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  1. Farkon added a post in a topic ninja got patched   

    Being a glass ninja cannon is fun, but not when you have no cannon.
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  2. Farkon added a post in a topic Official Class Tier List - Large Scale PvP (6/27/2016)   

    Ninja S tier, stealthing into a big group and knocking them down with spin + chaining stun from beheading is game changing.
    Shame our black spirit attack is -----ing trash.
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  3. Farkon added a post in a topic Is bdo p2w?   

    It's not p2w it's pay for "convenience" where "convenience" rises you to the top with less real time investment.
    The problem is, the top is non-existent (similar to skyforge but not as clear cut) and there's always a way to get more power.
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  4. Farkon added a post in a topic The publisher that shall not be named just destroyed the very foundation of the P2W argument and you won't believe how!   

    You pay real money to get an advantage that free to play players can't get in PvP.
    Instead of convenience items and name hiding now it's silver, and silver is power you can use in pvp.
    90mil will add up over time. Moreso when the prices increase.
    When newer players are just starting out and don't have the gear for grinding effectively, this is an option for them.
    For a newer player like me, 90mil is a lot for me since I'm only level 50, and someone who started at the same time and invested the same amount of time as me could easily be grinding out 55+ spots now due to the extra funding.
    My argument is that investing real money in this game has always caused you to acquire silver more rapidly, and now you can get an extra 90mil on top of that.
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  5. Farkon added a post in a topic Ninja & Kunoichi Promises   

    Hi, I'm from the future, in my timeline, Ninja comes out on Augest 15th and Kunoichi.
    For the delayed release I believe there was an event that gives 50% exp buff across the board (combat, life skills, skill point exp, etc.) and multiple exp scrolls if character bound for any ninja/kuno that's made 1 week after release. A couple weeks after P2W aspects can be bought with silver, increasing the advantage that paying players get.
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  6. Farkon added a post in a topic Really feels like Daum is taking a Dump all over Melee classes   

    Yea that extra HP they gave to berserkers was taking a dump.
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  7. Farkon added a post in a topic Ninja/kuno release poll!   

    Is it? I haven't heard anything like this other then the fact that they changed the AP scaling.
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  8. Farkon added a post in a topic Ninja/Kuno Gameplan   

    Wonder how popular ninja/kuno is on KR despite not having awakenings.
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  9. Farkon added a post in a topic Archeage Vs. Black desert   

    👎⚐ ✡⚐🕆 ☼☜✌☹☹✡ ❄☟✋☠😐 ❄☟✌❄ ☟🕆💣✌☠💧 👍⚐🕆☹👎 🕆☠👎☜☼💧❄✌☠👎 ✂☹🕆👍😐✂✍
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  10. Farkon added a post in a topic Archeage Vs. Black desert   

    I mean, really what do you want out of the games?
    If you want a single player experience with shit RNG, then go Black Desert.
    If you want a multiplayer experience with shit RNG, then go Archeage.
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  11. Farkon added a post in a topic When you enjoy gathering so much that you totally forget the daily reset   

    Good job what?
    You press one button while tirelessly searching for "nodes" that you can't even tell sometimes if they're depleted or not until you walk in front of them.
    Not to mention the fact that most resources are easily obtained from workers.
    Or the fact that river water, even with upgraded bottles, is the most tedious system ever and it makes no sense that it isn't automated.
    So yea, forget the daily reset because you need to burn some time to get some river water one bottle at a time, instead of a bucket or gallon or whatever.
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  12. Farkon added a post in a topic This game was fine but you ruined it with your shit boss armor patch. Now its just unfair as hell   

    RNG sucks and they should do something to negate it to some degree, moreso since many people have been reported whom used scripts to acquire boss items far more effortlessly then others.
    That being said there's nothing constructive about this post and seems like a immature rant/vent which others may simply dismiss and not see the point.
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  13. Farkon added a post in a topic Logs, a much needed recourse.   

    It's suppose to give you a reason to use energy if you only focus on gathering/w/e to make money and not completely rely on workers.
    But... I just snipe logs off the auction house since they're dirt cheap.
    It's a flawed system to be sure. On one side the prices are not controlled by players on the auction house so that the marketplace doesn't get abused.
    But, on the other side, if the prices are controlled by players then there could be monopolies/#evenmorebotabuse even though manual logging would be worth it.
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  14. Farkon added a post in a topic Range Class vs Melee Class (CLASS IMBALANCE)   

    I don't know what a Tamer's role is actually.
    Offtank maybe?
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