at least of always having several large guild city projects of our own, including after merge. Granted its an achievement of small note, but I thought I'd post a link to the video on youtube for anyone curious in checking us out.
    Hehe, my reply bump about our old guild town got added as an edit instead of a reply, meant for that to be its own bump post, sry for tl;dr
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  3. Jupiter added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   


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