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  1. Cylenchar added a post in a topic Remove or mitigate punishment of player deaths due to server lagg   

    There is no way to determine server side whether you died due to server instability or due to playing like a braindead fool. So different death penalties depending on (claimed) lag related death vs your own foolishness is never going to work (other than after kick message "disconnected from server").
    Removing death penalties from 1st dead just promotes even more braindead playing.
    Also people need to chill out. If you can't handle loosing that 20M gem if you die, don't put it in your grinding gear. You WILL die and loose gems once in a while. If only because some prick decides to CC you while pulling a group in the desert areas.
    I don't know what region you are playing but 95% of the time I have no issues with server instabilty that are bad enough to kill me other than if it happens at karanda. And no, I dont have OP gear or amazing playing skills at all. Mobs are simply not that dangerous.
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  2. Cylenchar added a post in a topic Garden issue   

    Fence time should never ever run out. Everytime you tend your crops it should reset.
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  3. Cylenchar added a post in a topic Life Skill Afk Protection   

    There is absolutely no need for this.
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  4. Cylenchar added a post in a topic New Attendance Reward system does not work.   

    +1 same bug.
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  5. Cylenchar added a post in a topic Crimson Battlefield   

    Red Battlefield is a disorganised mess where gear + class is pretty much all that counts unless you manage to get on same team with some friends.
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  6. Cylenchar added a post in a topic Guilds locking down cities and roads?   

    No, but if clan leader gets banned for being a ----- and the player response is for his and his guild to be ever bigger dicks: yes permaban.
    Getting a temporary ban as a warning that you crossed the line and then doing worse should be punished very harshly.
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  7. Cylenchar added a post in a topic PSA: Kakao challenging charge backs now   

    They have been doing that all along.
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  8. Cylenchar added a post in a topic Guilds locking down cities and roads?   

    Lesson to learn from it: next time permaban those noobs who intentionally cause shit for the sake of causing shit. problem solved.
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  9. Cylenchar added a post in a topic Quest : The Taming of the Tomboy   

    Go there around 7:45 am.
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  10. Cylenchar added a post in a topic Cow Milking   

    You can buy a fence and put 2 cows (via a haystack crop) and have your workers collect milk (and ox hide and beef). The whole reason milk is valuable / sold out is that it's hard to get.
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  11. Cylenchar added a post in a topic Skill points and exp boosts events   

    You can level up in a fraction of the time it took your friend and now you cry that you still have to kill more mobs to get the same kind of skill points.
    No: learn to put in some effort just like everybody else.
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  12. Cylenchar added a post in a topic Just got a Kzarka   

    If ou think you will ditch your weapon for the awakened one then you are very wrong. You'll be using both.
    Kzarka is BiS so if you can afford it, upgrade the Kzarka and afterwards sell your liverto.
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  13. Cylenchar added a post in a topic Individual War   

    Same old bullshit all the time. Running into a groups rotation to mess with them just because you can is griefing. Low hp 1-2 shot mobs to make it super easy to do even solo and a karma system to protect you from the people are being griefed. So when an asshole like that shows up either you and your party have to accept that your EXP and drops are screwed or take a big karma hit and soon end up negative - either way the griefer wins.
    If you honestly think that's how PVE and PVP are supposed to work in an MMO you really have mental issues.
    But no, I do not think personal war declarations are the solution for this. A simple cooldown on respawn would be more than enough to limit griefing.
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  14. Cylenchar added a post in a topic Is it worth coming back?   

    If you rage quitted due to poor RNG at enhancing your gear, just be warned that system has not changed. Gaining exp and silver has become easier so it hurts somewhat less to fail at enhancing, but you'll still rage at black spirit while enhancing.
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  15. Cylenchar added a post in a topic New Player   

    If you're looking for people to play with you should atleast say whether you will play NA or EU.
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