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  1. Tez added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

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  2. Tez added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

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  3. Tez added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

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  4. Tez added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

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  5. Tez added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

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  6. Tez added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

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  7. Tez added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

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  8. Tez added a post in a topic Awakening Weapons - Weapons Trailer (Gamescom 2016)   

    Why you so angry bro.  I still dont know who you are really. I thought you were walk but he is a good player i can see your not.
    BTW none of us matter its a game you dumb fck.  We are all pixels and nothing more.  Your a nobody.
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  9. Tez added a post in a topic Awakening Weapons - Weapons Trailer (Gamescom 2016)   

    Was that even english?  I am sorry I really didnt understand that.  That didnt impress neither did your first reply about the tears.  My tears are of happiness for collecting all my money back from this shitty game from paypal lol.
    Anyways sorry I dont even know who you are
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  10. Tez added a post in a topic Focus dead   

    I feel so special right now to get my own post by a hacker guild who only got a 24 hour ban for something they should have gotten a perm ban for and made excuses like they didnt know wall hacking wasnt a bannable offense.
    Well let me clear up a few things and confirm them for you guys since your such a bunch of girls with your gossip lol.
    Focus merged to help another guild and has over 40 core members still there but alot did quit after p2w and the fact duam is getting worse. Focus should have like 5 people left in it once we all move over.
    I did get banned for 24 charge backs in my paypal and i am fine with that cause the money i got back is worth the ban.  ALL of those LOTD wall hackers and the leaders who told them to follow them in should be perm banned ... i have the pms from one of your members stating they only followed the leaders in cause they told them to use the glitch even knowing it might not be legal. 
    Focus will always remain there if the game ever picks back up in numbers due to server merge but at this rate i am sure that wont happen.  I guess this Saturday will kinda show you guys thats once all the castles barely have fights on them lol.  We need server mergers to happen now before more leave due to boredom. 
    We had fun either way and I am happy to bow out to go play other games since this one now is on a downward spiral.
    Dark5 you will always be my fat little white kid shitter.  They only brought you along in LOTD cause your a body and nothing more.  You got in by proxy and your still salty I called you out when you fcked up and since you cant be a man and take responsibility this will always be your downfall in life as a loser.  I never gave up gm of focus not even once and ever Focus member knows that.  You should get your facts straight before you make yourself look even more stupid.  You were the laughing stock of Focus, then Avysos and now LOTD and this comes direct from members in all of those guilds.  I feel for you man.  You need to let go your grudge for being called out ONCE when you made a mistake.  I know your self esteem is low and it hurt your feelings that you rage quit ts 2 times.  If you want me to say sorry for making you cry i wont cause you need to get a pair of balls and grow up. 
    Anyways i am glad you guys are still more forum warriors than I or anyone in veritas alliance.  I had a good time, as did all focus members.  Sad to see flex break up as well cause now its only LOTD & FOE in that alliance unless ofc Relevant is going to join that alliance as well.
    Anyways havent been on forums much lately due to barely playing so have fun with the shit posting lol.
    See you for saturday siege.
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  11. Tez added a post in a topic Awakening Weapons - Weapons Trailer (Gamescom 2016)   

    You will need a 55 gallon drum you shitter.  
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  12. Tez added a post in a topic Awakening Weapons - Weapons Trailer (Gamescom 2016)   

    Ban is good son...so is my paypal account after getting 24 charge backs worth of money lol
    Funny part is they didnt even respond back to fight against half of them.
    New account is there for casual fun and will never spend money to support them  
    I guess when you wall hack and tell your members to use a obvious glitch you get 24 hours ban but when you do charge backs cause they lied to you get perm banned....then again this is daum and seeing how stupid they are that they have pushed this game into the ground it makes sense.
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  13. Tez added a post in a topic The Grass isn't Greener   

    Well I dont disagree with your completely buddy.  I am not jaded or anything considering I am probably one of the most clear and level headed people you will meet when it comes to serious talk.
    Fact remains BDO has such high promise and in the end the publisher got greedy and let the money cloud there judgement.  They listened to this community and it flourished. When they stopped listening to line there pockets well you can see what has happened with so many leaving.  Those 3rd quarter listings will be very much lower and 4th quarter even lower.
    I am still playing BDO and think the game has many good things in it but it does leave out alot as well such as pve dungeons and raids, pvp progression as well via leveling in pvp aspects or seperate gear for pvp vs pve.  The thing now is alot will keep playing BDO as we are but wont spend ANY real life money on the game anymore.  I have spent over 1k and that may not be alot but its a extra 1k they wouldnt have had if they had told me at start they would introduce cash shop items on the market in less than 6 months.  I would have just saved my silver and bought cash shop items and not spent 1k.  You see how they mislead and manipulated the customers at start by telling them it will not be here and even though they listed it as "in the future" they SAID verbally they would not ever make this game p2w with ingame currency exchange via the cash shop.  Daum bascially became a gold seller like bikinpanda.  Its the same principle just a diff way to get it with RL cash.
    Bless and other games I am sure will do the same in the end as they all do.  One thing about Daum at start over these other games is that the other games never claim they will not sell cash shop items for silver and most dont.  They just add it direct to the cash shop so you always have to spend RL cash.
    No one likes something saying one thing and doing the exact opposite later.  To each his own though and whoever wants to keep supporting them via cash can but personally I dont see the need to.  Also the game has nothing hardcore about it anymore so you can play this game even casually now and be in the top tier of competitive players.  You couldnt do that before but in 2 months you can buy everything DUO now or better.  
    Every mmo today sucks and will always be a 6 month to 1 year game now.  Just the way the mmo industry has gone due to money.
    Just dumb response to legitimate other points of view. 99% of the community didnt agree so please dont say stupid stuff like that. There were even polls showing majority didnt like the changes.
    I dont need to leave if I enjoy other parts of the game still.  I can simply not pay any real life cash to support them and now that the game is going f2p I can even make alt accounts without paying.
    Dont respond if you have nothing constructive to say in any form of view cause you only make yourself look petty and dumb.
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  14. Tez added a post in a topic The Grass isn't Greener   

    You will regret that soon enough lol.
    Grass is def greener on the other side these days.  Things are escalating for the worse quicker than ever in BDO.
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  15. Tez added a post in a topic BDO is a beautiful piece of art that was sleazed up into a casino   

    Wow I love this and now that you mention it your right .... the $$$ and greed took over for Daum & PA.
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  16. Tez added a post in a topic Ya'll ever gonna fix the servers?   

    The answer is NO they wont ever fix them until they need to.
    To much money is rolling in from other things such as cash shop so they are more worried about keeping those things top notch performance level. Server stability isnt making them money and no one is in a uproar over it like they were about cash shop or other things.
    Daum is smart as fck over all you dumbasses lol.  They know how to milk there players teets  
    Unless we petition the fck out of it and stop spending money on anything until they fix the servers they wont.
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  17. Tez added a post in a topic Awakening Weapons - Weapons Trailer (Gamescom 2016)   

    This is the same garbage they been teasing us with for months.  "Soon" meaning when it hurts there bank accounts again to see no profit coming in so they announce awakenings and have all the players jump back in and spend money lol.
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