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  1. dawgpound added a post in a topic Failstacks and me.   

    I never found I needed 25 stacks for PRI (or even DUO)...Other folks with worse luck will disagree, but for everything up to DUO, I will take it to 10-15 stacks and then start trying to upgrade. I don't think I have ever got past a total of 25 stacks doing that --- everything popped, including Muskans and Giath....+15 is actually tougher in many cases than PRI or DUO
    I am beginning to think fail stacks are just a placebo...The piece of gear is either going to pop or it's not :-) 
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  2. dawgpound added a post in a topic Keep Trade Rolling or unfair   

    Not a roller, but do the short route between Velia/Finto Farm both on foot and in wagon. So far the XP rates seem the same after patch (no nerf to short trade)...anyone else seeing the same?
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  3. dawgpound added a post in a topic Your daily fame   

    Wow, that is kinda crummy if true...Those of us that were logged in last night get penalized. 
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  4. dawgpound added a post in a topic Recommended Pearl Shop Items   

    Artisan's Memory to save your sanity and in game $ when enchanting. 
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  5. dawgpound added a post in a topic Maehwa..? or?   

    I play Valk, so the mileage will vary...And my gear is not considered great (Duo gold taritas armor, Duo awakening lance, Tri gold Yuria longsword, full Jarrette's accesory set)..That said, with the items I mentioned, I melt Sausans in a couple hits. Others, with boss gear, one shot them. You just need to enhance some and you will be fine...And don't feel pressured or rushed ---- enjoy the ride and make progress as you can. 
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  6. dawgpound added a post in a topic Maehwa..? or?   

    Honestly, you are just under-geared. +7 on the Awakening is the problem with lack of damage. And your other gear needs some love as well...Not a criticism, but something to work towards. Get all your stuff to at least PRI and it will be a night and day experience. 
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  7. dawgpound added a post in a topic Maehwa..? or?   

    Probably a silly question, but have you enchanted the Awakening up as high (or farther) as your primary weapon was? 
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  8. dawgpound added a post in a topic Anyone else stuck at 48%?   

    Mine stuck at 48% for a while like many others....I left it alone and it eventually kicked in and got to 100%. Maybe I was just lucky?
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  9. dawgpound added a post in a topic Gold bars from trade ins   

    The wagon idea is a good one and what I am going to use...You can buy the trade wagon fairly cheap. 
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  10. dawgpound added a post in a topic Sausan Drop NPC Turn In - Change or Error After patch?   

    Thank you for the info - I did not realize that.
    Assuming it is working as intended, I think it may alter grinding strategies a bit. Certainly the gold bar will take up less weight than straight cash when you do exchange, but obviously having to get 1000 of something will add a bunch of LT. May be pushing people into buying the weight increases in the pearl shop?
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  11. dawgpound added a topic in General   

    Sausan Drop NPC Turn In - Change or Error After patch?
    Hello all,
    Just spent an hour or so at Sausans after patch...when I go to exchange the trash drops, the NPCs want 1000 of each and want to give me a gold bar --- as opposed to the standard 100 turn in before patch...Is this working as intended? If so, I feel like it is going to screw up my weight if i need to get 1000 of everything before I can turn in.
    Just an FYI...
    Thanks in advance. 
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  12. dawgpound added a post in a topic To all "so-called" BDO "Karma bomb" victims ...   

    If I am just getting to a spot and see someone (or a group) coming thru shortly after I arrive, I will absolutely move on. Same goes if they ask me like a civil human being - I will say hi and happily move along to find another spot/channel. However, if someone blatantly just comes up and kills me unprovoked? And if they are rude on top of it? I will come back again and again and let them bomb themselves into oblivion. As a wise man once said --- Stupid is as stupid does.  
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  13. dawgpound added a post in a topic So.. I opened 5x *New* Boss Gear Box   

    I opened one and got Muskans.

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  14. dawgpound added a post in a topic Use Red Nose to Build Fail Stacks?   

    Thanks all for the input...much appreciated
    I must admit the idea of creating an alt and getting negative karma just to downgrade gear for more fail attempts seems a little dirty..and frankly just not fun. My only other option is grinding or digging to get the money/shards to force. It is decision time I suppose.
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  15. dawgpound added a topic in General   

    Use Red Nose to Build Fail Stacks?
    Hello all.
    Question/dilemma for the enchanting and fail stacks experts. All of my gear and weapons are duo, so I am faced with the process of getting a lot of $ and shards to force to tri OR trying to get the fail stacks to attempt traditional enchants. My issue is that I can never get more than 15 or so fail stacks before the gear I am working on pops -- even +14 stuff goes to +15. In the end, I just end up burning stones and trying to re-sell the newly enchanted gear on the marketplace.
    Here is my question --- would I be better off dumping those stones into my gift box Red Nose armor, with the thought being it will be much less likely to pop once I get to the +13/+14 levels? I know it will be expensive to repair with frags, so maybe I will end up spending just as much as if I bought stones and forced it? I am also open to any other fail stacking tricks anyone may be willing to share :-)
    Thanks in advance for any advice. 
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