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  1. Asilya added a post in a topic A gamer girl's suggestion   

    Specifying your gender as if it matters in the op, as if a female would be the only one entitled to that specific opinion.
    We're not triggered, we're taking the piss with you because you think your gender matters in the opinion you have, this is the internet hun, being female disables most of your advantages you have irl, we care just as much about your opinion wether you would be male or female, stating it like you did just makes your prone to getting trolled since you seem to think that adding your gender might get you a bit further then if you wouldn't...
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  2. Asilya added a post in a topic Character Creation Service!   

    Any word on this thread? I've been checking regularly but unfortunately it seems to have been abandoned for nearly a month. :-(
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  3. Asilya added a post in a topic Can I run this game with my current specs?   

    Unless you need a laptop for school/work buy a desktop, you'll be able to buy a much more powerfull system for the same price.
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  4. Asilya added a post in a topic Charged $133.67 on my bill   

    I just love how inventive people get on what topics they should whine about...
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  5. Asilya added a post in a topic Last response from GameNet regarding Baltic Countries Ip-Block   

    Most likely they were forced to take up those countries in that license, and they just cba to give them support or a decent translation. PA has negotiated very well it seems. 
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  6. Asilya added a post in a topic Nederlandse facebook pagina Black Desert   

    I'm sorry but that was hard to read, how do you expect people would be willing to join you if you don't even put some effort into your recruitment post here.
    I'm sorry, but proper grammar and spelling is important, nobody is perfect, but if your dutch, which is your native language, is only at that "nivo" i don't want to know how bad it gets if you have to speak in a more international setting.
    And for all the other Dutch/Belgian players, joining an international guild usually has way more benefits then a dutch only guild, as has been pointed out above by other posters.
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  7. Asilya added a post in a topic Would this monitor work for BDO?   

    With 980 Ti you should be able to max it out at that resolution, maybe have to tweak down the AA a bit but yould be fine, even on a 4k monitor with that card.
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  8. Asilya added a post in a topic the ol 'can my pc run this game'   

    Depending on where he lives a 380x might actually give more bang for buck, don't know where i last saw it, but the benchmark scores were pretty decent.
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  9. Asilya added a post in a topic I finally saw it today..   

    Getting all nostalgic up in here
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  10. Asilya added a post in a topic Kofuku(from Noragami) customisation! And more!   

    Take your oversensitive ass back to tumblr flip, half of your posts are trash like this (please note i didn't say all of them, some actually have a point). This is the internet man the fuck up, everyone has an opinion here and some people actually enjoy to share their opinion a little harsher then other people.
    I found his post hard to read on a 1440p screen while i never have problems with the standard font (and who the fuck crosslines words like that and wtf is up with the *cough cough* ) that post yells neckbeard weeaboo allover.
    But i get it him and you are "good guys" who had to undergo the tiranic reign of assholes like me right? Right?
    Seriously, grow a pair and don't get offended that fast, control your emotions, don't expect me to do it for you.
    OT: While i don't know anything about the references you posted you were pretty spot on OP, love how close you get them to the reference picture.
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  11. Asilya added a post in a topic BDO low coverage compared to BnS   

    While i agree on the part that they shouldn't advertise much right now saying 25-30k pre-orders is a huge audience is very badly worded.
    I'd rather call it a healthy base to go into beta with, but far from a huge audience.
    I also believe the game would not benefit from a huge audience at release (500k plus) i think the game and Daum needs some maturing to become really popular and being able to remain popular, they will have to release allot more end-game content (besides gvg/castle zergs) to please the masses, since allot of people do enjoy PVE content, not per-se in the form of raids, but they will be looking for something to do with a few friends that can benefit them in some form to progress their character.
    If the only thing availlable at 60 is mass pvp zergs and gearing up allot of people will quit really soon.
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  12. Asilya added a post in a topic Kofuku(from Noragami) customisation! And more!   

    What's up with the weird font/size and crossed words in your post?
    Do you have a need to distance yourself from other posters or do you feel this is the way you should express yourself??
    All it does for me is making me think this guy posted it:

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  13. Asilya added a post in a topic I want to build my own PC   

    980 Ti will beat the R9 390X in a multimonitor setup, but over here the price difference is at least 200 euro
    The R9 390X does perform better on higher then 1080p resolutions then the GTX 970 tho.
    Also note that if you don't NEED to upgrade your gpu right now i'd hold off, the 3xx series is just an upgraded version of the 2xx series and those were an upgrade of the 79xx series, so you would basically be buying "outdated" hardware that got upgraded and OC'ed.
    AMD will be comming out with new GPU's next year with HBM (as they have on the fury cards right now) and a new (not 100% sure if it's the right number) 14nm chip, and Nvidia will most likely respond to that to with new shit since they haven't really brought anything new to the table this year.
    From what i've read 2016 should be an exciting year for GPU's.
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  14. Asilya added a post in a topic Why so many female characters   

    I always play female characters, if you're planning to play a character for thousands of hours and more it better be something nice to look at...
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