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  1. NgocTu added a post in a topic Captcha in AH   

    there is still a lot of people that doesn't know how AH work nor how Bidding work
    there may be bots but the system prevent a big part of their advantage (especially on the bidding object)
    1) object go on sale with bidding (in an interval between 15-25 min after being place in the AH)
    2) the bidding start and is more or less like "guess what number i am thinking" you click and automatically get assigned a random number to see if you win (many player can get the same "wrong" number)
    the fact is that if 100 player try or if 50 player try right when it pop it's pretty possible that at least 1 get it right right away and snipe it
    if everybody guess wrong the bidding stop you to big again but other people in the next 60 second can still bid and still be lucky and snipe it
    3) finished the bidding time it's really the faster win and yes here a macro would give u a serious advantage but ONLY after the bidding a macro cannot make you bid 10 times so the advantage is minimum
    the true is that whatever is very rare is under the radar of A LOT of player so if 1000 player try the 1 second no matter what someone will win and take it with or without macro (ok macro give u the advantage of probably try to guess the number .04 sec before but if u are lucky u are lucky if not not...)
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  2. NgocTu added a post in a topic Bored with BDO   

    people just play this game wrong.
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  3. NgocTu added a post in a topic The Changes Seem Fair.   

    okey they like to "win easy" not PVP then they like to take advantage and unfair fight if they really did like PVP the fair one they wouldn't complain about a change that allow them to have more target and on the long term more "balanced PVP" as more people get higher level = more balance in strengh
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  4. NgocTu added a post in a topic The Changes Seem Fair.   

    They dont care about PVP they care to use PVP to free their PVE area so they can freely PVE "more"
    pvp is just a mean to get more pve for them
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  5. NgocTu added a post in a topic The removal of pk penalty means that 50 people in forum won over the thousands that play and dont whine every day   

    is normal then pro are less then carebear (or casual pver) you dont need a pool
    there are more professional racer or randome driver
    there are more professional skying or random people that enjoy skying
    there are more professional XXXXX or just people that enjoy it casually
    why people need a poll for the obvious
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  6. NgocTu added a post in a topic The removal of pk penalty means that 50 people in forum won over the thousands that play and dont whine every day   

    I so think is the opposite the whine is 50 people and the people in game that don't play the game are happy about it daum wouldn't change without having solid number it's a business not a garage sale.
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  7. NgocTu added a post in a topic Nothing worse than changing game's core rules   

    like trading between player or AH fix price
    people has been asking to change core rule from day ONE! now people is saying nothing worst then change core rules (and still asking to change a bunch of them)
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  8. NgocTu added a post in a topic BDO: A Responsible *Competitive* Gamer's Nightmare   

    exactly my point you lack intelligence to play this game while having fun like the artist lack creativity so the problem is not the paintbursh nor BDO 
    you just prove my point
    the paintbrush is the same bdo is the same for me and you but you live it as a job suffer and complain and whine I use it as a game have fun with friend don't stress about is defect and focus in what i find entertaining, and i find (as well as all the people in my guild) pretty cool we barely touched stuff lvl 50+ as we were busy living the world 1-49
    you on the other hand lack the capacity to enjoy this type of game well don't blame the brush that's all i am saying you are just playing it wrong or your personality is not good for this type of game give up art, go and take an engineer class maybe.
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  9. NgocTu added a post in a topic PvP BDO COMPETITION! -- REWARD $100 Worth of in game pearls   

