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  1. Martin Blom added a post in a topic What GG Exilium means?   

    As far as I remember GG Exilium aka Exilium guild is a parody from the good old Alustin Server where it all began. I think Sovereign was a big part of it. I do not know much about the specific situation, but from the tag "GG Exilium" I think that Exilium thought they were the best and could own everyone in GvG, which Sov etc. proved them wrong. I also think that was a lot of drama about them ragging etc. But then again I am not sure at all.
    @victorsc4 @nyn idc @Grt @Octobeast @Sanks
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  2. Martin Blom added a post in a topic KR patch note for 5th January   

    ● Reservation function added on night vendor.
    If the item is in the market purchase window and you click the ‘Pre-Order’ button, the item will be reserved for 15 minutes.
    When you open the market within the time the pre-order is held, you will see the item you have just booked without consuming energy.
    Even though the time of using the market (22:00 ~ 07:00) has passed, you can open the store and purchase the pre-ordered item within the time that the pre-order is maintained, but you cannot view other items.
    If you click on another item while you have a pre-ordered item, the pre-order will be automatically canceled and another item will appear.
    The booked item will be family bound. (You can’t book the other items with another character.)
    I want to know more about this. Can anyone explain? I really don't get it.
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  3. Martin Blom added a post in a topic Return of experience   

    17,416% - 17.531% (2 min.)
    2 min = 0.115%
    10 min = 0.575%
    60 min = 3.450%
    So yes it is manageable. If he keep doing this with all EXP buffs on without any pause it is possible to get 60 in 25 to 29 hours.
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  4. Martin Blom added a post in a topic Money for leveling quests   

    Yep. That sounds like a good idea. Most player AFK fish in Heidal for relics, while they are at work. This is more or less "free" memory fragments
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  5. Martin Blom added a post in a topic Money for leveling quests   

    Quest "level" rewards are server bound. So only once pr. server (before the merge there were 3 servers, so you were able to do it 3 times)
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  6. Martin Blom added a post in a topic Super Easy to play PVP classes?   

    Warrior for pvp is: 360 block -> instant 100+% rage -> Ulti -> all dead
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  7. Martin Blom added a post in a topic Super Easy to play PVP classes?   

    Warrior (have to agree with other. It is the most brain-dead class in the game right now) and ranger
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  8. Martin Blom added a post in a topic Buff world bosses?   

    Well like Graviera said: "What challenge?"... yet I never seen any challenge in any mmo before when it comes to boss fight. WoW was also easy as f*!

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  9. Martin Blom added a post in a topic 188fs on grunil, rng at its finest   

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  10. Martin Blom added a post in a topic THE BLOCK GOLD SELLER   

    They are not "goldsellers", because there are no way you can gain "gold" by trading. They are scammers. Big different
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  11. Martin Blom added a post in a topic Bugged kutum offhand   

    Still does not work
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  12. Martin Blom added a post in a topic Player Interested in the game - Question   

    It is an awesome game and more and more people join! More crowed servers each day, so yes the game is more than alive and healthy!
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  13. Martin Blom added a post in a topic Bugged kutum offhand   

    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo Any news on the Kutum accuracy issue?
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  14. Martin Blom added a topic in General   

    Pre-order time?
    I was wondering how long does it take before my pre-order is "valid". Let us say someone shout selling something in 5 min, set a pre-order. If I when put a pre-order, how long does it take before it works?
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  15. Martin Blom added a post in a topic Bring back cash shop gifting :D   

    And limit it to ONLY Payed accounts with level requirement of about 30 or something, not trial accounts! Well because they will just make tons of them and go bloodlust.
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