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Azexton Hunter

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  1. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic Striker - New class   

    Can you confirm then that there is a Vambrace that is like a Saiyer Knot?
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  2. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic is Gavi Regan not a thing?   

    Not sure why, but they have been very stingy with costumes for NA. You'd think hey opportunity to make money! But nope. Every patch comes and goes and we are still without the Garvy.
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  3. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic Wizard Build   

    Grab healing spells. Lighting all spells and fireball spells. Murder till 56 then all dps eill come from awakening and only support spells from staff. Don't forget the blue Mana orb it's amazing. You won't need your Mana siphon much so just one rank after awk. 
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  4. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic Rosar vs kutum offhand   

    I just went to a TRI Rosar this weekend and the evasion is noticable. I was previously using a Nouver and was 222ap. Now I'm 196ap. Currently I'm running duo cresx2, Tri red coralx2, duo basically belt, and duo serap neck. I also have a TET Dandy. The AP loss is noticable, but because I'm still pretty high ap it's not an issue.
    My personal opinion is to not bother using a rosar until you have a way to compensate for the AP loss in bulk. Kutum is always going to be a strong choice especially since yours is a Tet. If you go rosar you'll want the helm gems, evasion food of some kind, and possible a alchemy stone of proc to make use of stacking evasion. This is of course just my suggestion, but considering I can last in a fight two or three times longer now then I was with my Nouver I'm happy. If I had a kutum I'd have last longer as well.  My guild mate uses a kutum and he is a Frontline wizard in our node wars. He is also lvl60 he stacks resistances and and always gets top 4 kills and survives for days. So it's all a matter of personal experience.
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  5. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic Wiz without Keeper   

    I've had my pets interrupt people in PvP and save my life on countless occasions. They are a fire and forget sort of thing tbh. I just make sure one is up when I fight in PvE and PvP. They don't die so you just have to resummon when they dissapear every 30mins. The AI for them is pretty good compared to other games and the fact they require no management is fantastic. 
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  6. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic 15 Tri Nouver Fails In A Row Need Help Calculating The Odds To Disprove The Failstack Spreadsheet   

    Here are my attempts lately. I hit TRI on 33/27/29/29/29. Then failed Tri on a 30 stack. Failed to DUO on 27/27/30/29/27. Haven't been able to get back to TRI for my Dandy. I've also failed my TET 11 times now on the Dandy. Six of which were in the past two weeks. Up to 115 stacks for TET attempt. It's all rng and it's all a pile of doggydo. 
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  7. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic Any up to date tests done for Kutum vs Nouver for Witch/Wizard?   

    My guildmate said Kutum is 14 accuracy at TRI. I'm not sure where he got his information from I'll ask him later. Another option is to run Tri red corals for the acc loss from using nouver. That be 16 AP for a pair of earrings compared to Duo witch/molar pair which is 18 and if my guild mate is right 2 less acc compared to using the kutum. Worth it to me imo. As for the DP loss you can't do anything about it, but with the current meta I don't see how what is it like 20dp for TRI kutum is going to save your life compared to all the AP Nouver gives you. Maybe in 1 out of 10 fights the dp would be better.
    It all comes down to playstyle if you are more aggressive in how you play or do a lot of group fights the kutum probably has more value because you'll want the DP. In a node war where everyone is taking dmg from multiple sources you can get away with less AP. ACC and DP may come in handy in a situation like that.
    If you do small group fights, are more evasive, solo pvp and need to nuke a target 100-0 then Nouver will be better. 10% res and all that ap goes a long way, but you are fragile so you can't be recklessly aggressive you need to play evasively. When you do get a combo off shit dies. 
    The 220 meta is simple whoever lands the first CC and subsequently a combo wins the fight. 
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  8. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic Allow spaces in Guild names (and character names!)   

    Such a simple feature, but it makes such a big difference. The ability to allow spaces would be huge.
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  9. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

  10. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic Trouble keeping MP with wizard Awakening vs witch   

    I've been in the desert killing Frogans. I don't burn water/tea unless I'm going AFK or Riding if I'm out grinding I just pop Healing Aura in between my rotation for the heal.  I start my encounters with a teleport into a pack then Cataclysm after I wipe the pack I Healing Aura and move onto the next pack. Eventually I'll get to a point where I need mana, but not for a long while the overall regen from Spellbound Heart and the skills is almost enough. If I do need more I either pop the 3 min buff or I have Mana Asorb on my Hotbar the key is for it is on my mouse and next to that key is Water Sphere. So Two quick key presses and My mana is back and I'm back into awakening form. Water Sphere is the only Awakening skill I've found that will swap you to the Orbs from Staff as a Wizard and it's also a great skill so Full Mana+Hard Hitting spell afterwards = Profit in my book.
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  11. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic Which Shuriken   

    I tried a Evasion build and the way I play I didn't jive with it. I swapped to a kutum offhand and I'm in love. I run double grapple ignore on it so right there it's 30% grapple ignore. I've noticed that I land grapples much much more frequently and for me being able to cc the target and burst them is more my playstyle then evading the damage outright. (I found I only evaded against people who are closer to 400gs and not often enough for the tadd against 430+. I ran double evade gems in helm and have Tri my skin and had Tri tadd. Made sure to pop smokebomb, ect. The loss of the accuracy just hurt to much.) You could easily run a Tadd and Kutum or Acc offhand and just swap between them mid combat. 
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  12. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic Shadow Cloak bug?   

    Because of the above mentioned issue I use stealth more for recon. It's very risky to use to move into a back line or around a mob in GvG and Node War and you move so slowly. Hopefully the bugs get fixed. Overall pretty happy with the awakening so far.
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  13. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic Kuno   

    I've run into a few open world 1v1s vrs Kuno over the weekend and I will say they are damn agile, but what can you expect from our female equivalent. We are still pretty agile overall even if our awakening reduces the agility, but I feel like I hit a lot harder then Kuno to make up for it. My tactic was the same as if I fought anyone else. Evade until I land a CC then burst. I haven't had more or less issues fighting a Kuno then any other class. For me the hardest class to fight is Warrior then Zerker just because they can tank so much damage. So far I think we are in a great spot considering where we came from.
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  14. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening Combos & Tips   

    Nice post!
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  15. Azexton Hunter added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening Quest walkthrough   

    I spammed my quest for that title. Happy to be able to read the quest line! Thanks!
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