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  1. Whey added a post in a topic Aritaum PVP Semi-Hardcore Guild   

    Bumpy ride
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  2. Whey added a post in a topic Tamer's Resent Class Changes in KR   

    For me I see this patch as a nerf because of my playstyle with my tamer in terms of node war. I usually just run around with my iframe and super armor and put down void lightning ontop of my own wiards/witch/long range dps classes to prevent the enemies charging at them. 
    So far it have been working very well but after this nerf I don't know how it will work. 
    I guess they saw tamer could permanent cc their enemies to death. That is why their limiting the void
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  3. Whey added a post in a topic Returning after 6 months to play DK   

    You guys are talking like buy your gear just like they exist in the marketplace at all. Yes go buy the dandelion you should see alot of them in the marketplace. Especially the tet ones
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  4. Whey added a post in a topic Is Tamer a good class to start my adventure in BDO?   

    For the love of God do not go tamer if you like to pvp. Because you will be playing piano when you're going to try kill people. Pick classes like wizard and warrior that only needs to click 1 button 
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  5. Whey added a post in a topic Tamer awakening   

    complete garbage a good tamer would switch between non awakening and awakening. 
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  6. Whey added a post in a topic Master 28 fishing rank really?   

    Still remember life skill experience bug. When it wasn't supposed to be there early game. People who abused it got really far. 
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  7. Whey added a post in a topic Crazy Statistic 80% of BDO Players Jobless   

    Who asked u to stay? This is a company and their work is to earn money not entertain you for nothing.
    You dont pay what use do you have here? 
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  8. Whey added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    Yeahh!! Make it more p2w please so I can put some money in the game! 
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  9. Whey added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Lool Haha as expected of proxy 
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  10. Whey added a post in a topic I've spent over $10,000 on BDO   

    I'm still waiting for my kzarka shortsword in the cash shop for 1000 Zimbabwe dollar. When will it appear??
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  11. Whey added a post in a topic I've spent over $10,000 on BDO   

    I love this guy! Money talks bro! 
    Get a employed sir.
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  12. Whey added a post in a topic Level 30 to dig!?   

    They ninja nerfed the chance of getting shards too from digging.. 
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  13. Whey added a post in a topic Good Tamer Build?   

    stop telling everyone hidden stuff .  It won't be hidden Combo if it's revealed 
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  14. Whey added a topic in European Guild   

    SSHHH - Jordine
    I know some people have been wondering who we are so I thought it would be a proper time to introduce us. We are a group of friends who were previously in larger guilds such as FUtilez but got bored with the big guild politics, mandatory guild missions etc. We decided it’s time to make our own rules and play in very small scale environment with friends who we know we can trust.
    We will update this topic with videos of the stuff we are up to. No reason to feel salty if you are one of our victims, since even though we are usually 4-6 people, we have played together long before BDO. We are not recruiting anyone yet so no reason to PM us about it. Enjoy the videos & salt!

    We pushed FUtilez out of their own home channel. We were 6 people and expected FUtilez to put in a good fight at Pirate Island. We farmed them for a good while but they didn’t bring more people so we decided to move to another channel where DiviumFuror was. They gave a better challenge and we fought a good while. We ended up with zero deaths.
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