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  1. MakinaSD added a post in a topic Please fix Stealth   

    So, being a Wizard/Witch with High DP/Evasion, almost every skill with super armor (so no CC affects them, only grab), and escaping with Double Teleport + Heal again, and again, and again, and again... that is retarded, the most retarded mechanic this game has.

    Wizard/Witch just beame the game's healers. You have to oneshot them and if you cant (because of High DP or High Evasion) then you're going to have a really long and boring time to kill him/her.

    Also, that's what lets Witchs/Wizards to be such a pain in the ass in Pirates. When you see a guildless Witch in the main rotation, you know you're about to have a really bad time.
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  2. MakinaSD added a post in a topic Nouver vs Kutum (Never gets old)   

    I've seen some people saying that Kutum's acc is about 5. I'm not into testing things so I just test what seems convicing enough.
    It isnt the first time I read that Kutum seems to have more dmg output than Nouver. I've already left a preorder for a TRI Kutum so I'm about to test it myself.
    Kuno's stun is merciless. Try a Ninja with your same gear and same lvl, you'll be failing a lot of CC. Ninja's stuns are "once in a lifetime". Ninja just has a reliable knockback/floating. Stifness and Stuns are a joke. Even the shared skills like Black Moonlight, I find myself landing the Stifness more often with a 57 Kuno than with the 59 Ninja.

    Have you tried going two RCE against Ninjas/Sorcs with Evasion build? or Kutum + RCE / +2 RCE.
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  3. MakinaSD added a topic in Kunoichi   

    Nouver vs Kutum (Never gets old)
    Welp, this again.
    I'm rerolling from Ninja atm so I have a TRI Nouver Shuriken rn. I need to get a Kunai, so I'm here wondering how would be my life using Kutum.
    From what I've seen, Kutum gives ACC like a DUO-TRI Red Coral Earring (better than 0) and gives 20 DP (better than 0) at the cost of 14 AP. Also, Kutum have Ignore Resis while Nouver has Increase Resist.

    So here's what I think: Nouver is designed for pure AP classes like Ranger/Wizard/Witch, which have high base accuracy for their skills. Plus they need to avoid being CC'ed, that's why Nouver has 10% more resist. We Ninjas/Kunos are a CC-reliant class, we need to CC our opponent in order to take it down, se we need that Acc boost and that 10% extra ignore (30% total if we're using two Precision in Kzarka). We're melee fighters who tend to take hits out of nowhere, so we need that extra DP. And we can get back those extra 14 AP from jewelry/set.

    What do you think? This is aiming to an PvP scenario like pirates, or 3v3. I'd use Tadd in Nodes.
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  4. MakinaSD added a post in a topic Opinions from players that went from ninja to kuno?   

    Ninja isnt bad, but the Awakening need some major adjustments IMO.
    These last days I've been feeling that Kuno's CC lands more easily, even the skills like Black Moonlight which both classes share.
    Overall Kuno is way better at grinding. Better CC and AoE.
    Kuno excels at Melee fighting, while Ninja seems better when against ranged classes (just because of Ninja Step + Beheading / BladeSpinBlade). However Kuno has two gap closers and two ranged attacks which I still have to test in PvP.
    What I miss from Ninja: Ninja Step, Beheading the Dead (thing is too damn fast), Serpent Ascencion's brutal damage.
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  5. MakinaSD added a post in a topic Opinions from players that went from ninja to kuno?   

    Welp, on the Ninja I end combos when I switch to Awakening, then Serpent Ascencion, then grab, then Seamless. I try to avoid grab if I already used the normal stance grab. If everything landed, the opponent is pretty much dead already. Seamless hits a lot but you cant Seamless out of nowhere, aaaaaaaaand i'd say I use Seamless when Serpent Ascencion is on cooldown.

    Vacuum is plain filler shit, I wont argue or let you convince me otherwise. I was wrong about Seamless tho, re-reading my stuff. I use that shit pretty often.

    On-Topic: trying out Kuno, almost 57. She has a lot more of CC and doesnt have so much worthless awakening skills like Ninja does. Kuno's awakening has a lot more of mobility than Ninja's and she has a couple of gap closers plus some range skills. Almost everything has superarmor (which already prove it useful when facing Witchs/Wizards) and a lot of CC. It seems pretty decent so far.

    But I dont know if that's enough to actually reroll.. killing people with Serpent Ascencion is just too damn good lol. And Malice and Ninja Step, cant live without them.
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  6. MakinaSD added a post in a topic Opinions from players that went from ninja to kuno?   

    I've been looking for something like this.

    Ninja 59 atm. Pre-awakening Ninja is far better than Kuno, however Kuno's awakening is far better than Ninja's IMO.

