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  1. HeavensSword added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    No I'm not clueless, I realize what Daum said.
    People had differing expectations that turned out to be incorrect. Rather than move on, they decide to act like children and riot. So I'm sticking with what I said originally.
    Also, with my second statement about finding decent people, I also disagree with you. My first real MMO was FFXI, and while there was an occasional asshole, overall people acted civilized and I made some awesome friends. Online games these days are filled with trolls, entitled brats, meme-generators, and trash. I'm honestly just sick and tired of it all.
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  2. HeavensSword added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    Wtf happened? They finally give a date and the "community" loses its shit.
    As time passes, I lose more interest in this game mainly because of the trashy people playing it.
    Online games these days... I just can't find decent people anymore.
    To Daum: Could you guys remove the name restriction so we can delete our placeholder character and reuse the name for our Musa/Maehwa without waiting 30 days? @CM_Praballo
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  3. HeavensSword added a post in a topic Game seems dead already?   

    I'd give you a like, but don't want to ruin your -50.
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  4. HeavensSword added a post in a topic So.. how much time do they need to answer a ticket from you?   

    To be safe, perhaps you should change your account's password.
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  5. HeavensSword added a post in a topic April 3 Blader/ Ninja Patch notes.   

    At least make a different joke that hasn't already been done.
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  6. HeavensSword added a post in a topic CONFIRMED: Ninja and Kunoichi for 6th April   

    I got to remember it's that day today...
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  7. HeavensSword added a post in a topic Rework the "escape" feature as it is still being exploited   

    I agree with Diss that a player in combat (PvP or PvE) should not be able to escape.
    As for your points OP, I agree with #3 in that you should not be able to unflag while in combat. There should also be a short cooldown outside of PvP combat before you can unflag as well.
    I understand the appeal of #6, but PA won't do it because they don't want a situation where you can essentially "kill trade" with the bounty system for in-game money. That is why they settled on the Karma reward. The other point is that it allows you to PK more often since you have a new source of positive Karma.
    And finally #7, I'm more concerned with gear gaps, but am happy that Daum EU is sticking with +15 at least for now.
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  8. HeavensSword added a post in a topic Help with "rented" item return for contribution points.   

    Just a suggestion to others until they add a way to keep track in-game: if you rent something, write down the NPC and location you got it from so you can easily return the rental when needed.
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  9. HeavensSword added a post in a topic PvP battleground is pathetic   

    *sigh* You're right...
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  10. HeavensSword added a post in a topic Yo listen before the world ends   

    Based on your OP, you have bigger issues to worry about.
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  11. HeavensSword added a post in a topic SCAM ALERT - CM_Jouska impersonator   

    Sometimes it's hard dealing with the fact that there are so many stupid people in the world and that you need to co-exist with them...
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  12. HeavensSword added a post in a topic Ninja build and gear guide?   

    Lost track of this thread. Hit me up with the build when you have a chance. Thanks!~
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  13. HeavensSword added a post in a topic 3600 Pearls for costume? (Yes, this again.)   

    Think of it as some incentive for you to graduate and make something of yourself.
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  14. HeavensSword added a post in a topic Future content updates [ Interview for INVEN.CO.KR]   

    I'd love if they decided to release Blader/Ninja first, but I'm sure i'll probably be waiting until may for my main.
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  15. HeavensSword added a post in a topic Mobius. You're great at pvp. So here's a tribute   

    After the event ends, existing eggs should turn into rotten eggs.
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