    i wonder where the concept came that u cannot pvp in game without pve it's not a true fact 
    u could theoretically drop all u need from other players(pvping) or you could have pvp quest you could advance as form of ranking in PVP and not level and u could gate the pvp depending on rank so a high rank cannot fight a low rank in order to avoid "easy" farming
    same could lower XP-PVP depending on eachohter ranking problem would be the availability of players as PVE is always there always ready for you no matter the time PVP depend on other people time.
    honestly is bullshit that PVP cannot exist without PVE, BUT the true is a PVP only game would not sell much if at all because PVP player are mostly anti social jerk and they would ruin each-other experience as soon as they see an advantage in it
    on the other hand pve player are social animals as they like to "make thing easier" and group and share stuff PVE is a cooperative type of game that easily create a sense of community
    I personally like PVP game but I reconize most of the pvper are jerk (pk player in primis) and they would, on the long term, kill any attempt to form a social experience based only on PVP
    to play a PVP "only" game you need a very mature audience that understand morality and honor in order to form effective entertaining communities
    Overall experience like SAO (the anime) are possible only when as you see in the cartoon the jerk are VERY few in number and very isolated but the majority of player play in a positive/friendly/social way they could kill each other but they would NEVER do they rather help then kill even if kill would give them much more advantage (money/power)
    All i see in the PVP world on line are asshole that want to kill everything and everybody just because they are very frustrated they need to prove themselves they are not looser in real life and with no interest to socialize whatsoever this make IMPOSSIBLE to program a PVP only game the public doesn't exist that can play it the "Right" way
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  10. NgocTu added a post in a topic I Quit BDO   

    should i put a picture of a president/prime minister in France Italy German and add "you should know"
    for god sake american really think the world end with them this game and this forum are not just with american player
    the world doesn't end with a bunch of water on the east and west coast 
    at least put a picture of the inventor of computer charles babbage or alan turing (and no don't put Manhattan projects it's true has a world wide resonance but it still feel very nationalist, I would accept a picture of Neil Armstrong as he represent the human race)
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  11. NgocTu added a post in a topic Why kill other people?   

    Killing other player should be always part of Roleplay it should have a meaning that is not a stupid reward or a farming spot 
    there should be a story behind most probably a guild background and should never be take lightly it should mean something to the player involved not per se
    you should always know who are you killing and why killing a random player u have no clue who is he for no reason it's just a way to ruin the game
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  12. NgocTu added a post in a topic BDO: A Responsible *Competitive* Gamer's Nightmare   

    or smarter player not easily addicted of with unbalanced personality
    the paintbrush is a paintbrush if you know how to use you do a masterpiece if you sux at using it you do a shitty drawing
    adding a mechanic arm to the paintbrush so you can pretend you can paint "assisted" by the mechanic arm doesn't mean the real paintbrush was a bad instrument only that the player was an idiot.
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  13. NgocTu added a post in a topic Why don't crafted items always sell for a profit?   

    I like the market as it is now but you need to know what to produce
    and some price are weirdly capped
    I am almost the only one producing swiftness blue gem on my server (i am exaggeration but we are really few) i grow my own wheat and get fruit of sun the swiftness green gem go for 5260 silver (minimum price of gem) then you can add another gem (again 5260) then the fruit of sun (better if you grow it yourself) and then couple of other easy material to gather
    each blue gem go in 30 minuts max and always at highest price 300.000 silver it's been like tihs for 2 weeks and the max price never incresed
    i think there is an hard cap on certain type of thing and 300.000 silver is the cap for blue crafted gem
    other gem that go always for 300.000 but slower (even because they are more rare and people don't really look for them) are the precision one yellow i do as many as i can but the green base material is rare too the precision yellow gem (green grade) sell for the max 7126 silver that i guess is the cap and is very very rarely available 
    I could go on with the example of hard cap and things that are worth to produce and go quickly
    don't let me start on milk tea the price range from 9000-13000 (if you are very lucky 14000) very easy to produce (a bit energy heavy because of the milk) but always sell in 2-4 hours and you can easily grow/gather all the material yourself
    market is what it is you need to know it and what to produce to make money out of it if you produce only easy stuff they don't sell because everybody can produce them as well as they are easy.
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  14. NgocTu added a post in a topic Is Exploiting Rampant?   

    i don't agree with it being normal a lot of people here like me feel cheating in a game is wrong those are the normal people trying to justify those asshole with "is human nature" 
    "it is human nature" my ass most of the people here show real human nature when they play fair. Again i don't feel the need to justify those looser with "it's normal" it's not -----ing normal to be assholes and no it's not okey is not cool and nor smart is just ruining that game for other people being a moron incapable of having fun together most probably is result of very low self-esteem most probably well earned low self-esteem if you are such a lame looser that need to cheat
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