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  1. braxkedren added a post in a topic Jump Height   

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  2. braxkedren added a post in a topic The All-Encompassing Problem Facing Black Desert Online.   

    This casual prefers to disagree. I'll be having fun enjoying myself no matter how much you tell me I can't.
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  3. braxkedren added a post in a topic The All-Encompassing Problem Facing Black Desert Online.   

    /\ for reference to original post in regards to my reply as the forums screwed that quote function up.
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  4. braxkedren added a post in a topic G13 Profiles   

    Yep, Have the same setup. Just wondering how some of the abilities we get in upper levels might be better be configured using those versus default setup and what some others are setting up so far.
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  5. braxkedren added a topic in General   

    G13 Profiles
    Anyone setup a good profile to help with the combat mechanics? Talking to a co-worker and we both agree we need to work on this to help out with how combat goes and it probably being best route to making it easier and not getting these things for hands.

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  6. braxkedren added a post in a topic Clearing up misconceptions, how the game really works.   

    I love it when the OP puts a post like this together

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  7. braxkedren added a post in a topic Have you found anything new in BDO?   

    I've only been able to get on for about 15 minutes. I've found a combat mechanic that is similar to GW2's action camera but also itself different. So this makes me learn a completely different way to fight in an MMO. I'm okay with this, and while going to be behind in combat until I get comfortable, I'm okay with this.
    A way different UI than I am used to with how the information is placed and such, another one of those things I'll adapt, change and get used to.
    Also, once I started being able to move around freely and explore a little...a sense of awe in knowing that I know absolutely NOTHING about where I am at or where I am going and that is the best part. All the other things I'll get used to, but having no clue about the world and just getting to go explore is worth every penny I paid.
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  8. braxkedren added a post in a topic Launcher keeps repairing   

    Actually fixed itself after patching 5 times.
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  9. braxkedren added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Launcher keeps repairing
    Everytime I try to launch the game it updates then when done, it throws up an error stating the launcher has to be restarted due to an error.
    Is there a fix for this?
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  10. braxkedren added a post in a topic I quit   

    I have a feeling I'll be doing the same. Such a huge world to explore and so many things to do. Won't have time for anything other than this...and that is perfectly fine by me.
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  11. braxkedren added a post in a topic Terrible game   

    This is what happens when every game website or blog has access to thousands of beta keys. The servers get force feed idiots trying the game out or just logging in to harrass players. It's what happens.
    Now at launch I expect some of this, if not most, will probably be severely diminished as you actually have to pay to play.
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  12. braxkedren added a post in a topic Free DAUM cash for CBT2?   

    ehh...just used a dummy account I created to test it...instead of the one I actually preordered on.
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  13. braxkedren added a post in a topic DO NOT MISS THE KEY DATES   

    1st it's "cash shop is P2W" then it's "No Cash Shop WTF!?!"
    Don't the bosses and stuff have a chance at dropping pets as well? Also the Black Spirit quests give you that chance as well?
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  14. braxkedren added a post in a topic Estimations on Blader?   

    It hasn't officially been stated but most figure 2-3 months after launch. If that's the class you are waiting on just play a Warrior and then send the gear over to the Blader once it releases. Pretty much what I am doing so it won't be so far behind.
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