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  1. Zidnex added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Maehwa and Musa   

    ayy ya boy made it
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  2. Zidnex added a post in a topic Deleting Characters, Names   

    From personal experience, it appears that reserved names are yours forever (or just a longer time), while random names can be taken right away.
    I bought 3 accounts, one for my brother, father, and myself. Since they don't really care for character names, I made the character names something I'd like to have. 
    After deleting an alt on my main account, I attempted to make a character under that name on one of the other accounts. It worked. So I got hyped, made a character under one of the names I reserved on the other accounts, and deleted it. I haven't been able to use that character name on my main account, it says it is still in use. However, if I try to make a character under that name on its original account, it works. 
    Hope that made sense. 
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  3. Zidnex added a post in a topic @staff of this version   

    Love Live 
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  4. Zidnex added a post in a topic Progression and blackstones   

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  5. Zidnex added a post in a topic Progression and blackstones   

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  6. Zidnex added a post in a topic The "I spent too much on dye" thread! Show Your Armor Dye Jobs!   

    What dyes are you using o _ o beautiful is not great enough a word to describe what this is.
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  7. Zidnex added a post in a topic Forum Name Change ?   

    time to send you some spam mail >:3
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  8. Zidnex added a post in a topic Make Black Desert Great Again   

    What are your views on the Archeage refugees who are pouring into BDO?
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  9. Zidnex added a post in a topic Regular Maintenance - 9 March   

    Can we have the reduced character and name deletions for a few days (maybe a week)? It'd help the Serendia players, as well as a lot of those that would like to trade names between friends but are stopped by the 30 day cooldown
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  10. Zidnex added a post in a topic My name is taken!? I reserved it!   

    Update: It appears they've got a system where the original account can still get that character name whenever they want, but other people cannot try for it until what I assume is 30 days. Well, just reset my 30 day timer, time to wait again :l
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  11. Zidnex added a post in a topic My name is taken!? I reserved it!   

    Hmm, perhaps there's only a wait period if they're on the same account. See, I have a few different accounts and I was trying to move a name from one account to my main. Will try on that account tomorrow.
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  12. Zidnex added a post in a topic Conqueror's package pet is worse than others   

    Hawk gathers at 10s at Lvl1, on par with the cat I bought. 10s is the fastest for Lvl1, iirc
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  13. Zidnex added a post in a topic Your country is (STILL) restricted from accessing our service.   

    What type of shit advice is this. I'm in NA but if this is what these people in IP restricted countries are getting from those of us that can play, that's -----ed up.
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  14. Zidnex added a post in a topic My name is taken!? I reserved it!   

    I'm hoping this is my error so I name my new character
    I set an alarm and everything, I'm 95% certain. Will try again when I get home from work
    Update: Went home during break, attempted to take that name. Either someone claimed it, or there is indeed a 30 day wait. Hoping on the latter...
    I submit a ticket last night, hopefully I get some luck out of that.
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  15. Zidnex added a post in a topic My name is taken!? I reserved it!   

    I tried as soon as the character was deleted and then again the next day, no luck. Afaik, there is a 30 day period.
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