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  1. Tros added a post in a topic Are you serious?   

    Love this tolerant and high quality community. Always impressed by all these Persons behind their Computers
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  2. Tros added a post in a topic Are you serious?   

    Here are some People that work and some of these are not working at home/hometown ( like weekends ) but they keep want to particpate at Sieges. But its hard planing stuff all week and getting denied with a single random patch. 
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  3. Tros added a post in a topic Are you serious?   

    To be honest, yes. So you can prepare for that and cancel important Wars/Sieges etc.
    Would like to see the source about the random pre-valencia patches.
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  4. Tros added a post in a topic Are you serious?   

    Threadhunter have limited Options to post, maybe they start posting useful stuff
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  5. Tros added a topic in General   

    Are you serious?
    I'm really not that kind of Person which complaining with spam/flame Threads but you can't be serious about these random 800MB patches yesterday & today on Weekenddays/Siegewars. without telling us. Here are some People playing with limited Internet bandwidth which are planing to participate on the Siegewar ( yesterday) etc.
    And I just got yesterday an e-mail from your Support telling me they know its unfair and they try to to the best for the community.
    Reworking the Musa with more CD's, nerfing Ghillies and just refunding for nearly noone because everyone got their Ghillie before 18 and now on Siegedays random patches which kinda su... for limited Internet/slow internet people.
    At some point you need to stop such stuff, and if you really aim for Community Opinion, get it straight and choose between good Feedback and "Whiner" threads, because of that Musas are not the same as they were ( even with buffs ) and Ghillies now are only for PlayerKill people and not anymore for fast classes to have a better impact in Node/Siegewars.
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  6. Tros added a post in a topic Is taritas armour/shoes and grunil helm/gloves still the best setup?   

    Taritas Head + Schoes with Rednose Armor + Bheg Gloves
    200 WP, your welcome
    boss shoes and Taritas (maybe) same effect, both evasion
    Taritas Helm Knockdown resistens ( good in PvP ) -> 100 HP on Giath Helmet
    Dp issues arent there, Taritas on ultimate just 2 dp less than Boss
    My choice right now
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  7. Tros added a post in a topic WP Problems?   

    Like Roan allready said, Whirwind + Rising Storm = Efficent grind
    ABout Sausan, I know its annoying bcz u cant regnerate WP with Whirlwind when all Monsters die so fast, I need to consume some potions aswell there, just get a feeling and try to walk instead chase to another MonsterSpawn
    Im ON 250 WP and rely on my Regen Skill ,sometimes if we're "too" fast, I use a Potion aswell
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  8. Tros added a post in a topic Ultimate Rising Storm   

    ^Push, want to know that too
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  9. Tros added a post in a topic [Ultimate] Rising Storm   

    Y but which animations, I dont feel like stucking in a animation except rising storm and Blooming itself, but it cancels none of them
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  10. Tros added a topic in Musa   

    [Ultimate] Rising Storm
    Hey Guys
    For real now, for what is Ultimate Rising storm? I tested it twice with skill reset and I felt "nearly" no difference.  Damage stayed the same ( theres nothing written down about more dmg so its all k ) but something about "Can immediately use Rising storm in certain situation"
    But it felt nothing, did I miss something? Is there a special combo only aviable if I have the Ultimate? Because it's hard spending 31 Skillpoints for that...
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  11. Tros added a topic in Musa   

    [Passiv] Sword training ... should this be?

    Why are 2 pictures up ? Which does count? Is this typical or just a bug ... someone knows more about that or has the same problem?
    ++++ Question about Rising Storm
    Is it worth it to skill the Ultimate Version ? It does not apply any damage / cc or anything ... only " Immediatedly using after any action" .. but I dont feel like stucking in this Rising storm animation so... is there something special to cancel? And about that lvl 55 Rising storm, theres no damage apply or anything only Floating... but the enemy Floats from the normal Rising storm allready, so for what the Red Tornados?
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  12. Tros added a post in a topic Black Bow vs White Bow   

    Wooooooow ok I thought its on that secondary. Nvm than lets talk about Black horn bow
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  13. Tros added a post in a topic Black Bow vs White Bow   

    Why is nobody talking about Krea Horn Bow?
    5Base Acc,, Stacks good with AP ( same amout as black on +15) AND +19 Free DP  +++ 2 Slots ( 1 more Black crystal slot)
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  14. Tros added a post in a topic Heilang lvl 54 Skill   

    @Varmin  Yes I saw that on the Calculator, thanks. I just asked myself if I still need to invest points in the previous skills to get his maximum strength.                                                     Better Question : Is a Heilang with every skill skilled stronger than a Heilang with only the last Skill skilled or not?
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  15. Tros added a topic in Tamer   

    Heilang lvl 54 Skill
    Hey everyone
    I just recognized, Heilang summon skill at lvl 54 is seperate to the other summon skills. Theres writte down "Increase incredibly attack and HP, can ride etc." 
    You could skill it without skilling the other skills ~
    My question here  is, do I need the other skills? Will his power stack with the other skills skilled or does the 1 seperate skill is enough ? Does the other skills stack or not?

    for Example 
    Heilang i = 10% stronger base stats
    Heilang ll = 10% stronger base stats 
    Heilang iii = 10% stronger base stats
    Heilang IV (we Assume thats the last seperate skill) = 40% (all earlier skills count togheter )stronger than basestats or +20% on top on the others
    • 6 replies