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  1. amiricas added a post in a topic Elionian Doctrine Quest   

    I finished this quest line but still have this f****** book in inventory How i hate it. Any other purpouse of this book before i delete it ?
    last quest in line http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/3301/5/
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  2. amiricas added a post in a topic Value Pack Broken ?   

    I saw this price in sales list not sure about correct amount of my funds in stock before recieving money for ship but maybe you are right.Its confusing because its not listed in chat - gain items.
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  3. amiricas added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    incorrect information in awakening skills Godr of Wizards - wrong accuracy rating 7% lv V; 3% lv VI; 9% lv VII

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  4. amiricas added a post in a topic Value Pack Broken ?   

    Same problem here. I sold my Epheria Ship for max price 200M and got only 130 i have bought value pack (1Day) before i put it on market.
    I count it:
    from 200M it´s 60M for market tax and next 5% for guild controling city. It is 10M form 200M. Total tax from 200M is 35% = 70M for selling item but WITHOUT value pack !!!
    With valuepach i should get back at least 18M for tax discount from value pack and it isn´t counting valuepack.
    I want back my money from ship or my LP for useless value pack
    Family name Amiricas_CZ
    Character Jarda
    Server Balenos J2

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  5. amiricas added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Next one without correct equip or level is whining about nerf for other class it's funny and you don't know how much!
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  6. amiricas added a post in a topic Do you think Wizard/Witch will get nerfed?   

    Im still not sure why is everybody complaining.. yes wizz have high dmg with right equip but its slow, easy to cc/brab and kill. Unable to move while casting and awakening skill aqua jail with 0cd is perfect chance for ninja to jump directly to your back and kill you easily, because its surpraise again in that time when you are standing still you are unable to cancel skill and move.
    Stop complaining and try to get right gear for yourself and learn how to play your class.
    BTW awa skills are horrible i want my old skills back
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  7. amiricas added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    Who is that brilliant idiot in charge of this event ? Show yourself up and punishment will be fast and without pain! Just kidding see you in next game - BDO is ending soon with this crap.

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  8. amiricas added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    2 red noses on bj6 - IK and now waiting for 180 player to log in because got DC after my death
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  9. amiricas added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    18:55 new message about spawning event boss in 5 min. I think its next bad idea
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  10. amiricas added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    Bigger Disaster Offline
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  11. amiricas added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    18:30 last hope is lost ... switching channel ... thx for nice Prank. Maybe next year ... i hope its not happening because you will bankrupt with this access.
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  12. amiricas added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    WTF ? 1070 low or max settings only 8fsp - waiting for 15 minutes and no boss even appeared i cant see anything... thx for nothing
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  13. amiricas added a post in a topic Failed to load the browser.Please restart the launcher. with error (-310)   

    maintenance should be finished already in my country (18:00) it´s now 18:05 and still not working (310)
    EDIT: 18:07 data downloading
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  14. amiricas added a post in a topic Night Vendor Price List   

    Today i got mine hebetate tree spirit armor for 210M
    server EU_Serendia_4 at 5:27 AM
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  15. amiricas added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    New bug after maintenance 16.11.2016 (text)

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