    Ninja awakening has a lot of fillers and skills that really doesnt do something in PvP (like Seamless or Vacuum). The only skills that prove themselves useful in PvP are Murderous Intent, Serpent Ascension and Drastic Measure. Katana Shower may come in handy sometimes, cause of the -DP debuff. The Ninja's awakening has an extra grab, but double grab isnt as useful as it looks like, so it doesnt really matter. The real damage dealer is Serpent Ascension, everything else just feels like a filler. Just Serpent Ascension and Drastic Measure are good AoE skills. Ninja just has 2 stuns which almost never lands (Beheading the Dead and Sura ChaoSpree).
    Besides that, almost no Ninja's awakening skill has Super Armor, this means you'll stay in the ground almost all the time you get too close to a 3v3 fight.
    On the other hand, Kuno's awakening has Super Armor in like 60% of skills. There are some range skills which have CC (not as spammable as Malice tho) and a gap closer which seems to get you right at your opponent's back. But what's really interesting for me is that Kuno's awakening has a LOT of AoE and CC. The cc of the Ninja's awakening isnt as easy to apply.
    I still have to try out the Kuno's awakening, I'll do it when I reach 60 on the Ninja. I'm really used to play with Malice and Ninja Step, If I remove them both from the Ninja, I would've re-rolled a long time ago.
    Lastly, I have TRI Kzarka and TRI Bhegs and still I find it difficult to land my CC on ppl, however I see Kunos landing CC with almost no effort with about the same gear (and they apply Stun).
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  7. MakinaSD added a post in a topic Snow and Santa Crashes/Freeze/Not Responding   

    I cant even enchant things because Velia has that Santa -----er flying over the city. I cannot be online more than 10min straight before my game crash.

    And this is NOT a hardware problem, because i've been playing for 6 months now and this never happened to me... is this stupid Santa event...

    Thank you very much Kakao, im enjoying really much the Christmas... I think I'll go play anything else, and spend my money elsewhere.
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  8. MakinaSD added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Snow and Santa Crashes/Freeze/Not Responding
    Since we got the Christmas patch I can't hang in a city more than 10-15 mins before my game freezes and windows tells me that BDO isn't responding.
    I've read somewhere that it might be the snow, but it isnt. I can be in places like Fogans, Crescents, Mediah, etc while it's snowing and everything works just fine. The problem comes when I'm in a City (Velia, Calpheon, Heidel, Altinova, Valencia), so I'm sure that the freeze/crash problem is generated because of the -----ing Santa flying over those cities...
    Just hearing his bells is a grim reminder that my game is about to crash, and I'll have to sit there like 5 mins going through the absurdly long "Pearl Abyss" logo.
    Some people states firmly that this is a Hardware issue, and yes, perhaps it is. But I also think that if this event is something for us players to enjoy, they did it completely wrong. I haven't problems with the game as it normally is, but with this crap event I'm freezing and crashing every 5-10 mins, I can't even play in the Arena with my guildies. This is awful and I'd like to have some kind of menu to remove the event from my client, because this isnt fun in any way...
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  9. MakinaSD added a post in a topic Bugs:Cokro Outfit [Ninja]   

    The Sicarios outfit has a cape and it is still shown while we have our weapon sheated.
    So yes, faulty coding and almost no concern for the quality of the costume, which in this case is the product.
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  10. MakinaSD added a post in a topic Cant Tab Out Without Game Crashing   

    What's the difference between ALT+TAB and ALT+ESC? And why does it avoid the game crashing with the (now) kakaogames logo screen?
    I've been having this issue since the warrior awakening patch, I stopped playing at all a few days ago, cause it got really annoying.
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  11. MakinaSD added a post in a topic (While in game) Crash and Pearl Abyss logo   

    BUMP this, now it's happening even more often than before.
    I've literally stopped playing BDO, is insanely bothersome to have the game crashed almost everytime I Alt+Tab. Devs are still doing nothing it seems.
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  12. MakinaSD added a post in a topic Bugs:Cokro Outfit [Ninja]   

    I've just purchased this outfit. Even in the Pearl Store, the cape doesnt appear until you enter the combat mode preview.

    When you equip a weapon or a weapon costume, the cape will disappear. However you can equip a fishing rod and the cape will be visible.

    Idk how they'll fix this, cause if both cape and weapon are visible at the same time, the weapon will most probably clip through the cape. (idk If im being clear).
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  13. MakinaSD added a post in a topic (While in game) Crash and Pearl Abyss logo   

    I'm not playing in High End mode. The video would've been a great help if you managed to record the Pearl Abyss logo crash. It happens while @ World Bosses too, without even having to Alt+Tab.

    This is still happening even after the Sorceress awakening patch, so they didnt fixed it..... 
    Important Note: What version of Windows are you guys running? Im with Windows 10 right now. I think we should gather some information besides each PC spec, because that doesnt seem to be the problem.

    I'll try to play in Windowed. I didnt get a crash yesterday, but right now I crashed to the Pearl Abyss logo.
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  14. MakinaSD added a post in a topic About Ghost Step + Ninja Evasion (skill)   

    Welp I think im going to just get my points back from Ninja Evasion, Star: Flight II and Fatal Blow V. 

    I have Ankle Cutter at III, I suppose that's another good skill to invest CP into but when im at PvP I just forget that this skill even exists (I know this is a major flaw in my gameplay). For me, the Smokescreen and Backstab combo does it.
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  15. MakinaSD added a post in a topic About Ghost Step + Ninja Evasion (skill)   

    Star: Flight is like a close-combat CC, it has Floating I think. It's useful sometimes but yeah, I prefer just to Right Click then Shadow Stomp too.

    In any case, that was like a "Plus" of the thread, however I think i'll just get Ninja Evasion back to lvl 1 and get that CP back.
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