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  1. Irish added a post in a topic Login Issues   

    I can't log into the EU servers, still. "Now Processing"
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  2. Irish added a post in a topic Garvey regan!   

    Yep been looking for this set for wizard since I think March or April when it was released in Korea.
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  3. Irish added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    Pearl shop update link? Something for wizard this year maybe?
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  4. Irish added a post in a topic Just noticed this about Wizards in the KR Patch Notes   

    You could notice the leg length significantly, when a wizard auto pathed to a destination it would always end up where it started.
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  5. Irish added a post in a topic Blizzard on horse   

    I noticed this too, and the way around for me is just as blizzard is finishing I press W again.  It seems to happen when I cast and hold down W or sidestep and the skill doesn't reset the horse speed, so I have to do It manually.  Check it out and let me know if it works for you.  But yes it is annoying and I don't see any reason for it except poor coding.
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  6. Irish added a post in a topic How can a wizard cast insta meteor for stun and then blizzard Right away? where is the "let go" animation of meteor?   

    I wait for the last drop of meteor the hit the ground then hit F, it cancels the animation. Then you can cast blizzard over the knife animation.
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  7. Irish added a post in a topic Herbal Juice imbalance?   

    Does this help?
    "Simple Cooking and Simple Alchemy will no longer consume energy even if it is shown in the recipe."
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  8. Irish added a post in a topic PSA: How to move your aoe spells   

    I hate the fact that the cursor disappears when you get hit! No chance of turning the spells when two rangers hitting you.
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  9. Irish added a post in a topic Mouse Cursor Disappearing   

    How have you got 34 likes with responses like this? 
    Let me rephrase.......Is there a way of keeping the cursor on whilst taking damage?
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  10. Irish added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Mouse Cursor Disappearing
    Hi guys, hopefully this is a nice easy one for you!
    Use Mouse Movements is set and have no problem moving ultimates, but when we get hit, the cursor disappears and its a beeatch to find in gvg! 
    Hide the UI window when attacked is unticked as I thought this may help,
    Any thoughts...?
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  11. Irish added a post in a topic Help with gems   

    Liverto 3 crit*
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  12. Irish added a post in a topic Wizard equip   

    Quick question, do you PvP? If so how is your hit rate with low accuracy?
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  13. Irish added a post in a topic Wizard PvP Vid - Question about CS   

    Can someone check please at 5.14, is that lightening chain > dodge > lightening storm? Is this possible in our version, and technically would this work for lightening and then residual? 
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  14. Irish added a post in a topic Server issues   

    Crox, Bal C2 ..... dc'ing after horrendous lag .  Don't make me go outside on a Friday night Daum, theres people out there!
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  15. Irish added a post in a topic 100% Black Spirit Lightning --- CANCEL PLS   

    I left wizard because of this skill! Then I found out you can change the settings for the mouse and move all your aoe skills around your character!!
    Now in pvp, for eg, if I cast it, I click mouse at my feet and behind my feet and no one can get to me!
    Look forward to getting it now!
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