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  1. Babykin added a post in a topic Is AutoHotkey considered bannable by this game.   

    did you read my post , im using the program with a totally different game?
    I wanted clarification on if this game \ XIGNCODE considers this a red flag or whatever. 
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  2. Babykin added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Is AutoHotkey considered bannable by this game.
    I have been playing path of exile while my BDO client is running (fishing or letting my farm grow), I wanted to enquire if I use a auto hot keys script for POE would that be considered bannable by this games security. 
    I totally understand automation of bdo is bannable , and I have no plan to use autohotkey with BDO , on the off chance that a CM\GM could let me know if this program is considered a bannable offence if running that would be great. 
    The specific script people run with POE is to force disconnect you from the game if you lock up in hardcore (it essentially saves your hardcore character from dying if the game locks up)
    This is a link to a discussion of it on reddit. 
    Many thanks 
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  3. Babykin added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 11th   

     Items traded 1:1 will become character bound and can not be sold anymore to the NPC (character bound)
    Im starting to like this developer
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  4. Babykin added a post in a topic Regular Maintenance - 9 March   

    Its a new mmo, im surprised there has not been more un scheduled maintenance...
    We have been doing pretty good considering its a new game 
    Chanced are they are doing this at this time because they want everyone in the office in case there are any issues. 
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  5. Babykin added a post in a topic Appearance of Witch armor.   

    Unfortunately there are about 5 common sets people wear, you start seeing these pretty early on and they all look different but pretty bloody plain on a witch.
    Some of the archer sets look ok but the witch ones are less than impressive. 
    Essentially unlike other games the costumes you can purchase are where your character starts to look cool or good. 
    You can dye the normal gear though and make it look ok but it will never be as impressive as some of the costumes. 
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  6. Babykin added a post in a topic 4/4 Taritas, which piece should I replace?   

    Im wearing 3p Tar and agerian gloves , I think ill probably switch to this. 
    Gear is very different in this game , its refreshing. 
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  7. Babykin added a post in a topic Regular Maintenance - 9 March   

    Can I suggest restarting servers every 48 hours to resolve the issue with mobs not spawning? I have noticed on several channels catfish have no mobs spawning , or about 25% of the mobs spawning.
    Its not a massive issue other channels are available but its very slightly annoying 
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  8. Babykin added a post in a topic Ghillie PSA: Flare can not be crafted in our version of the game.   

    I have the ghillie , im not a huge fan of the mechanic , I feel player names should show at all time.
    Ill also add , I would like to buy a costume but I cant really as I need to be wearing the ghillie, im not the sort of person to swap between costumes, heck I have the founder costume or whatever not sent to my main because I know ill just wear the ghillie.
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  9. Babykin added a post in a topic So I guess gold selling is a thing now , or scamming players at least   

    They can power level in other games they play your account for you, I assume they would do the same in this game .
    They would probably use your account to spam gold sale stuff at the same time and get you banned but they could certainly power level people. 
    As far as Item sales they can gift people cash shop items if thats what you mean , no they cant send weapons thank god. 
    you can trade pots and food which no one does but people seemed to want , shrug im fine playing this game with no trade its more fun to do everything myself. 
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  10. Babykin added a post in a topic So I guess gold selling is a thing now , or scamming players at least   

    Yeah and i guess the cash shop stuff is just credit fraud , im guessing they deliver in some tradeable item.
    Im playing this game because it is not pay to win and players have to literally develop their character 100% on their own, I have honestly traded a friend pots once I could certainly live without that feature.
    Not much you can do about credit fraud but as long as you cant sell the stuff on the auction house who cares . 
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  11. Babykin added a topic in General   

    So I guess gold selling is a thing now , or scamming players at least

    The site looked like a typical gold seller site not just someone being a troll , I received the whisper in Velia
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  12. Babykin added a post in a topic Wizard/Witch guide for beginners (PvX Build for level 1-50)   

    Can you post a skill build around 450 points , at this point in the game 800+ builds are not really helpful to anyone 
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  13. Babykin added a post in a topic How many have been scammed ?   

    pretty much , wait till he makes a 50 scroll group and everyone has no scrolls lul.
    Jk jk he won't get to 50.
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  14. Babykin added a post in a topic RIP Black Desert 2016-2016   

    People will ----- and cry about trade , it will get implemented then the bots and gold sellers will roll in.
    Its been an absolute pleasure playing this game making millions of silver and never using my visa.
    I'll play this game until pay to win gets implemented or the wow players talk you into trade so they can fix some non existent problem...
    I can make 1 million silver a hour talking to two NPC's and not leaving town, you don't need trade to make massive amounts of silver in this game players should need to play the game to make silver
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  15. Babykin added a topic in Suggestions   

    ghillie suit functionality with costume appearance
    I would like to have my name not show up but also wear a costume other than the ghillie suit , I have the ghillie and will buy the other costume but I'm not going to swap costumes so I'd like to put the ghillie bonus on another costume.
    Naughty dog , I love dogs, I had cats in the beta for testing if I knew the dog barked every 5-10 seconds I would not have purchased it. Let me shoot that dog in the head at this point or implement a way for me to mute it. And yes I have pet visuals turned off I thought this may do it but now I have an invisible dog barking 24/7.
    That dog is easily the most garbage thing on the shop I have found so far due to the  constant noise.
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