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  1. Alexander DeLarge added a topic in General   

  2. Alexander DeLarge added a topic in Suggestions   

    Character rename service?
    They obviously have the ability to rename characters since they told Conqueror tiers to not worry in case their name was taken with the whole debacle last night where people were being assigned to the wrong server, so why not provide that service? I'd really appreciate the ability to use my primary name until my primary class releases (Blader), and they could make $10 in the process.
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  3. Alexander DeLarge added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Family Name : AlexanderDeLarge
    Character Name : AlexanderDeLarge

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  4. Alexander DeLarge added a topic in General   

    XIGNCODE3 can apply different levels of security policy currently using differentiated technology called a "one-time execution code infrastructure" registered as a patent, by adopting the online game service company center of operations in accordance with service policy game operators which is the next generation of game security solution. It supports the Windows 2000 client experience more games, if the game server supports both Windows and Linux environments. C / C ++ / easy to be applied to a variety of development environments such as JAVA / C # code provides all the interfaces that are specific to your environment. It is also possible to easily apply and test within a few hours without the complex learning process because the API set gotta simple configuration, enabling application process simple. System for correct operation of non-client bot detection using a "one-time execution code" patent "Win32 API calling patterns and frequency of" patent universal hacking tool and variants of hacking tools Block Illegal System / MAC address / user account / hardware block with (game operator control possible) emergency pattern generation tool provided (game operator controllable) VPN connection detection and Prevention (game operator controllable) DirectX modulation and illegal calls detection WDDM driver modulation detection speed nuclear detection time server speed nuclear detection kernel key function modulated detection using a DLL injection detect virtual memory code insertion detecting malicious thread detection-game keyboard hijacking detection DHCP illegal manipulation detection nuking / drop nuclear detection light click detection software / hardware macro detection message hook detect multiple execution detection VEH / SEH modulation and registration detection game client hash check games my specific functions illegal call detection game resources modulation detection game process memory access block game process handle access interception game process messages sent off game process keyboard / mouse input sent off the game Windows GDI access blocked debug interrupt handlers modulation block a kernel function called directly detect stealth process / modules / drivers detect kernel / user mode debugging detect virtual environments running detection and transparent information provides real-time detection status provides daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly / run annually game statistical data provide access count counted server connection count duplicate execution counts of hacking tools detected count unknown Stars that are hardware devices frequently used national execution / access frequency gameplay time frequently used operating frequency VPN to bypass national incidence of hacking tools detected country / user ranking daily / weekly / monthly demographic data available hacking tools used by IP detection priority hacking tools use system providing detection priority hacking tools use account-specific detection Ranked daily / weekly log data provides access account / system mapping information hacking tool detection log information fast customer support hacking tools report of receipt within 24 hours response email and always respond developer Messenger connection via IM support Games provide remote user support
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  5. Alexander DeLarge added a topic in General   

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  6. Alexander DeLarge added a post in a topic Multiple servers? That's disappointing   

    Alternatively, you get a reputation and that reputation is spread across the entire server (the entire NA/EU userbase) versus the alternative of that reputation being spread on one of two servers (one of which doesn't know of your existence).
    I can see the arguments being made for the multiple servers, but the way BDO works is you select your preferred channel, it's not like people move around that much outside of necessity (peak times where the channels are full) so it's basically a interconnected shard cluster versus a traditional "megaserver" 
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  7. Alexander DeLarge added a post in a topic Multiple servers? That's disappointing   

    I'm complaining because I know better than any of you that are defending this (as someone who has been playing games in this genre since 1997). I've played sandbox MMOs and I know community and meaningful player interaction are the two most important things in this sort of game, and if you can avoid splitting the community up, you should do so at any cost.

    They can clearly do this considering they do it in other markets.
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  8. Alexander DeLarge added a post in a topic Multiple servers? That's disappointing   

    You're stupid and I'm glad you don't design games. Oh wait, you do because Daum let a bunch of armchair game designers/network architects have their say on how to fragment the community.
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  9. Alexander DeLarge added a post in a topic Multiple servers? That's disappointing   

    The "channels" are acting as servers that interface with the main server in a way that doesn't tax the "main server" hardware. 
    So, why put up that wall? It's unnecessary.
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  10. Alexander DeLarge added a post in a topic Multiple servers? That's disappointing   

    And the people posting those topics would be stupid and wrong. Listening to the community at all in regards to server structure was a terrible idea. Why would you want to put up a wall between the player base at all when they've demonstrated an ability to scale up and scale down at will?
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  11. Alexander DeLarge added a post in a topic Multiple servers? That's disappointing   

    And mega server isn't defined, are you really going to argue that people understand how the channel master server structure works? You don't think that people were thinking about queue times?
    Again, why would someone arbitrarily vote to wall half of the community off arbitrarily? 
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  12. Alexander DeLarge added a post in a topic Multiple servers? That's disappointing   

    The primary channel is the only one where you can do territory control stuff (castles)
    You can swap between the primary and any of the secondary channels every 15 minutes, so it's basically acting like a shard, but you can jump between them. What I'm wondering is, why would anyone vote for an arbitrary wall between users when the developers can clearly scale up and decrease as much as they want? 
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  13. Alexander DeLarge added a post in a topic Multiple servers? That's disappointing   

    So if they can do two servers with 10 channels, why not just do one server with 20 channels that scale downwards if it's not necessary?
    I don't see why anyone would vote for splitting the community up arbitrarily.
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  14. Alexander DeLarge added a post in a topic Multiple servers? That's disappointing   

    The player base didn't know what the hell they were voting for. They heard one server and thought "----- that, my World of Warcraft server had queues all the time!"
    If that chart was in the polls, I'd argue the one server would have come out on top. Also, why are they listening to the player base on how they structure their servers at all? I wouldn't trust my users to make a decision like that.
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  15. Alexander DeLarge added a post in a topic Multiple servers? That's disappointing   

    So you're saying like a channel?
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